All That You Need To Know About The Best ECN Forex Brokers With The Lowest Spread in 2022 – An ECN broker is a type of financial intermediary that gives clients direct access to other players in the equities and currency markets through the use of electronic communications networks. An ECN broker can typically provide its clients with tighter bid/ask spreads than would otherwise be possible because it aggregates price quotations from multiple market participants.

An ECN broker is unable to trade against the client; it can only match trades made by other market participants. Although ECN spreads are frequently smaller than those employed by conventional brokers, ECN firms continue to impose a fixed commission fee for every transaction.

Want to know more about ECN Brokers?

Here is all that you need to know about ECN.

Investors who are unable to participate actively during regular market hours or who want the flexibility provided by wider availability might use an ECN to trade outside of standard trading hours. Additionally, it delivers lower charges and costs overall and avoids the higher spreads that are frequently associated with utilising a traditional broker.

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The ECN can give users who want it a certain amount of anonymity if they are worried about their privacy. Investors seeking out larger transactions may find this to be particularly alluring.

Non-dealing desk brokers, such as ECN brokers, do not transmit order flow to market makers. Instead, they electronically match traders and send the orders to liquidity providers.

For interested investors, an ECN broker facilitates trading across the ECN. Because of how the ECN works, working with brokers of this kind frequently results in lower fees and more time available for trading.

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Wondering what is an ECN?

To conduct trades, buyers and sellers can connect electronically through the ECN. It accomplishes this by making order information accessible and by making it easier for these orders to be executed. To match buy and sell orders that are now existent in the exchange, the network was created. Prices reflecting the highest bid and lowest ask reported on the open market are provided in the absence of individual order information.

Advantages of ECN

Price feed transparency is another result that many view favourably due to how the information is conveyed. The same feed is available to all ECN brokers, and they all trade at the same price. Additionally, a certain amount of pricing history is easily accessible, making it simpler to analyse certain market trends. Since everyone has easy access to current and historical information, it is harder to engage in unethical behaviour. This helps reduce price manipulation.

Additionally, because everyone has equal access to information, no trader has a certain inherent edge over the others.

Disadvantages of ECN

The cost associated with employing an ECN is one of its main disadvantages. When compared to non-ECN systems, employing an ECN typically entails greater fees and commissions. Per-trade commissions can be expensive and have an impact on a trader’s profitability.

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Do you want to know more about ECN forex brokers?

Electronic Communication Network, or ECN, is a technological link that connects retail Forex market participants or traders to liquidity providers. ECN Brokers are Brokers that automatically match trading orders to sell or purchase via ECN.

ECN is a straight-through processing bridge that does not require a dealing desk and allows for automated network execution in a direct link between the parties. Wikipedia has more information about ECN.

ECN brokers typically match orders at the best price offered by active market participants or liquidity providers, with the EUR/USD spread occasionally even being zero pip.

  • ECN technology produces prolonged trading times, great efficiency for automated trading, and a variety of methods ideal for both retail and institutional traders, in addition to competitive trading costs due to its capabilities.
  • Due to interbank connectivity and open trading terms, ECN execution does not lead to any misunderstandings between the trader and the broker.
  • Depending on the strategy, ECN spreads starting at 0 pips may not always imply cheaper trading expenses; in certain cases, they are even greater than those offered by non-ECN Brokers. Fixed or variable spreads are a far better option for some trading methods.
  • ECN brokers and technology are better suited for professionals, seasoned traders, or those who trade in larger volumes. For some tactics and regular size traders, the Standard account and market maker execution mechanism may be a decent choice.

What is an ECN?

As a trading cost or fee, the trading brokers who provide ECN Accounts and connections often offer an interbank spread starting at 0.0 pips and charge a predetermined commission per lot.

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What is a true ECN?

Due to its popularity and the current trend of ECN trading, several brokers now declare their position as Forex Brokers ECN. However, only brokers with a verified regulatory status and significant legal duties may be considered genuine ECN Brokers.

Best ECN Forex Brokers with Lowest Spread in 2022

Here is a list of the best ECN forex brokers with the lowest spreads in 2022 whom you can trust.

  1. BDSwiss
  2. BlackBull Markets
  3. FP Markets
  4. Pepperstone
  5. NAGA
  6. HFM
  7. Axiory
  8. FBS
  9. Eightcap
  10. IC Market


BDSwiss is a global brokerage company that was founded in 2012 and has since surpassed Markets to rank among the top trading groupings. BDSwiss currently serves an elite Member club with more than 1.5 million traders in addition to more than 1.5 million registered clients from more than 186 countries.

Since Switzerland is where the company was founded, its strong foundation is supported by the wonderful environment it created. Since then, a global operating group has been offering internet trading services out of offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tirana, Albania, and Pristina, Kosovo.


BlackBull Markets, which has years of institutional forex experience and an emphasis on providing resources to retail traders, launched its operations in Auckland, New Zealand, back in 2014. Since the broker began using unique software to offer different trading solutions as a financial services provider, it has been possible to combine strong trading performance with affordable pricing.

