How To Invest In NFTs: A Beginner’s Guide To Start Trading In The NFT Marketplace! – With no signs of slowing down, Nonfungible tokens have drastically increased the potential and growth of the virtual world and metaverse. The NFTs through digital assets allow investors to create and trade virtual real estate, properties, various artworks, and even exclusive merchandise globally. 

NFTs without a doubt are the next big thing in the crypto and trading world, and if you also want to enter the world of infinite trading possibilities then this is your cue. Through this article, we are going to explore various aspects of NFT trading. 

We will help you understand how to invest in NFTs, the benefits and risks of investing in NFTs, and the top marketplaces to start trading. 

What is NFT trading?

As you might already know that NFTs are digital assets or tokens of various artworks like painting, pixel art, music, trading cards, in-game accessories, sports, and more. Based on blockchain technology NFTs allow the buyer to own the original item. Not only that, it contains built-in authentication, which serves as proof of ownership and earns “digital bragging rights” which is quite a status symbol these days for several people. 

The increasing popularity of NFTs is owing to the fact that they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be exchanged for the value of another. The digital assets are created in the form of tokens and each token has a unique identification code, hence making it unique. 

For example, Digital artist “Beeple” created a composite of 5,000 daily drawings-  “EVERYDAYS: The First 5000 Days,” which sold at Christie’s for a record-breaking $69.3 million.

How to get into NFT trading?

Before you actually start investing in NFTs and set up a crypto wallet for the same, it is crucial to understand the marketplace. Consider the following points to get into NFTs today. 

1. Verify the seller 

Like Instagram, the verified sellers on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea and Binance have a blue verification tick next to their account name. This is to prove that they are not fake accounts. So, if you’re looking for a seller to buy an NFT token make sure the account has the blue verification tick.

It is also possible that many official NFT sellers do not have a verification tick. So it is always advised to check the seller’s social media platforms and know about the properties of the NFTs before you invest.

2. Fees and charges

When you sell an NFT, you have to pay a transaction fee to your marketplace. The fees depend on the platform and the type of NFT you want to trade. For example, OpenSea charges a 2.5% transaction fee for allowing the sale of an NFT token. Also, check the amount of gas fee you are required to pay as certain blockchains like Ethereum can be quite expensive. 

3. Properties of the NFT 

NFTs are unique and can not be exchanged for another, so before you decide to invest in an NFT token make sure you check its properties. If you want to determine whether an NFT is worth buying, check the rarity of the properties it has. 

Look for an NFT token that has the lowest percentage of commonness among the collection. You can check the properties and the percentages in the Properties section on the NFT marketplace

4. Invest in what you like

After considering all the safety measures you should Invest in what you like! When you are deciding on what NFT to buy, list all the categories you like and then choose the one that fits best with your requirements. Along with that, you should also keep an eye on the next best NFT drops in the marketplace. 

Once you have selected your NFTs, it is time to trade the asset. Read here how to start NFT trading. 

How to invest in NFT tokens?

Create a Crypto wallet and add funds

To start NFT trading, you will need ETH to buy or sell the digital assets if your marketplace is based on the Ethereum blockchain. To buy ETH you need to create a crypto wallet. After you have created your wallet, you may buy ETH by clicking the buy icon on the wallet with your debit or credit card. 

Browse the marketplace 

If you have already chosen a marketplace, proceed to complete the registration process and enter all the required details. After completing this you can start navigating your profile on the marketplace and select ‘Explore’ where you can find various Non-Fungible Tokens to invest in.  many creators also add extra perks to the NFTs to make them more valuable. You can check for the same by clicking on the ‘Offers’ button.

When you find something of your choice, you have two options, either buy immediately or you can make an offer and participate in the auction of the token. 

The ‘Buy Now’ button allows you to purchase immediately and the ‘Make an offer’ tab allows you to bid on the asset.

Connect your wallet with the marketplace to invest 

Once you have decided on which NFT you want to buy, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option. Next, your marketplace will prompt you to connect your crypto wallet to your marketplace. If the wallet is already connected, you need to select your wallet and you will be proceeded to make your purchase. 

Make your purchase

Now, all you have to do is click on the buy button and buy the minted NFT token. You will get all the information related to your NFT tokens like the official name of the artwork, the collection it belongs to, the subtotal, and the total. 

If you are satisfied with the details, click on confirm and your crypto wallet will be on the screen. It will display the estimated gas fees and the amount of time it will take to complete the transaction.

What should I know before investing in NFTs?

