Confused About Choosing Between MT4 And MT5? – There are several trading platforms available to forex traders. This decision is connected to the choice of a Forex broker, though, as not all brokers provide all types of trading platforms. Furthermore, some brokers provide access to particular Forex trading platforms even though they are not truly compatible with them. Instead, they use a bridge, which is a piece of software that links the platform with the dealing system of a forex broker. While it may perform well, a delayed or broken bridge might have a negative impact on trade management and execution.

The trading platform known as Metatrader 4 is widely used and is unquestionably considered to be the industry standard. Despite being made by the same company, the Metatrader 5 trading platform is significantly less often available.

What is MT4?

Forex traders most frequently utilise MetaTrader 4 as their online trading platform. The financial markets are now easily accessible to millions of consumers thanks to its 2005 release. MT4 was designed particularly for trading currencies, although it may also be used to trade stocks, indices, and commodities via CFDs.

Because it is versatile, user-friendly, and lets users tailor the interface to their needs, MT4 is valued by both newcomers and seasoned traders. Furthermore, it provides sophisticated trading tools so that users may apply their preferred tactics.

What is MT5?

A multi-asset trading platform called MetaTrader 5 was made available in 2010. Although MT5 is quicker and more effective than MT4, it doesn’t replace the earlier platform since it is unique and simply provides more than MT4 does. In practically all financial markets, including forex, equities, indices, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies, MT5 offers the possibility to trade more instruments.

Trading robots, algorithmic and copy trading, comprehensive technical and fundamental research, trading signals, and MT5 give all the tools required for profitable trading.

What are the main differences between MT4 and MT5?

The programming language used by Metatrader 5 is MQL5, as compared to Metatrader 4’s MQL4. The appealing feature of MQL5 is that it supports “black box” programming, which, to put it simply, implies that it is simpler to code and, as a result, will naturally provide a better framework for users and creators of trading robots and other expert advisers. There is no longer a distinction between the platforms because MetaQuotes stretched this functionality into MQL4 in 2014. However, if the language is improved in the future, it’s possible that MetaQuotes won’t extend any upgrades into MQL4 and MQL5.

There is no backwards compatibility, it should be emphasised. Metatrader 5 cannot run programs created with Metatrader 4. This may be a significant disadvantage for traders who want to “upgrade,” and it’s one of the main reasons why a modification like this shouldn’t be viewed as an upgrade.

True, Metatrader 5 still has two significant benefits over Metatrader 4 in terms of programming. First off, if you are the type of trader who has to perform a lot of backtests, this program’s backtesting capabilities, where you may test programmed trading strategies, execute at a considerably faster pace. Backtesting across many currencies is also possible.

What are the tradable instruments in MT4 and MT5?

The list of assets you can trade is not put out by MT4 or MT5. Only the broker with whom you create a trading account determines this. All CFDs may be traded at FBS using MT4 or MT5. The trading instruments that are offered include

  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • Forex Exotic
  • Stocks
  • Indices

The one caveat is that only MT5 supports cryptocurrency trading.

What are the technical indicators in MT4 and MT5?

There are 30 technical indicators included with MT4. You can download any of the 2000 unique indicators from the cost-free Code Base if it is insufficient. Additionally, MT4 provides more than 700 paid ones on the market. This is certainly plenty for a market study.

In comparison, MT5 has 38 built-in technical indicators that may be used to determine the direction of the market. Similar to MT4, you will have access to hundreds of paid custom indicators from its market as well as a huge number of free ones from its code base.

Worried about the economic calendar in MT4 and MT5?

In MT4, there is no integrated economic calendar. However, it’s simple to use a third-party calendar to keep track of pertinent business news. For instance, FBS maintains its economic calendar to track market-moving macroeconomic developments.

An integrated economic calendar containing helpful and current information about macroeconomic events is available with MT5. It assists traders in keeping track of significant financial announcements that might impact the value of their assets. If you want to properly plan your trade, you absolutely must use the economic calendar.

Worried about the demo trading in MT4 and MT5?

Demo trading is supported by both MT4 and MT5. This entails that you may experiment with trading in actual market circumstances without running the risk of losing money. You only need to create a free demo account. Except that you trade with virtual funds rather than actual funds, it functions precisely like a real account. The ideal option for any newcomer to examine the MT4 or MT5 platform and try the trading tools is through a demo account.

Wondering about the usability and mobility of MT4 and MT5?

There are three different versions of the MT4 and MT5 platforms: desktop, mobile, and browser.

  • Windows, macOS, and Linux for the desktop.
  • Mobile: iOS and Android.
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

Design and usability are quite similar between MT4 and MT5. The most commonly used functions are still present, despite a little change to the main menu. The interfaces can be modified to meet your specific trading requirements. To use these platforms, all you need is an internet connection.

What are the pros and cons of MT4?


  • Because it is simpler to use than MT5, MT4 is ideal for novice traders.
  • Since MT4 was primarily created to meet the demands of Forex traders, it is the finest platform for trading currencies.


