Crypto Trading Strategies For Beginners And Advanced – Financial institutions have become more commonly used in their holdings in recent years. Cryptocurrencies are the first digital assets asset managers have added to a portfolio for investments. Despite having many of the same traits as conventional assets, they have their unique nature.

Trading cryptocurrencies is the practice of doing so to make a profit. The mode of operation, the object, and the trading technique are the three components that make up the concept of cryptocurrency trading.

The type of transaction affects how cryptocurrency trading is conducted on the cryptocurrency market. For example, an agreement between a buyer and a seller, known as a contract for differences (CFD) in cryptocurrency trading, stipulates that the buyer would pay the seller the discrepancy when the position closes. Trading in cryptocurrencies is defined as an exchange of cryptocurrencies.

An algorithm that specifies a set of accepted guidelines for purchasing and selling digital content on cryptocurrency exchanges is referred to as a capital trading strategy in cryptocurrency trading.

This article will go in-depth on cryptocurrency trading, such as crypto day trading strategies, futures markets, high-frequency trading (HFT), dollar-cost averaging, and scalping, and the advantages and disadvantages of trading cryptocurrencies.

What Exactly Is A Trading Strategy?

A comprehensive plan for all your trading actions can be considered a trading strategy. It’s a structure you design to direct all of your trading activities.

Because it avoids many pointless decisions, a trading strategy can also help to reduce financial risk. Although having a trading plan is not required for trading, it can occasionally save your life. Your trading strategy should determine how you respond to an unexpected market event, not your feelings. Put another way, having a trading strategy in place helps you prepare for any eventualities. It stops you from making fast, unwise choices that frequently result in significant financial losses.

For illustration, a thorough trade plan might contain the following:

  • the kind of assets you trade
  • the settings you use
  • the instruments and indicators you employ
  • the reasons for your entries and exits (your stop loss placement)
  • what determines the size of your position?
  • how do you track and evaluate the performance of your portfolio

Your trading plan may also include more basic rules and even tiny details. You could decide, for instance, that you’ll never trade on Fridays or when you’re feeling weary or sleepy. Alternatively, you may create a trading calendar that would limit your trading to specific days of the week. Do you frequently check the price of Bitcoin on the weekends? Never leave positions open over the weekend. This kind of tailored advice can also be incorporated into your trading plan.

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies For Beginners

An effective crypto trading strategy can reduce financial risk. It prevents you from making snap decisions that could cost you a lot of money. If you are a beginner, you can even think about trading on the Binance Futures testnet to get used to the highs and lows of the market.

Here are a few of the typical tactics used by cryptocurrency traders:

Day Trading

The goal of day trading strategies crypto is to enter and exit a position in the market on the same day within trading hours. Because deals are frequently initiated and completed within a single day, they are also referred to as intraday trading. So, is Bitcoin (BTC) tradable day to day? Yes, day trading BTC is similar to playing around with Bitcoin’s daily volatility.

The sole purpose of day trading cryptocurrencies is to gain from minute changes in the market. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, day trading in the market could be the most profitable crypto trading strategy. Day traders develop trading strategies utilizing technical analysis, but it is a time-consuming and risky method most appropriate for skilled traders.

HODL (buy-and-hold)

The investment strategy known as “HODLing,” which is a misspelling of “hold,” entails people purchasing cryptocurrencies and holding them for an extended period. This makes it possible for investors to gain from a rise in the asset’s value. So, how might the HODL technique be used to earn from cryptocurrency?

HODLing enables investors to profit from long-term value growth when investing for a long time. The HODL approach offers advantages to investors since it allows them to avoid short-term volatility and the danger of selling low and buying high.

Cryptocurrencies are more susceptible to fraudulent operations like money laundering since they have a shorter history than fiat currencies like the US dollar and the euro or metals like gold and silver. Because of this, certain nations might not support cryptocurrencies, which would lower the value of digital assets.

Crypto Futures Trading

An agreement to buy and sell a specific quantity of an underlying cryptocurrency, such as BTC, at a predetermined future price on a predetermined date and time is the basis of a crypto futures trading strategy.

Without holding any of them, futures trading tactics give you access to various cryptocurrencies. People who own bitcoins, for instance, can utilize futures to hedge against market swings. So how to trade cryptocurrency with futures trading?

Arbitrage Trading

Traders rely on arbitrage possibilities to profit from their cryptocurrency or how to trade Bitcoin trading tactics. In the trading strategy known as arbitrage, a trader buys cryptocurrency on one market and sells it on another. Between the buy and sell prices, there is a spread.

Due to the disparity in liquidity and trading volume, traders could be able to turn a profit. To take advantage of this chance, they open accounts on exchanges where there is a significant price differential for the cryptocurrency they are trading.

High-Frequency Trading

To facilitate the quick entry and exit of a crypto asset, the HFT strategy requires the development of trading bots and algorithms. Such bots need a sophisticated understanding of complex market principles and a firm grounding in mathematics and computer science to be designed. It is, therefore, more suited to seasoned traders than to beginners.

Four HFT tactics include arbitrage, market-making, liquidity detection, and momentum investing. Arbitrageurs, as previously mentioned, seek out price variations between two similar assets and profit from the price discrepancies in several markets. These misalignments, commonly brought on by low latency, could be taken advantage of by HFTs using latency arbitrage.

HFT, an algorithmic trading strategy, is used by quant traders to take advantage of the bid-ask price spread to sell or purchase assets in microseconds leveraging latency. To take action on anticipated responses to the turbulent cryptocurrency market, traders who use momentum techniques can identify short-term price changes.

