Your Complete Guide About Trade Copiers – With daily technology developments of this magnitude, it was impossible for forex trading to fall behind. The trade copier Platform, one of the most eagerly awaited platforms of the year, is accessible to forex traders everywhere. The programme known as TradeCopier enables you to instantly imitate the trading approaches of the most successful traders. This is especially useful if you are new to forex or just don’t have the time to conduct a sufficient study and keep up with the most recent market news. You may start imitating other traders using the TradeCopier platform, benefit from their experience, and expand your trading portfolio.

To put it another way, TradeCopier enables users to automatically follow and duplicate positions that were established and managed by other users in the financial markets. As trading forex frequently necessitates challenging technical and basic procedures and expertise, the platform is generally appropriate and beneficial for all levels of experience.


A tool called TradeCopier enables traders, commonly referred to as Strategy Followers, to follow more seasoned traders. More seasoned traders, often known as Strategy Providers, can offer tactics that other traders can use, and both parties can profit.

  • Utilize the expertise of seasoned traders
    Gain knowledge from seasoned traders, and increase your trading portfolio.
  • Saving time
    Copytrading is the best technique to join the markets with confidence if you don’t have enough time to observe the markets.
  • A variety of tactics
    On a leaderboard, pick from a variety of tactics and subscribe to one or more Strategy Providers.
  • Diversified holdings
    By imitating traders that deal in several financial instruments, you may diversify your portfolio.
  • Rewards
    Strategy Providers can join a network of international investors, get daily, weekly, or monthly payments, and earn performance fees of up to 40%.
  • Simple onboarding procedure
    After creating a Strategy Provider account, you may start trading right away.
  • Calculating fees automatically
    There is no need to manually compute your performance fee because, as a Strategy Provider, you may access your entire revenue and return percentage via the leaderboard.


  • Become a provider of strategies. (Strategy Provider)
    Become a Strategy Provider if you are a seasoned professional trader with years of trading experience. Allow others to copy your trading tactics and increase your revenue by collecting a performance fee! Your output (trades and profit) and the number of traders who follow you will determine your income. More is always better! You may obtain all the tools you need from an online brokerage to get going and connect with traders all around the world. At this stage, all you have to do is display your trading prowess while allowing other traders, known as Strategy Followers, to do the same.
  • Become a Follower of Strategy. (Strategy Followers)
    Following the techniques of an experienced trader is the best option for you if you are new to forex trading or don’t have the necessary expertise or time to trade the financial market. You can quickly begin duplicating the best-performing strategies of our Strategy Provider and benefit from their experience to develop or expand your portfolio. You should be aware that initially, you will only have the option of selecting one Strategy Provider. However, the trade copier platform will allow you to follow more afterwards.


After a clear study and analysis of our experts on various trading platforms considering their total performance and customer reviews, we have listed 10 top copy trading platforms that would help in growing your trading career.

  1. NAGA – Best for social trading with public social media.
  2. eToro – Best for social and copy trading.
  3. AvaTrade –Best for professional and entry-level traders.
  4. B2Broker – Best for institutional copy trading.
  5. ZuluTrade – Best for diversified automated copy trading.
  6. Forex Copier – Best for trading market signals.
  7. Duplitrade – Best for dedicated signal trading.
  8. FBS – Best for risk-free automated copy trading.
  9. FXTM – Best for copy trading with investor education for starters.
  10. Duplikium  – Best for cross-platform and multiple account copy trading.


With the use of this platform, customers—especially newcomers—can duplicate the trades of over 9,000 skilled users or strategy providers who have undergone a rigorous vetting process. One can view the most popular financial instruments on the platform from the Most Traded tab and add them to their favourite instruments by clicking the star next to them.

In terms of copy trading, the software enables you to research trade and trader statistics to choose who to mimic.

Profitability, whether the trader is buying or selling, the number of pip orders, take profit orders, stop-loss orders, etc. are some of the characteristics. You can see who they copy, how many people follow them, their win rate, who they follow, their profile and loss profile, and who visits their profile.


  • Tools for research and education. Before you begin copying trades, watch videos.
  • Bank transfers, credit cards, cryptocurrency, Sofort, Neteller, and Skrill are all available as withdrawal options.
  • Enable the trading of more than 1000 financial items.
  • Providers of strategies may make money.

