Complete Guide Through The Best ECN MT4 Brokers In 2022 – The interbank market can be accessed directly by traders through an ECN, or electronic communication network, without the involvement of brokers. Only the largest financial institutions and experienced traders have had access to it for many years. Common traders have just recently been given access to the interbank market. Due to its many user-friendly features and expert options, ECN trading was first offered through the MT4 platform, which is why most retail traders choose it.

The best choice for high-frequency traders is MT4 ECN brokers. Although not the primary ECN option, the MT4 trading platform does support it, and more and more brokers are now providing MT4 ECN accounts.

Who is an ECN Forex Broker?

By acting as a financial intermediary, ECN gives traders direct access to other participants in the currency and equity markets. Since an ECN broker aggregates price quotations from several market players, it typically provides traders with tighter spreads. Additionally, because it merely matches different available trades among the participants of another market, it cannot trade against the users. When compared to spreads offered by traditional brokers, those offered on ECN accounts are narrower. However, you should be aware that while working with ECN brokers, you will be charged a predetermined commission cost on each transaction.

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Wondering how ECN Brokers work?

ECN includes a digital communication mechanism for sellers and buyers to execute deals. It accomplishes this by controlling the execution of orders and disseminating the necessary information about the orders in progress. The mechanism is designed to match purchase and sell orders that are currently existing in the exchange. Additionally, the ECN system provides prices that reflect the lowest ask and highest bid in the open market when information about a single order is unavailable.

You can even trade while the market isn’t open for business by using ECN Forex brokers. This function is very helpful for individuals who want to use time flexibility or who are unable to actively trade during regular market hours.

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What is an ECN fee?

As a trading cost or fee, the trading brokers who provide ECN Accounts and connections often offer an interbank spread starting at 0.0 pips and charge a predetermined commission per lot.

Wondering what is an MT4 ECN Broker?

An NDD execution model trading account with no commissions can be advantageous for retail traders with minimal trading volume. There are no commissions; the broker makes money by adding a markup to raw spreads. High-frequency traders would be wise to seek out a broker with an ECN execution model, nevertheless. Electronic Communications Network is referred to as ECN. In the financial markets, it automatically matches purchase and sales orders. Brokers do not add a markup to the live market spread; however, traders must pay a volume-based commission. In addition to increased privacy, there is no chance of broker market manipulation because the entire process is digital. MT4 ECN brokers exclusively make money through commissions, as opposed to market makers who gain directly from client trading losses while acting as the counterparty. Therefore, having successful traders is in their best interests because it will improve trading volumes and broker earnings.

The best bid and ask prices are shown by an ECN network, which sources them from several worldwide liquidity providers. The best prices are then matched. It guarantees that traders always use the most affordable fees on listed assets. Brokers must pay commissions, and regardless of the currency pair, the leading MT4 ECN brokers list fees per typical lot between $4.00 and $6.00. All that matters is volume, albeit less liquid assets will have wider minimum spreads. For instance, the EUR/USD currency pair often trades with a spread of 0 pips during the crossover session of the UK and US markets, where the highest liquidity is available. There may be markups above 0.5 pips for other, less liquid currency pairs. Additionally, the top MT4 ECN platforms will have a volume-based rebate scheme that reduces the overall cost of trading. Trading volumes might reach more than 100 lots per day because many traders looking for MT4 ECN brokers employ ultra-short-term trading methods to avoid extra trading costs like swap rates on leveraged overnight positions. For as little as $0.80 a lot, the top MT4 ECN brokers offer rebated commissions.

ECN Broker Pros and Cons


Transparency in pricing feeds is one of the many advantages of using an ECN broker. The same feed is available from all ECN brokers, and you can trade using the precise price offered. You can also access a certain amount of price history to quickly assess certain market movements. It not only makes it difficult to behave dishonestly, but it also lessens pricing manipulation. Furthermore, because all users have access to the same information, no person can have a built-in advantage over other users. The following are some benefits of using an ECN broker:

  • No repeating
  • Low prices
  • Raw spreads
  • Not a slip
  • Deep pool, which means high liquidity
  • No conflict of interest


Compared to non-ECN systems, one of the greatest drawbacks of utilizing an ECN broker is the charge structure for general trading. You must pay a commission on each deal, which can be expensive and have an effect on your profitability and bottom line.

Best MT4 ECN Forex Brokers 2022

The ideal choice for high-frequency traders is ECN brokers. Although not the primary ECN option, the MT4 trading platform does support it, and more and more brokers are now providing MT4 ECN accounts. Here is a list of Top 5 MT4 ECN Forex Brokers 2022:


Since its establishment in 2011, FXTM, commonly known as ForexTime, has grown to rank among the biggest forex trading platforms in the world. The broker offers a wide range of foreign currencies to invest in with more than 57 currency pairings. FXTM is well-known for its ethical business practices and strictly adhered-to organizational structure. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius, and the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom all oversee FXTM.


  • Excellent environment for commission-based forex pricing and transparency.
  • Upgraded MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, as well as a custom mobile trading app.
  • Good market analysis and informational materials for new traders.
  • Low minimum deposits, huge leverage, and proprietary copy trading platform.


  • A meagre selection of commodities and cryptocurrencies.

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A forex broker, FP Markets was started almost 15 years ago in 2005. The provider of financial services offers a wide range of trading alternatives, including more than 60 currencies, 10 cryptocurrencies, more than 20 commodities, several CFDs, and various other assets including precious metals and oil. Over 80 nations throughout the world have access to FP Markets, which are licenced and governed by the CySEC and ASIC. The Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, and Australian Dollar are just a few of the currency alternatives available from this multi-award-winning forex broker. To improve new traders’ chances of succeeding in this new endeavour, they also provide training resources.