  • Less trading options are available in MT4 than in MT5.
  • MT4 moves a bit more slowly than MT5.

What are the pros and cons of MT5?


  • In addition to equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, MT5 now supports forex trading.
  • In comparison to MT4, MT5 offers additional timeframes, technical indicators, and charting tools.


  • For new traders, the MT5 may appear to be a more difficult platform.
  • Few creators of robots and expert advisors choose MT5.

Worried about the security and convenience of MT4 and MT5?

Security and Convenience of MT4

The greatest security requirements are met by the MetaTrader 4 platform. The client terminal and platform servers use encryption to send and receive data. RSA digital signatures may also be used with the platform. Your trading accounts are safely safeguarded, so you can relax.

A remarkable range of cutting-edge analytical and trading functions are available in MetaTrader 4. The platform has a user-friendly design to make it simple for you to learn all of its features and working principles.

Security and Convenience of MT5

The trading platform’s security is given special consideration. To ensure secure functioning, the following steps are taken:

  • Encryption of data.
    Based on 128-bit keys, data interaction between the trading platform and the server is compressed and encrypted.
  • Extraordinary Authentication.
    On the server, the extended authentication mode can be activated, which further enhances account security against unwanted access.
  • Authentication via a server.
    Clients prove their validity during authentication. However, the trade server is also subject to authentication within the trading platform. This is done to confirm that the trading server is what it purports to be.
  • Configuration file security.
    It is not feasible to connect to a trading server using configuration files taken from another platform’s /Config folder. The configuration files used to hold the accounts and connection preferences for servers are all encrypted.
  • Safeguarding passwords.
    All password entry areas are secured from hacker software access.

MT4/MT5 which is better for you to choose?

After reading the comparison between MT4 and MT5 below, the answer to this issue ought to be rather obvious by this point. Metatrader 5 is the obvious choice for you if you need to adhere to U.S. rules for any reason, wish to conduct a lot of back testing using the platform offline, or need access to stock and commodity markets that are difficult to reach through Metatrader 4.

Otherwise, Metatrader 4, which continues to be the tried-and-true industry standard platform, can be used, it must be noted. It is far more popular than Metatrader 5, and for good reason—it is simple to use and maintain, and often has fewer bugs than competing systems that require a browser.

Final Words

The majority of seasoned traders will tell you that the only features they actually look for in a trading platform are dependability, simplicity, and stability. They’ll also admit that Metatrader 4 may have a few irksome features, but overall it does the job and enables them to monitor both their trades and charts simultaneously. Since almost every broker provides access to Metatrader 4, choosing a broker is really more crucial than choosing a platform. As a result, all platform-focused advertising and Metatrader evaluations are largely simply gimmicks that are best ignored.

In the end, the decision between MT4 and MT5 boils down to personal preference. The optimal option will depend on your trading preferences and habits, as well as which one best meets your demands.

The simplicity and limited capabilities of MT4 are preferred by many new traders, but MT5 tends to draw more seasoned traders looking for greater resources and platform variety.

Also keep in mind that you can begin by getting the most out of MT4 before realizing later that you’re ready to transition to MT5. Whatever stage of your trading career you’re in, be confident that the platform you choose will help you achieve your objectives.


What is MT5?

A popular trading platform for Forex, particularly CFDs, is MetaTrader 5. It is more capable than the MetaTrader 4 platform, including improved social and copy trading tools in addition to greater analytical and back testing functionalities.

Can anyone use MT4 in MT5?

No, but a lot of brokers who provide MetaTrader 4 also offer MetaTrader 5, and you may move between them.

Will MT4 be phased out?

No. The most well-known and commonly used trading platform, MetaTrader 4, is still accessible from Metaquotes’ website for free download despite their announcement some years ago that they would no longer be providing maintenance for it.

Which MetaTrader is the best?

Despite the excitement, we believe that most traders still consider MetaTrader 4 to be superior.

Is MT4 good for trading?

Even though MT4 is an outdated trading platform, it is still recognized as the greatest platform for trading forex. However, MT4 works best when combined with contemporary add-ons.

Is MetaTrader 5 good?

In terms of back testing and DOM, for example, MetaTrader 5 is a far better trading platform than MetaTrader 4. When a choice is offered, the majority of Forex traders still favour MetaTrader 4 over MetaTrader 5.

Can you trade Forex with MT5?

Yes, a lot of Forex firms provide access to the MT5 trading platform for Forex trading.

Is MT5 faster than MT4?

Compared to Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 is indeed considerably quicker. If you are the type of trader that has to perform a lot of back tests, being able to test programmed trading strategies at a much faster pace can save you a lot of time.

Can you use both MT4 and MT5?

If your selected broker offers both MT4 and MT5, then the answer is yes. You cannot sign in to the MT5 platform using your MT4 account, and vice versa, so you will need to have two different accounts.

Can anyone trade in MetaTrader without a broker?

No, you need a broker to trade. Trading systems like MT4 and MT5 offer the tools required to execute deals. You must still create an account with a broker, such as NAGA.

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