2. eToro

In addition to sending and maintaining, eToro allows cryptocurrency trading and investment. With it, you may purchase, sell, or withdraw using a variety of payment ways while trading 20+ cryptocurrencies for cash. Debit and credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal, Sofort, Rapid Transfer, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Neteller, WebMoney, and other payment methods are among them.

It is the world’s biggest and most used copy trade platform.


  • iOS and Android for mobile devices, as well as online and PC platforms.
  • Copy other users’ trading and investment techniques.
  • 100k virtual portfolio upon registration.

3. AvaTrade

AvaTrade, which was established in 2006, also provides investor education and research in addition to copy trading. Because it is strictly regulated in tier 1 and tier 2 jurisdictions, it is one of the safest platforms. 

Through CFDs, or contracts for differences, which let users speculate on upcoming market price moves, it enables customers to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets. Instead of purchasing, holding, and managing cryptocurrency or a portfolio, a user can simply make predictions about future price patterns and profit from the discrepancy.


  • Desktop, web, and the AvaTradeGo app for mobile.
  • For social trading to function, new users must be able to imitate, trade, and follow the market movements of seasoned traders. The learning curve and time to the market entrance are lowered as a result. makes it possible for you to trade new and unfamiliar assets.
  • Ask experts questions, use trading groups and mentors, learn about trading tactics, and find professional traders.
  • A social trading bot.

4. B2Broker

Users of this replica trading site can trade cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and foreign exchange. It primarily functions for B2B institutional trading and investing operations, as the name suggests.

However, it also makes investing and individual-based training easier. The business is headquartered in Russia and was established in 2014. It hosts brokers for a variety of trading types, including bonds, futures, stocks, FX, cryptocurrency exchanges, social trading, and wealth management.

There are affiliate programmes, websites, white label solutions, regulators, trading tool providers, and liquidity providers among the institutional B2B broker trading categories.

Three social trading categories are supported by exchanges and brokerages: multi-account managers, copy trading, and trading pools where anybody can participate and share in the trading gains.


  • Desktop, mobile, and web traders for MT4, cTrader, and X-Station.
  • Trial accounts.
  • Customer service.

5. ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade has more than a million international users and a trading volume of more than $800 billion. Due to a large number of users with strong track records and the fact that it was founded in 2014, it is extremely competitive with eToro in terms of copy trading. Experienced traders can make money by sharing their trades with other users on ZuluTrade.

On the platform, users may view their profiles, the amount of money they have made available for copy trading by other users, the amount of money other users have in their accounts, and the annual ROI.


  • $1 to $300. With AutoTrade, cryptocurrency auto trading is possible.
  • Trade stocks, commodities, CFDs, FX, cryptocurrencies, and more than 40 other financial instruments.
  • Retail clients from the UK cannot trade cryptocurrency. Others can trade XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • There is a $1 minimum trade.

6. Forex Copier

You can execute local and remote copy trades with Forex Copier. Users can buy and sell signals to and from other users using both. Additionally, passive profits can be automated by signal sellers.

It is an excellent tool for setting up a community of signal providers. In that situation, you can control subscribers to your signals by deleting them and setting an expiration date for their subscription. In copy trading, you can increase the trading volume of the duplicated trade by using a lot multiplier.

The website claims that 4,972 traders in 122 nations use the platform.


  • Transmit signals between MT4 and MT5 terminals.
  • To capitalise on another trader’s errors and reduce loss exposure, use reverse stop loss and take profit orders.
  • The cloned deals’ opening and closing prices.
  • Sort to-be-copied orders according to their size, pair, and quantity.
  • Practice trading.

7. Duplitrade

Duplitrade links clients signed by their partner brokers with individuals who are offering trading methods or signals. As a result, it enables these clients to trade assets using their expert trading knowledge.

In terms of copy trading, a user can mimic the activities of experienced traders, modify trades, and specify the proportion of a copied trade, for example, only 25%. The Introducing Broker (IB) fee is how the business gets money from the brokers. The difficulty is the platform’s high minimum trading requirement of $5,000, which must be placed into a user’s brokerage account.


  • Trade copies automatically.
  • No recurring charges.
  • There are no available mobile apps.
  • Trade CFDs and FX by copying trades in commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies.
  • View additional users who you might like to follow along with their earnings, total trade volume, number of trading weeks, % of wins, and followers.