  • Optional trading tools and trading platform selection.
  • Excellent asset selection and very competitive cost structure.
  • Low minimum deposit amount and 1:500 leverage are both available.
  • reliable and well-regulated.


  • Iress is only available in certain areas.


Naga is a social investment platform that provides users with access to several copy trading options across a broad variety of assets. All retail trading accounts have access to a single live account. Members whose transactions are replicated earn instant money. Investors may communicate and exchange ideas with other members of the community through social trading. Traders can also replicate and implement the tactics of other users. This kind of trading is beneficial for novice traders who wish to learn strategies and pick the brains of more experienced traders. Popular forex trading platform MT4 is ideal for novices and offers an intuitive user interface.


  • Bitcoin trading.
  • No cost trial account.
  • Little copy trade charges.
  • Scholarly sources.
  • Excellent client service.
  • Traders to replicate leaderboard.
  • Exclusive web-based platform.
  • The iOS and Android Naga platforms.


  • Redraw charges.
  • Charging overnight.


For both inexperienced and seasoned traders alike, Ava Trade is a top-notch forex broker. AvaTrade is best suited for traders from South Africa and the British Virgin Islands even if the broker is accessible in many nations and holds official regulator credentials in Australia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, the British Virgin Islands, and Japan. This is especially true for traders from these regions who need greater leverage. With more than 50 currency pairings, almost 30 commodities, many cryptocurrencies, CDFs, assets, certain bonds, metals, and much more available for trading, you will have a huge selection of possibilities.


  • Supply of excellent instructional content from SharpTrader.
  • Excellent selection of trading systems that can accommodate different trading demands.
  • Prospects for cross-asset diversification and a wide range of assets.
  • Broker that is trustworthy and well-regulated, under the control of a central bank.


  • Competitive but average trading expenses.

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In 2014, BlackBull Markets was established in New Zealand. BlackBull Markets is an ECN broker that offers raw spreads and commissions, much as many other antipodean Forex brokers. The Financial Services Providers Register (FSPR), which oversees them in New Zealand, limits the maximum leverage on several Forex currency pairings to 500 to 1. BlackBull Markets has locations as branch offices in New York and Malaysia in addition to its worldwide headquarters in New Zealand. BlackBull Markets provides a limited selection of tradable assets, including six significant equity indexes, gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas, along with 27 Forex currency pairs and crosses. That ought to be plenty for traders with more specialized techniques who don’t need extensive diversification.


  • The deep liquidity execution model for ECN/NDD.
  • Pricing at institutional levels for retail traders using a private price aggregator.
  • ZuluTrade and Myfxbook for social trading.
  • Maximum 1:500 leverage.


  • Llimited alternatives for deposits.

MT4 ECN Trading Environment

At MT4 ECN brokers, the general trading environment is often competitive. Since they rely on successful traders, they make investments in their technological infrastructure, trading tools, and liquidity providers. Fraud risk is also decreased. However, there have been instances of brokers acting as though they’re using an ECN model when they’re not. Some who engaged in the practice received fines but retained their licenses and continued to operate. To make sure they have access to the best pricing, traders should find out which ECN bridge the broker uses and compare spreads to those supplied elsewhere. A more successful trading environment will emerge from using the top MT4 ECN brokers.

Why is it advised for scalpers to use ECN brokers?

Because scalpers rely on extremely minor market changes, ECN brokers are excellent for this method. They need to enter and exit the market rapidly, therefore ECN’s blazing-fast execution is a major advantage. Along with the stability that substantial liquidity may offer, narrow spreads are also essential.

Therefore, ECN accounts have all of the essential elements that a scalper will seek out and require if they are to be successful. The capacity to trade with brokers offering high leverage is another essential prerequisite for a scalper to take advantage of minute market changes. For most people, a leverage ratio of between 10:1 and 20:1 is sufficient to strike a balance between risk and profit.

Brokers can provide a maximum leverage of 30:1 on significant forex pairs in Europe and the UK under the FCA, ESMA, and ASIC laws. However, that sum can rise if you trade from somewhere else. South Africa is one instance of this, where properly regulated brokers may offer their clients up to 400:1 leverage on significant currency pairs.

Final Words

The settlement of deals between brokerage firms and individual traders is effectively sped up by Electronic Communications Networks, or ECNs. There is no middleman or third party while using an ECN. As there is one fewer person involved in a deal that needs to be paid, this lowers settlement expenses.

The best bid and ask prices are shown by an ECN network, which matches the best ones after gathering them from various liquidity sources throughout the world. The lowest transaction costs on listed assets are always used by traders, thanks to this. The leading MT4 ECN brokers advertise costs between $4.00 and $6.00 per normal lot, regardless of the currency pair, which is how much commissions cost brokers. The only thing that counts is volume, so less liquid assets will have wider minimum spreads. The EUR/USD currency pair, for instance, often trades with a spread of 0 pip during the crossover session of the UK and US markets, when there is the highest liquidity available. The markups on other, less liquid currency pairs could be greater than 0.5 pip.

MT4 ECN brokers often offer a competitive overall trading environment. Due to their reliance on successful traders, they make investments in their technological infrastructure, trading tools, and liquidity providers. The possibility of deception is also lessened. Brokers have, however, been caught lying about using an ECN model and engaging in other activities. Despite receiving fines for the behaviour, several maintained their licenses and continued to run their businesses. To ensure they have access to the best pricing, traders should find out which ECN bridge their broker uses and compare spreads to those supplied by other brokers. The finest MT4 ECN brokers will provide a more successful trading environment.

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