Ten Best ECN Forex Brokers In 2022

FxBrokerReviews.org – Online brokers provide a particular (ECN) account type called an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) broker. It’s a fantastic technology with meager trading costs for trading on the market. This technology is ideal for traders who wish to be more active during market hours. Because it results in reduced commission rates and shorter spreads, it can also benefit those who could use a little more variety.

One can engage in market competition with a big pool of financial institutions thanks to ECN brokers. Many people are beginning to employ this approach due to the technological advancements that ECN Forex brokers offer. One can pick from the top ECN brokers in this post for 2022. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

What Exactly Is A Forex ECN Broker?

As a financial intermediary, ECN trading gives traders immediate access to other currency and stock market investors. Since an ECN broker aggregates price quotations from several market players, it typically provides traders with tighter (ask or bid) spreads. Additionally, because it merely matches various possible trades among the players of another marketplace, it cannot trade against the customers. Compared to spreads offered by traditional brokers, those provided on ECN accounts are smaller. However, customers should be aware that while working with ECN brokers, customers will be charged a predetermined commission cost on each trade.

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How Do ECN Brokers Operate?

ECN includes a digital communication mechanism for sellers and buyers to execute deals. It accomplishes this by controlling the execution of orders and disseminating the necessary information about the tasks in progress. The mechanism is designed to match purchase and sell orders in the exchange. Additionally, the ECN system provides prices representing the lowest ask and highest bid in the open market when information about a single order is unavailable.

One can even trade while the market isn’t open for business by using ECN Forex brokers. This function benefits individuals who want to use flexible work schedules or cannot actively trade during regular market hours.

Pros And Cons Of ECN Brokers


The clarity in pricing feeds one of the many advantages of using an ECN broker. The same feed is available from all ECN brokers, and one can trade using the precise price offered. One can also examine a certain amount of price history to assess specific market movements quickly. It not only makes it difficult to behave dishonestly, but it also lessens pricing manipulation. Furthermore, because all users have access to the same information, no person can have a built-in benefit over other customers. The following are some benefits of using an ECN broker:

• No recitations

• Low prices

• A deep pool means greater liquidity.

• Raw spreads

• No competing interests

• No sloppiness

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Compared to non-ECN systems, one of the most significant drawbacks of utilizing an ECN broker is the charge structure for general trading. One must pay a fee on each deal, which can be expensive and have an effect on the revenue and bottom line.

What to Choose Between an ECN Account and a Standard Account?

The regular account often has a fixed spread, which is one of the most significant distinctions between the two versions. The broker in the standard version typically serves as the counterparty in all positions. An ECN account, on the other hand, gives one access to liquidity through a network. Simply put, it indicates that you have a variety of offers and offers to choose from because the spread between the asked price and the bid price is typically less. The following are some of the most significant distinctions between an ECN account and a regular account:

ENC AccountStandard Account
Orders placed in an ECN account are filled directly with the liquidity providers.The brokerage’s client pool internally executes the order for the primary account.
Consumers must pay a set commission cost for each trade.It only has spread and charges no commission fees.
Have non-dealing brokers includedBrokers who work at dealing desks
Does not give the raw spread a premiumArtificially charge a premium spread to benefit from the performance.

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Comparison of Forex Accounts

Consistency in executionDirect access to the liquidity sources and automatic order execution without requotingInternal order processing for the brokerage’s customer baseExecuting orders automatically without requoting
Suitable forDealers with experience and expertiseBeginnersTraders with a tight budget

Top 10 ECN Forex Brokers

Finding the ideal ECN Forex broker who services customers precisely how they want might easily take days. The following list of brokers with excellent ECN conditions would be helpful in this situation. We created this broker list after extensive study by our professionals. This list will make it easier to find the best enc broker overall and help you save a lot of time and effort. The ECN brokers listed on this list are subject to dependable, global regulatory oversight. Additionally, each of these ECN brokers is recognized with great reviews.