8. FBS

Even though FBS provides a web trading platform, copy trading is only accessible to iOS and Android mobile users. The copy trading platform is unique from other trading platforms. You can mimic trades from 600 strategy providers on the platform.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission oversees its regulation (CySEC). Numerous prizes for broker, social, and copy trading have been given to the app. Additionally, customers can use a VPS to use the software to automate their trades.


  • The initial outlay for copying is one dollar. 1 USD is the minimum deposit.
  • Support for MT5 terminals. 
  • Using bank cards, Neteller, Skrill, and Sticpay for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Trade on autopilot in cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and forex CFDs.
  • Copy trades have a 10% automatic stop loss and are risk-free. Only three transactions can be made using this feature, and only one risk-free stop-loss order for each trade.


Leading forex and CFD copy trading platforms include FXTM. It was established in 2011, and today it is the leading platform for social and copy trade. On broker platforms where others can engage in social trading, it hosts clients who have been validated. You can compensate the sources and use social trading to leverage trade signals and methods. If the trade is profitable, you pay the strategy developers.

To find, view, and choose traders who fit your objectives to copy trade, use FXTM Invest. These traders can be chosen based on their profitability, level of risk, amount of funds they manage, and returns.


  • Practice trading.
  • Support for the trading platforms MT4, Metatrader 5, and FTXM Trader.
  • Platforms for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Trade automatically by using EAs or FXTM Invest.
  • Social trading is available in forex, indices, stocks, spot gold and silver, and shares CFDs.

10. Duplikium

A cloud-hosted programme called Duplikium enables you to duplicate deals even when you have many accounts set up with various trading platforms like CTrader and MetaTrader4.

Additionally, you can duplicate trades across other broker accounts. Because it is the finest for cross-platform copy trading, retail and corporate platforms may better serve their customers when they ask for particular accounts, like LMAX accounts.

But in addition to LMAX accounts, it also supports MT4 accounts, cTrader accounts, and FXCM accounts.


  • Other methods of risk management including partial closures.
  • SMS and email alerts.
  • Automated reverse trading allows you to take the opposing side of a position if the main broker account you are replicating makes a dangerous purchase.
  • Licenced brokers.
  • Divide your investments among several brokers.


  • Find and copy traders with a track record of success quickly
  • Limit your options. Choose a trader based on your needs and amount of risk.
  • Trading copies in real-time.
  • Improve your abilities. Follow the results of actual traders and gain knowledge from them.
  • Utilize the platform to quickly and conveniently begin copying.


  • Create a Strategy Provider account.
  • Add money to your account.
  • Create your profile and any offers for performance fees.
  • When other traders follow you, you make more money.
  • Ascend the Leaderboard to a high position to draw more clients to copy you.


  • Sign up to become a strategy follower.
  • Add money to your account.
  • Select experienced traders who fit your investment objectives from our Leaderboard.
  • Analyze the risks and conditions for each Strategy Provider you choose to use.
  • Successful traders’ best trades are automatically copied.


The MT4 Trade Copier’s primary function is to transfer trades from the master Metatrader account to a number of slave Metatrader accounts. As a result, the Forex trader can concentrate solely on trading the master account. The rest, including replicating deals and carrying out trading operations on slave accounts, is handled by trade copier software.


Yes, one of the best ways to learn about trading is by copy trading. When you copy trade, your trading account automatically duplicates the transactions of a more seasoned trader. You can watch a trader in action in real time, which can help you learn about trading charts and how to buy and sell at the right times depending on the market.


A trade copier is the best way for any beginner to start his trading career successfully like any other experienced trader. This is also a time-saving practice as you can just copy a successful trader and there is no need to spend time searching around. Not just for the strategy followers but also for the strategy provider, this is trade copier is beneficial as you would earn your follower copies and use your trade.

Simply said, a trade copier is a piece of software that copies trades between different trading accounts. This is the most practical and effective method for simultaneously managing several MetaTrader accounts and opening the same trades on various trading platforms. It’s always beneficial to earn while you invest and for that choose the best trading platform that provides a trade copier.You may trade in the platforms mentioned above like NAGA, eToro, Avatrade etc so that you can have the best trading experience as they are the best trade copier platforms for 2022.


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