MT4 Webtrader Trading Platform: A Complete Guide – MetaTrading 4 launched by MetaQuotes Software has been in the trading market since 2005 and has become one of the most popular trading platforms today. The MT4 webtrader platform is an advanced trading platform that offers traders all the necessary tools and products that are beneficial for trading. The online platform also specializes in providing a broad range of analytical opportunities. Moreover, the MT4 trading platform helps build trading algorithms that promote automated trading.

The platform has made its way in the market and can be accessed through over 750 brokers and banks. Its popularity and ease of use have made it a widely used traded platform amongst retail forex traders around the globe.

MT4 trading platform allows traders to trade forex and various other financial instruments such as CFDs, futures, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and more. Apart from the numerous trading tools it offers, what makes it a favourite amongst traders is that it is easy to download and is compatible with all devices, be it Android, MT4 Mac, Windows, or iOS. 

Beginners, as well as experienced traders, can avail the advanced charting and indicators, detailed activity reports, automated strategies and a lot more. Discover all the benefits, features and a complete guide on how to use MT4 web trader platform on Forex Broker Reviews. Read on!

What is the MT4 web trading platform? : An Introduction to the trading platform

MT4 is nothing but a trading platform that has eased the process of trading. It allows trades to buy and sell a wide range of financial instruments like cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, forex, CFTs, commodities and others. As a trader, the platform will serve as your guide to market research and analysis. The wide range of market indicators and charts will help you make wise trade decisions. 

Currently, there are two versions of the Meta Trading platform that can be accessed through any device. 

  1. The MetaTrader4 and 
  2. The MetaTrader 5 

The Metatrader4 for PC, iOS, Mac windows and android is a blessing for traders when it comes to making fast and immediate executions, and trading in the fast-paced and volatile markets.

MT4 web trading platform for Beginners 

For a beginner in the trading world, it is very important to research and be aware of the market. A new trader should always look for an online platform that provides well-researched educational resources and tutorials.

The MT4 web trader features a plethora of content to help you learn about the market. Additionally, it also supports a demo account that offers strong support for beginners. The user-friendly platform also offers features like copy-trading and expert Advisors making it an ideal platform for all novice traders.

MT4 web trading platform for Experienced traders

As an advanced trader, you would probably require features that save your time and helps you make profitable trade decisions. MT4 offers advanced technical analysis and interactive charting. Moreover, it has 30 built-in technical indicators and over 24 graphic tools that ease the trade process. For all traders, security serves to be a very crucial factor therefore,  the platform conforms to the highest security standards and is very secure and safe to carry out trades.

What are the features of MT4? 

Considering the popularity of the platform, there is no doubt that MT4 offers exclusive features to traders. Our team at forex broker reviews have listed some of the most common features of the trading platform. Have a look:

Automated Trading: The platform allows users to build, test and apply their own algorithms. Automated trading helps to remove any hindrance due to analytical and trading activity. It gives high efficiency, flexibility and functionality.

Compatibility: The biggest advantage of the web trader platform is its compatibility. It allows users of all devices Mac, android, ios, as well as windows to download the platform and start trading. 

Reliability: the platform offers complete data protection and is highly secure. Being a completely free trading platform, it might raise speculations of not being secure but MT4 holds positive records for secure and encrypted data transmission. 

Tools and charts: MT4 comes with interactive and customizable charts that help to study the market well. It also supports more than 30 indicators and various tools for technical analysis and monitoring.  

Micro lots: the small lot size helps you to avoid the risks that come with trading high volumes. The minimum lot size allowed on MT4 is 0.01 lots. 

Expert Advices: EAs use scripts that are uploaded to the platform to carry out the trade automatically. This ensures that you never miss out on profitable trading opportunities and also helps you to close the trades with ease.

What are some of the pros and cons of using the MT4 webtrader trading platform?

Here is a list of all the pros as well as the cons of MT4 that will help you know more about the online trading platform.

Pros of MT4

  • Easy to use and fast execution of trades.
  • Free demo accounts are available.
  • Provides a complete record of your trading history.
  • Has no additional plug-ins.
  • MetaTrader4 download is available on all devices and is an easy process. 
  • The software will not lag your computer or mobile device.
  • Facilitates one-click trading.
  • All the downloaded versions are completely synchronized.

Cons of MT4

  • Does not have a direct customer support.
  • It can be unsuitable for high-frequency trading.
  • Automated trading is not available on the web platform.
  • MetaTrader 4 is not cheap for brokerages.

How can you download the MT4 webtrader trading platform? 

As mentioned above the online trading platform can be accessed by all types of devices, regardless of the operating system. The process of MT4 download is very simple but different for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. to find out the download procedure take a look at the step-by-step guide:

MT4 download for Android

To download MT4 for Android the first thing that you require is an Android device. The device can be your phone or tablet. The device that you are using should be powered by Android OS 2.1 or higher.

Follow the given steps to download MetaTrader 4 on your android device 

  • STEP 1: You need to go to the Google Play app store.
  • STEP 2: In the search box type in MetaTrader 4 to find the app.
  • STEP 3: From the list of the apps given below select the MetaTrader 4 app.
  • STEP 4: Click on the install button and your app will be installed on the device.
  • STEP 5: Open the MT4 app on your mobile or tablet and sign in with your broker account.

MT4 Mac download 

MT4 was originally designed to be used only on a PC i.e Windows platform. The trading platform uses a NET framework which is not supported on Mac, hence it can not be directly downloaded on a Mac platform. But this does not mean that you can not use MT4 on a Mac. There are alternative methods that can help you to launch on Mac. The step given below will help you to download the MT4 Mac. 

You can use a VPN or third-party software to download the app. This third-party software is usually available on the MetaTrader4 website. 

Note: if you are using third-party software then do thorough research before you choose the software. There might be hidden malware or bugs that might harm your device.

Download MT4 for windows 

Follow the given steps to download MetaTrader4 for PC (Windows) 

  • STEP 1:  Go to the MetaTrader 4 download page and click the download for windows button.
  • STEP 2: Once you have downloaded the MetaTrader 4 Windows installation file. Read the license agreement from MetaQuotes Software Corp and click next to proceed further.
  • STEP 3: after you click on the next option the installation process begins automatically.
  • STEP 4: Finally once you see the icon of MT4 open it and login into your trading account.

Download MT4 for iOS

MT4 can be easily downloaded on iOS devices. The only condition is that your device should run iOS 4.0 or higher versions. You can download Metatrader4 on your iPad, iPhone as well as iPod. 

The steps below will help you download the trading platform on an iOS device.

STEP 1: Go to the app store

STEP 2: search for the MetaTrader 4 app

STEP 3: From the list of apps select the MT4 app 

STEP 4: Click on the get button to install it. 

STEP 5: Open the MT4 app and sign in with your trading account.

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