Additionally, BlackBull Markets was established as a prime broker that also provided retail trading solutions and maintained its translation facilities across major financial cities like London, the UK, and Malaysia to increase exposure globally. There are many options, including a variety of conditions and assets to trade, supported by programmes and learning resources for active traders.


Since the broker was founded in 2005 and has since served more than 12,000 clients globally, FP Markets has been engaged in professional trading for a considerable amount of time. One of FP Markets’ key advantages is the usage of genuine ECN electronic bridges, which strengthen its offering with potent trading technology and encourage innovation.


Incorporated in Australia in 2010, Pepperstone Group Limited has risen swiftly to become one of the major forex and CFD providers globally. Pepperstone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pepperstone Group Limited.

In 2015, Pepperstone Limited was established in the UK, and through local access, it has since expanded its services to meet the demands of customers in the UK and Europe. Overall, the group has offices in London, Dubai, Melbourne, Dubai, Limassol, Nassau, Nairobi, and other significant financial hubs.

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Naga was established in 2015 as a Fintech business that offers global investors access to markets using decentralised technology and the support they need to succeed.

The business was founded following Cypriot law and complied with European regulations, granting access to trade in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and virtual items that support all significant international marketplaces.


Previously known as HotForex, HFM is a multi-asset broker that provides Forex and Commodities through CFDs trading services with a variety of 7 account types and trading platforms with narrow spreads averaging EUR USD 0.1. The broker offers unfettered liquidity access, enabling traders of any size or profile to select between different spreads and liquidity providers using automated trading platforms and the effectiveness of any strategy.

The brokerage company was founded in 2010 and has offices around the world, including Dubai, South Africa, and offshore corporations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Its headquarters are in Cyprus.

While HFM does show a lot of interest and influence, especially in the African, Asian, and MENA regions, giving inhabitants around the world some fantastic chances.


Axiory, founded in 2011, provides international traders with a smart, welcoming, and simple environment to enter the forex and CFDs market. Axiory’s founding principle is built on providing clients and the trading community with transparent offerings, while also providing traders with cutting-edge technology for increased profitability.

With its corporate headquarters in Belize, Axiory is a conglomerate of businesses and trading brokers. However, the Broker obtained international exposure as a result of operating in the trading industry for a considerable amount of time and maintaining representative offices in Dubai, which provided access to clients from the EEA as well as the Middle East.


Since its inception in 2009, FBS has served clients from over 150 countries, and it has distinguished itself with multiple major accolades and state-of-the-art technologies on the forex market. Although the broker was initially solely created in Belize, recently, FBS also became a Cyprus Broker. That undoubtedly aids and supported the company’s decision to extend its service to the people of Europe, benefiting both novice and experienced traders.

Regulated, set by European law environments gave brokers more possibilities, useful tools, and completely approved trading services, which improved FBS development. In a later section of our FBS review, we shall discuss its trading proposal conditions and assess its competitiveness.

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Eightcap is an Australian-incorporated brokerage firm that offers a transparent pricing strategy since 2009 through cheap rates of variable spreads with quotes obtained using technological tools through Equinix servers and data from various top banks or institutions.

Through their reputed Australian headquarters and several regional offices across the world, including the UK, Bulgaria, and Cyprus, Eightcap runs a global business. In addition to what it offers to retail clients, this broker offers affiliates, IBs, and influencers technological advantages and collaboration options.

Eightcap strives to create a community for MT4 and MT5 traders and seeks to give them a specialised trading environment. Through the renowned MetaTrader platforms, this broker provides access to the most widely used financial instruments, all with quick execution and minimal spreads.


A group of financial experts founded the company in Sydney, Australia in 2007 intending to bridge the gap between retail and institutional clients by providing trading solutions. Recently, the broker has developed into one of Australia’s top trading providers, and it has also expanded beyond Australia to provide services to international and European entities. It has also established a Chinese Support centre and offers genuinely competitive trading conditions. A reputable broker, IC Markets offers a wide range of platforms, including MT4, MT5, and cTrader, free educational materials, and round-the-clock client service. There are options for spread basis and raw spread accounts, as well as a variety of instruments.

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Final Word

Therefore, even though ECN brokers do not have the same inherent conflicts of interest as market makers, you will always pay a commission on your transactions. Additionally, the minimum deposit amount for ECN accounts will be greater, making them unaffordable for many novice traders.

The choice of broker is always a matter of personal preference even though all of the brokers we work with are reliable and well-regulated. You will be in excellent hands if you choose an ECN broker from our list of the top brokers, whether you decide to use one or a market maker.

After all, it’s all about your money and it is the result of your hard work so you must take utmost care about it. If you are worried about finding the best ECN broker you may choose one among the above-mentioned brokers like BDSwiss, Blackbull markets, NAGA etc.

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