1. FXTM ECN Account

Despite only being created in 2011, FXTM (ForexTime) has increased. It is presently regarded as one of the most well-known ECN brokers in the entire market. A modest ECN account minimum deposit provides a comprehensive collection of capabilities and allows users to trade various goods. FXTM is a fantastic choice for experienced and novice traders due to its research and educational resources.

The minimum deposit for an ECN account:200 USD for an ECN account with no fees and 500 USD for an ECN account
Leverage:1:50, 1:100, 1:200 and 1:500
Products Provided:Precious metals, commodities, stock CFDs, currencies, and CFD indices
Trading Channel:FTXM Trader, MT4, MT5
Regulation:(FCA) (CySEC)

2. XM ECN Account

A reputable and licensed ECN Forex broker, XM provides a user-friendly and open trading environment. It provides ECN accounts with lower minimum deposits than the industry standard. Additionally, the site offers a demo account that one can utilize to test out all its features.

The minimum deposit for an ECN account:100 dollars in the US
Leverage:1:1 up to 888:1
Products Provided:FX, CFDs, and real stocks
Trading Channel:XM WebTrader, MT4, MT5
Regulation:ASIC, (CySEC), and (IFSC)

3. IC Markets ECN Account

One of the top ECN brokers, IC Markets, provides various solutions to suit trading preferences. This brokerage offers Islamic accounts as an additional option and accepts ten different account base currencies.

A competitive market situation, openness, and high security are all provided by IC Markets. This broker’s trading capabilities are also elevated by its exceptional customer care and technical analysis tools.

The minimum deposit for an ECN account:200 dollars in the US
Products Provided:Forex, CFD, and Crypto
Trading Channel:MT4, cTrader, and MT5
Regulation:(FSA), (CySEC), and (ASIC)

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4. InstaForex ECN Account

Since this brokerage’s ECN account minimum is just $1 US, InstaForex may be one’s best choice if you have a limited budget. It seeks to offer top-notch trading services to its users. More than 200 assets in five different asset classes are currently available. Additionally, it offers over 30 professional analysts who can assist the user with analysis and market research.

The minimum deposit for an ECN account:US dollar one
Leverage:1:25 up to 1:1000
Products Provided:Derivatives of 34 US equities, more than 100 currency pairs, commodities, tick trades, and cryptocurrencies
Trading Channel:WebTrader, MT4, and MT5
Regulation:BVI FSC, CySEC, and FSC

5. FP Markets ECN Account

Another outstanding ECN broker serving traders since 2005 is FP Markets. It has more than 13,000 assets and is governed by numerous reputable agencies. Its competitive leverage and small spreads make it a reliable option for many traders. One must deposit $100 to start an ECN account at this brokerage. FP Markets also features one of the most advanced trading platforms and ECN settings.

The minimum deposit for an ECN account:100 dollars in the US
Products Provided:10,000+ items Currency exchange, indices, commodities, metals, virtual money, and equity CFDs
Trading Channel:MT4, MT5, IRESS
Regulation:CySEC, ASIC

6. Pepperstone ECN Account

In conclusion, Pepperstone can be characterized as a reliable and honest broker. The danger level associated with pepperstone is low to medium. Pepperstone has a 92 out of 99 total trust rating with competitive trading costs and pip spreads.

7. Avatrade ECN Account

• Forex broker with fixed spreads (from 0.9 pips for retail traders).

• The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) regulates AvaTrade, an Irish broker, in Europe under license C53877.

• Both EUR and GBP can be used to open trading accounts.

• AvaTrade has launched branches in Poland, Milan, and Dublin, Ireland (Warsaw).

• EUR/USD has an average spread of 0.9 pips.

8. eToro ECN Account 

eToro is a social/copy trading broker exclusively available in USD and governed by CySEC in Europe (109/10). This implies that when making a deposit, European merchants can assess currency conversion costs.

• In Europe, a $50 deposit is required.