Systems for detecting liquidity rely on identifying the market activities of other traders, typically institutional investors. Additionally, their main objective is trading on the market activity of other traders.

Please take note that algorithms can respond instantly to changes in the market. Therefore, during erratic markets, algorithms may drastically widen their bid-ask spreads or momentarily halt trading, limiting liquidity and raising volatility.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)

The DCA technique enables traders to benefit from market advances without putting their assets at risk by investing a predetermined sum of money at regular intervals but in modest increments.

To employ the dollar-cost averaging approach, decide on a specific sum of money to invest in your favorite cryptocurrency over a predetermined period. When you reach your target, you continue investing regardless of market trends.

When you employ the dollar-cost averaging technique, you invest at both market highs and lows. DCA also smooths out your purchases so that you may gradually buy your favorite cryptocurrency without being as affected by sharp highs or lows as you would be if you bought a massive amount at once.

You must pay higher trading commissions because it is a long-term plan. Therefore, before implementing any advanced crypto trading strategies, perform your study.


Scalp traders benefit by taking advantage of market inefficiencies. But the scalping trading strategy calls for increasing trade volume to turn a profit. Before choosing an entry or departure point within a day, scalpers consider past trends and volume levels.

Given the possibility, an experienced trader is mindful of the margin requirement and other important guidelines to prevent a negative trading experience. Because it is pretty clear when to join or exit the market, scalp traders favor highly liquid markets. Whales or huge traders typically use this approach to trade prominent positions.

Range Trading

In range trading, an active investing strategy, the investor chooses a price range within which to buy or sell cryptocurrency over a certain period. For instance, if you believe BTC will increase to $40000 in the coming weeks and it is currently selling at $35000, you may expect it to trade between $35000 and $40000.

You may practice range trading by purchasing BTC at $35000 and then selling it at $40000. Repeat this process until you think Bitcoin won’t trade in this range any longer.

Index Investing

An investment instrument known as a cryptocurrency index fund is created from a pool of money investors have committed to and owns a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. To reduce the risk associated with investing in individual coins, index investing entails buying exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like Bitcoin Futures or spot ETFs and investing in indexes like the decentralized finance (DeFi) Pulse Index.

Without abandoning the underlying protocols, holders of the index can vote on governance suggestions. This is a component of the team’s idea for smart indices that maintain the value offered by direct token possession.

An index fund doesn’t need a big team of research professionals to help fund managers choose the most acceptable crypto assets because it matches its underlying benchmark. Furthermore, the investment is diversified across many techniques when money is put in a percentage similar to an index. However, because traders might lose money, index funds are still costlier than government bonds or fiat/cash.

Swing Trading

Swing traders experiment with the market’s volatility for a week or a month. They develop their techniques utilizing both technical and fundamental trading indications. Swing trading gives traders adequate time to monitor the price of a crypto asset and decide what to buy.

In contrast side, swing trading frequently calls for snap decisions and action, which isn’t the best scenario for a beginner. It is a complicated and time-consuming approach since traders must remain active daily and assess the marketplace even if they are not trading daily.

Nevertheless, automated technology like crypto signals and bots can help you quickly carry out swing trades. For instance, after specific requirements are satisfied, trading robots will scan the market and buy and sell commodities without human interaction.

Trend Trading

Maintaining positions for a few months is a critical component of trend or position trading to capitalize on directional cues. Typically, trend traders take short classes when they expect traders to move in the opposite direction. However, if they anticipate an upward market trend, they invest for the long term.

To boost the effectiveness of their investment strategy, investors must take trend reversals into account using indicators like moving average convergence divergence and the stochastic oscillator.

Trend trading is appropriate for new traders because they worry about cryptocurrency investments’ financial dangers. But before investing money, every trader, no matter how experienced, must do their research.

Advantages Of Trading Cryptocurrency

The following list of advantages of cryptocurrency trading is provided:

Pronounced Price Changes

Cryptocurrencies are susceptible to speculative interest and investors because of their extreme volatility. For example, intraday price movements can result in good profits for traders. Still, they also come with a more significant risk, such as potential losses due to a sudden downward price movement.

Virtual Anonymity

Using cryptocurrency to purchase products and services online does not involve disclosing any personal information. Additionally, given the rising privacy and identity theft issues, cryptocurrencies may be able to offer users some privacy advantages.

Each exchange has its own Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols for identifying users or customers. Exchanges’ adoption of the KYC procedure enables them to reduce financial risk while maintaining the privacy of wallet owners.

Intelligent Programmable Capabilities

Some cryptocurrencies also offer restricted ownership and voting rights as benefits to holders. A cryptocurrency investment may also have a partial investment in tangible assets like real estate or works of art.

Hourly Market

The crypto market closes. It doesn’t since the market is decentralized. The bitcoin market is physically conducted from multiple locations and is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Instead, people can use cryptocurrencies to make payments in many places throughout the world.

Peer-To-Peer Exchanges

The fact that cryptocurrencies do not need a financial institution to function as an intermediary might reduce transaction costs, making this one of their most important advantages. Moreover, this function may appeal to those who are hesitant about established systems.


There is no best or worst approach to trading cryptocurrencies. It would help if you initially concentrated on or investing goals, seeking the most exemplary cryptocurrency exchange for day trading or the best application to trade cryptocurrencies.

You should also be aware of the asset classes you are willing to include in your investment portfolio and the level of risk you are comfortable taking. Additionally, become familiar with the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading, such as order types, and choose the trading indicators you wish to use.

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