Now that you probably know how to do NFT trading,  you should also be aware of the risks and rewards associated with it. NFTs, on one hand, can be the fastest way to earn as well as lose money, if not invested properly. 

The most important thing to understand about NFTs is that they are irreplaceable assets, meaning that once you own them, they can not be exchanged for another for the same value. You can put it up for resale or rent it but can not exchange it.

Once the NFT is created, there will always be a limited number of each particular item in existence, and they will always have a set value. 

Furthermore, if you are a beginner and do not know how to invest in NFT tokens, then there are certain factors that you should keep a track of like the impact congestion and transaction quantity, the gas fees, and high-frequency trading systems, known as NFT bots that try to scam NFT trading between buyers & sellers by manipulating the prices and available supply. 

Are Non Fungible tokens safe to invest in?

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, NFTs are quite similar in many ways. Both assets are based on blockchain security and so it is safe to say that NFTs are secure investments. However, buying and owning NFTs does not mean that it does not come with any risks. 

You would not lose your asset in any case as the technology behind NFT trading does not allow NFTs to be stolen or changed. But what can turn out to be risky is a lack of research. If you do not carry out enough research when purchasing an NFT token of your choice then it might get devalued in the coming years which means that you may not be able to recover the money used in purchasing. 

It is also important to choose only the reputed marketplaces as many people try to scam investors by creating false platforms, exchanges, or crypto wallets in order to steal users’ personal information and get access to their virtual assets. 

Are NFTs a good investment? 

NFTs are a good investment opportunity for creators and artists who are looking to monetize their artworks. Even for people who are looking to buy NFTs, it is a valuable possession. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in NFTs.  


One of the main advantages of investing in non-fungible tokens is their uniqueness. As mentioned before, it’s impossible to manipulate an NFT due to the rarity of each token. Because NFTs are created on the blockchain, and each token has a unique code associated with it. The code acts as an assurance for the buyers that what they are getting is exclusive and not fake. NFT creators can either create only one token for their asset or issue a number of NFTs. if the supply is scarce the value of the token automatically increases. 


Since the artwork is minted digitally the nonfungible tokens are issued a certificate of ownership that proves its validity in the marketplace. Being based on a blockchain makes it easy to trace the buyer as all the transactions ate recorded in the public ledgers. Moreover, they are also indivisible, making it impossible for them to be divided among different owners. 

While you certainly can have an image of an NFT, it is not equivalent to owning the original asset. For example, downloading a photo of a Monet from the internet does not make you its owner.

No middleman 

NFT trading provides creators with complete rights and ownership of their creations. The ultimate credit of the artwork is only given to the creator and not the platform. When creators sell their NFTs the profit they receive only goes to them, except for a small transaction fee charged by the marketplace. 

Read our blog to know more about how to get into NFT trading and sell NFTs. 


NFTs can not be exchanged but can be easily transferable. Popular marketplaces like Opensea provides various trading options to investors to trade NFTs this makes it easy for buyers and sellers to move NFTs around without the fear of losing them or having them stolen.

Buyers can put up the NFTs for resale or even rent them out. For example, there are certain investors who own exclusive in-game NFTs like weapons, and characters. Lands or even levels. They can give the NFT on lease and earn extra money from it. 

Ownership transfers are made easier with the help of smart contracts since NFTs are based on them. The transfer is complete between the buyer and seller when all the conditions of the trade are met as per the smart contract. 

Final Thoughts 

Understanding NFTs for beginners can be a little overwhelming for investors, as there is a lot to learn like marketplaces, which NFTs to buy, how to do NFT trading, and more. However, once you have understood all the aspects investing in NFTs seems to be a good option. 

The tokenization of digital assets has made it all the easier and safer than other investment instruments. If you have an idea of trading in cryptocurrencies you’ll find it somewhat similar. 

You can also read our Forex broker review guide on learning to trade cryptocurrency if you want to get an idea of the crypto world. 


Q1. Why are people investing in NFTs? 

Ans: apart from earning an extra income, NFTs also offer various perks like discounts on brands and merchandise, entry to exclusive events and get-togethers, and Access to various communities, games, and in-game assets.

Q2. How do I start NFT trading?

Ans: to get into NFT trading, you are required to have an active crypto wallet with funds in it to be able to buy and store NFTs from the marketplace. 

Q3. Is it hard to invest in NFT?

Ans: Investing in NFTs does not require any crypto knowledge. You can explore the marketplace, choose the NFT you want to purchase, and click on the buy option.

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