• Offices in the UK and Cyprus (Limassol) (London).

• Forex pair leverage in the EU is up to 1:30.

• Although competitive, forex spreads are slightly higher than those of other European brokers.

• EUR/USD spread: 1.0 pips on average.

9. Admiral Markets ECN Account

Admiral Markets is an Estonian broker licensed n° 201/13 by CySEC for European regulation.

• Professional European traders have access to a rewards program and higher leverage with Admiral up to 1:500.

• The following European currencies can be used to open accounts within the EU: EUR, GBP, CHF, BGN, CZK, HRK, HUF, PLN, RON, and SEK.

• The EUR/USD spread is typically 0.1 pip.

10. Interactive Brokers ECN Account

• Three regulatory organizations—the CSSF, CBI, and the Central Bank of Hungary—are policing the EU.

• For European traders, there is no minimum deposit requirement; nevertheless, the broker may impose a minor fee if the equity is less than $2000.

• Wide selection of more than 100 forex trading pairs.

• Many European professional traders, including four-time world champion Andrea Unger, choose IB as their broker.

• EUR/USD has an average spread of 0.2 pips.

How To Begin Trading Foreign Exchange In Europe

Establishing a trading account is a little more complicated in Europe than it is in other regions. In order to safeguard the less experienced and combat money laundering, European brokers must adhere to tight rules regarding customer profiling.

Customers who want to deal with real money must finish the KYC (know your customer) profiling process required by the brokers (Know Your Customer). There are five steps to this:

1. Respond to CFD-related questions to demonstrate your degree of knowledge to the broker.

2. Respond to inquiries regarding your financial condition to confirm the origin of the funds.

3. Present identification verification in the form of an official document (such as a passport or ID card).

4. Accompany an official document with proof of address (such as a bank statement or utility bill).

5. Deposit with a business connected to the trader’s identification.

Trader from Europe? Here are some qualities a forex broker should have

There are a few things European traders should watch out for when navigating the FX market. As long as a broker is governed by at least one European financial regulatory authority, European traders can select any broker globally.

Other pointers for traders in Europe are as follows:

  1. Only work with brokers who are ESMA compliant

Without an ESMA regulation, brokers cannot provide financial services within the EU. Brokers typically register with the CySEC in Cyprus to obtain an ESMA license. They can select whichever nation they prefer as well. ESMA brokers provide a high level of security and safety.

  1. Active Trader Programs could be helpful.

Utilizing active trader programs is another crucial piece of advice. Active trader programs have the advantage of providing lower spreads and expenses. Only active traders who trade sizable FX holdings have access to these. Active trader programs can be pretty advantageous to seasoned traders as well. Pepperstone provides one of Europe’s top rebate programs for FX traders (75.9% of retail CFD accounts are negative).

  1. If you’re a novice, pick a broker who offers unlimited demo accounts.

If you are new to forex trading, the next step is to find a broker offering an unlimited demo account. Brokers provide demo accounts, which are free accounts that allow you to test their services using fictitious funds. They can be immediately opened without requiring identification documents, bank statements, or other procedures.

  1. Beware of forex trading fraud.

Online frauds frequently target European traders. These are carried out in various methods, but telemarketing is the primary method scammers use to draw in their victims. Call centers that offer to invest money in foreign exchange or other markets should always be avoided.


You may see the summary here. This article, Forex Broker Reviews, covered the operation and application of the ECN (Electronic Communication Network). The ECN Forex Broker can unquestionably assist you if you wish to trade currencies or any other instrument. The finest ECN brokers are also listed in the post, and you can select one of them depending on your particular requirements and trading objectives.

The ECN broker will not only let you trade under the most acceptable liquidity provider conditions but also assist you in trading openly. Because you have to pay a set cost on each trade when using an ECN broker, there won’t be any conflicts of interest for you to deal with. You may also receive the highest liquidity if you are a professional or scalper and wish to trade in significant volume.

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