Top Trending NFT Art, Projects, And Collections In December 2022 – As the number of people who collect and create digital art rises, NFTs are engulfing the globe at an unprecedented rate. Due to NFTs’ growing popularity, a sizable community on numerous social media platforms, forums, and blogs has emerged.

Top Trending NFT Projects 

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are special collections part of an NFT initiative. An NFT is a non-exchangeable data storage unit with ownership evidence kept in a blockchain.

Here is a list of the top NFT projects that can be your lucrative investment selections, ranked by trading volume.

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1. Axie Infinity 

This year, Axie Infinity holds the top spot in the NFT sector. One of the primary players advancing the Play-to-Earn NFT concept in the blockchain industry is Axie Infinity. To put it another way, Axie Infinity differs from most other NFT projects in that it only concentrates on how players achieve game objectives and breed Axies.

2. CryptoPunks 

One of the most popular NFT projects that should be noticed in 2022 is CryptoPunks. The 10,000 punk-themed 8-bit characters known as The CrytoPunks have unique traits and abilities. The value of NFT CryptoPunks is determined by the differences between each character, which have resulted in dozens of special collections.

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club 

Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is an NFT project. It has several distinctive 10,000 x 10,000 NFT avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT from the BAYC collection is quite expensive because no two NFT characters have the same design, which makes BAYC so coveted.

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Trending NFT Art 

NFTs have altered the world of digital art, and the cost of popular projects is steadily increasing. But how do you know which projects are worthy of your attention when millions of NFTs have already been launched, and countless more are on the way?

1. Yubo: Most Awaited NFT Project For 2022 

A social live-streaming app called Yubo makes it simple to connect with friends and create new acquaintances worldwide. Play games, stream YouTube videos, and chat. Additionally, Yubo makes it simple to establish your group of like-minded individuals or locate new acquaintances who share your interests.

2. Crypto Baristas: NFTs For Coffee Lovers 

A brand-new NFT release called Crypto Baristas was created with coffee enthusiasts in mind. Each of the 60 baristas depicted in this collection of tokens brings their perspective on making the best coffee, and they all have a fun sense of humor.

3. Doodles: Decide The Future Of Your NFT Community 

If you want to invest in an NFT now that will grow over time, Doodles is among the best. This 10,000-character set, which features anything from pickles to skeletons to kitties, has completely taken over the NFT market. Each Doodle is individually hand-drawn by illustrator Scott Martin.

Trending NFT Collection By Sales 

The NFT collection is, as its name suggests, essentially a unique collection of NFTs. The concept of an NFT collection or project overshadows the value propositions of NFT artwork. For instance, NFT artworks are typically produced on a smaller scale with the help of concerned digital artists or content providers. Additionally, you would see that many NFT marketplaces offer individual NFT artworks for sale.

However, some of the most well-known NFT collections are accessible for trading on their platforms. NFT data aggregators have also noted how some of the most well-known blue-chip NFT collections have recently had multimillion-dollar sales. The best NFT collections, for instance, effectively brought in more than $500 million.

1. Dribblie 

Dribblie would be mentioned as one of the first entries among NFT collections to invest in. In terms of play-to-earn NFTs, it is the first entry. Dribblie is a football management game where participants stake, own, and rent NFTs to receive incentives.

2. Flyfish Club 

One of the first NFT collection concepts you may discover today is the Flyfish Club. The Flyfish Club founded the first exclusive dining establishment for NFT members. Members of the club get access to a private dining room in New York City that is more than 10,000 square feet in size. Reservations for a single table with up to 8 non-token guests are permitted with the ordinary membership NFT. On the other hand, the premium Flyfish Omakase gives you the option of bringing a guest to a VIP Omakase room.

3. Lucky Block NFTs 

The Lucky Block NFTs is now the most valued NFT sets, commanding a substantial market share. One of the best crypto assets for anybody to invest in is the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. In addition to assuring the necessary tokenomics, Lucky Block NFTs offer flexibility for several novel use cases.


The importance of NFT collections is demonstrated in the final review of the top NFT collections. They have the potential to develop their ecosystems and are more than just solitary NFT artwork pieces. However, the highlights of various NFT collections demonstrate that they are created for multiple objectives.

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