Best Upcoming NFT Projects in 2022 October Edition That You Can Look Forward To – Over the last year, the sudden wave of NFT has certainly changed the way, people look at the trading business. The NFT industry has paved the way for numerous exciting new projects to come to life. Investors can just like the traditional market invest in paintings, music, artworks, and virtual properties and even put them up for auctions.

These upcoming NFT projects offer compelling investment opportunities to all kinds of traders and make way for some extra income. While NFTs is still new for most people, they have been drawing a significant amount of buzz with art, music, and unique collections. 

With so many projects on the NFT marketplace, It can be tough to cut through the digital clutter and discover NFT projects that help you earn some profits. So how to find good upcoming NFT projects to invest in? With the right knowledge and skill sets, you can easily find the best NFT projects in the marketplace.

Take a look at some of the best upcoming NFT projects in 2022.

What are the best upcoming NFT projects in 2022 October?

Below is an overview of the best upcoming NFT projects to look forward to this year.

1. Tamadoge – Overall Best New NFT Project 

Tamadoge is considered to be one of the best new NFT projects upcoming in 2022. It is so anticipated that in its presale allocation, the project was sold was $19m in under two months. The project includes P2E mechanics and metaverse integration.

In this, the players can breed and raise ‘Tamadoge Pets’, which are structured in the form of NFTs. These pets are used in the game’s PVP battle mechanic, and the winner of the game receives  ‘Dogepoints’as a reward. Players who have the most amount of Dogepoints at the end of each month will receive rewards in the form of $TAMA.

Investors who want to buy Tamadoge can find it on NFT marketplaces like OKX and Bitmart, along with the widely-used DEX, and Uniswap. The project is currently also in the works of launching itself on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange.

2. The Kleks Academy – The most exciting NFT collection of 2022

The Kleks academy is a series of children’s books based on the adventures of Professor Kleks.  The upcoming NFT project will feature six sides of graphics and information at intervals of three months. In this concept, each member of the academy will be judged on a FRECKLE$ METER based on their creative potential. 

The project also involves other benefits like dinner with the film director, access to the actual film set, a chance to share the editing room with the director, owning original props and costumes from the film production, and exclusive access to a special weekly mini-documentary from the film set created for the academy members and a recorded custom greeting from one of the Kleks Academy characters.

3. Real Estate Investment Club — Metaverse NFT Collection

Real Estate Investment Club is a collection of generative metaverse NFTs created by the designer behind GTA and Red Dead Redemption. The NFTs will grant you a free pass into the REIC – MetaCity and the Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG). The project will be built using Unreal Engine 5 The project plans to integrate a wide range of monetization opportunities Apart from metaverse compatibility, it gives you access to private IRL events in premium locations around the globe, educational resources, social and entertainment platforms, exclusive merchandise, in-house developments, and off-market deals around the globe to name a few. 

4. Battle Infinity – utility-focused upcoming NFT drops 

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game based in the metaverse. The Battle Infinity project has six different platforms that provide users with multiple ways to earn money and have fun. The  Battle Infinity, in the NFT marketplace, contains a fantasy sports league, a P2E gaming platform, a metaverse with customizable avatars, a decentralized exchange, as well as a staking platform. Therefore the project has drawn a lot of popularity amongst investors and has created a lot of buzz in the marketplace. This has also increased the demand for the $IBAT token.

5. Cocky – Best upcoming NFT project for lifestyle and musical events

Cocky is a lifestyle club that offers access to world-class music events. Created by The Parasol Group it allows NFT holders to attend musical events held in different locations. The project has created anticipation by using NFTs called Mutations. These are stamps that are added to the NFT when the holder attends an event. These mutations allow the owner to write their own story about the events they have attended.

The NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs, with 51 different skins along with three  lid colors – Silver, Gold, and Black. The NFT token has various benefits like discounts on transport and accommodation during the event. Invites to additional events, and merchandise.

The project plans to host two events each year focusing on electronic music.

The number of tickets released is determined by the capacity of the venue. So the NFT holders have to register themselves for the event before the dates through the upcoming project’s website. The project has plans to expand its community by organizing bigger and high scale musical concerts as its ecosystem matures. 

6. Scared Spirits – Upcoming NFT project that allows free minting 

Spirits is an upcoming NFT project by SuperNifty.  It’s one of the most popular upcoming NFT projects in the marketplace. Under this project, investors will be allowed to mint artworks for free and include some of the most famous digital artworks. The collection consists of more than 5,000 NFTs that have drawn inspiration from spirituality and nature.

Spirits NFTs were exclusively released in August for free for holders of previous SuperNifty collections and will take over the NFT’s marketplaces on the Cardano Blockchain.

The blockchain is known for its higher scalability and ease of handling network congestion, fast transactions, and low gas fees. 

Similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, each of the Spirits NFTs can be evolved, adding to its rarity. This collection stands out from most other upcoming NFT projects on the market so fans of SuperNifty should take a look at the project.

How to find good upcoming NFT projects?

If you’re wondering how to find upcoming NFT projects efficiently, it’s crucial to know where to look for upcoming NFT drops. Below are some of the best strategies to follow to identify the best new NFT projects: 

Find on Twitter 

Twitter is the go-to platform to find out about upcoming NFT projects. Twitter serves as a good social networking platform where, many NFT projects, artists, and creators post about their new projects and collections. They use Twitter to create hype around the project and increase the value of the project as well. 

Moreover, Twitter also allows the addition of external links as most NFT projects contain links to their websites, Discord servers, Medium blogs, and other social media pages. Furthermore, important updates, drop schedules, and roadmaps are also posted on Twitter.

Use an NFT Calendar

If you wish to keep a tab on upcoming NFT projects or want to know about the projects launching on the various blockchains, we advise you to make use of a reliable NFT calendar. These calendars keep the detail of all of the popular NFT drops in the marketplace occurring in the months ahead. This makes it easy for you to keep track of the projects as well as plan ahead for the same. However, each month various projects launch in the marketplace it is best to use an NFT calendar that only focuses on drops that are offered by reliable companies. 

Rarity Tools: A Tool For Evaluating New Projects.

The most valuable quality of an NFT is its rarity. It is the main factor that determines the market rate of the asset. The higher the rarity of a token or collectible, the greater its resale value and profit. Therefore, to check how rare an upcoming NFT project is you can use Rarity. tools. It allows investors to check the rarity of the project by giving it a score. It arranges every collection in descending order in terms of rarity scores meaning the NFT with the highest rarity score will be ranked 1 and so on. 

Open Sea: Marketplace to find the best NFT projects 

OpenSea is not only the most successful marketplace to trade NFTs but it is also a great way to find new projects. The NFT marketplace ranks projects based on blockchains and trading volumes. It also shows each project’s floor price, the number of unique owners, and the total items in the collection. 

OpenSea also reflects an activity tab that displays the live sales of individual NFTs and monitors the sales activity of specific NFT projects by using advanced and effective filters. 

Discord App

Discord is ranked as the highest invite-only app that NFT creators use to build a community. It is a great space to not only connect with creators but also know prior about their upcoming projects. To use Discord, you need to create an account, join the Discord server of a particular project, unlock your permissions on the server, and choose a channel of communication. It is an easy-to-use platform to find out about good upcoming NFT projects with high engagement.


The Project’s Roadmap is a crucial factor in determining the success of an NFT project. A roadmap lays out the long-term goals, features, investment opportunities, and a lot more. If you feel the ideas match your investment plans then you can go ahead with the NFT project. A roadmap can be easily found on the project’s social media platform or website and is one of the things an investor should consider before investing. If you think the roadmap is solid, you can mint the NFTs before or during the launch and get in early before others.

Where to find upcoming NFT projects? 

Now that you know how to look for new projects, let us now take a look at the best NFT marketplace where you can buy NFT projects once they are out.

As you might already know, NFTs are purchased through dedicated NFT marketplaces, using cryptocurrencies instead of cash. Several marketplaces are based on several blockchains, and most of the support Ethereum. 

OpenSea is considered overall the best NFT marketplace it is the largest NFT marketplace in terms of trading volume and has allowed excellent offerings to create and mint NFTs.  It is also a good choice for beginners as it supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies. Built on the Ethereum blockchain it allows users to buy, sell and mint NFTs in various categories like music, Art, Digital collectibles, Domain names, Sports, Photography, Trading Cards, and Virtual Worlds.

The Key Specifications of the marketplace are given below : 

  • The marketplace is free to use. 
  • Offers excellent minting tools.
  • The marketplace is user-friendly and easy to use. 
  • Offers a wide range of NFTs.

Final thoughts 

In this guide by forex broker reviews, we have presented a comprehensive overview of the best upcoming NFT projects in 2022 that you can wait for. By knowing about the upcoming NFT projects you can understand their highest potential, and earn profits by investing in the particular project. It is also an effective investment decision if you are looking for long-term investments.

For investors looking for the next big new NFT project, Tamadoge, and Battle Infiny are worth considering.


Q1. Which is the best Upcoming NFT project on Ethereum Blockchain?

Ans: Mavrix is an upcoming NFT project to create a one-of-a-kind augmented reality (AR) in the metaverse. It consists of 9,999 unique Ethereum-based NFTs that act as avatars for social media and the metaverse.

Q2. How to find good upcoming NFT projects?

Ans: You can keep tabs on upcoming NFT projects by regularly reviewing the NFT calendar. Alternatively, top NFT marketplaces often promote upcoming NFT drops on their homepage.

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