Best NFT Wallets To Watch Out For In 2022 – Detailed Review – The best way to get into the NFT marketplace is to start buying and investing in the market. Non-fungible tokens have taken over the trading world with rage in the past few years. Its ability to represent traditional artworks, and various other physical assets like trading cards, virtual estates, and more. NFTs function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain and are easy to store through the help of NFT wallets.

Once you have stored an NFT in an NFT wallet, the data can neither be manipulated nor lost in any given situation. You can resale or rent the NFT but can not delete the token from your NFT wallets. 

Therefore, choosing an NFT wallet is an important decision as it can significantly change your trading experience. In the guide below we have provided a detailed overview of NFT wallets and listed some of the best NFT wallets in the marketplace. 

What is a Non Fungible token?

NFTs or nonfungible tokens are digital assets, developed on blockchain technology – the same type of programming used for cryptocurrencies. These assets or digital certificates provide unique ownership of an individual and unique asset, which can be both tangible and intangible such as paintings, virtual real estate, postcards, videos, music albums NFT art, and so on. 

These tokens cannot be traded for a similar kind as every token on the NFT marketplace is unique and does not hold the same value. To buy and sell NFTs you need to own an NFT wallet as all transactions are carried out through cryptocurrencies like ETH. 

Read below to know more about how to create an NFT  wallet. 

What is an NFT wallet?

NFT wallets are electronic wallets that allow investors to store NFTs and currencies in one place. These wallets help you to purchase your desired digital asset using the resources and crypto you currently have. 

These NFT wallets not only help users buy new digital tokens but also helps in storing the data of the assets you already hold. However, it is important to differentiate that an NFT wallet does not account for assets in a bank account’s digital equivalent. Instead, the wallet is only responsible for tracking the location of your funds on the blockchain.

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Best NFT wallets in 2022 

Now that you have an understanding of NFT wallets, take a look at the top NFT wallet and apps, for you to get started in NFT trading. 

1. MetaMask – Best NFT wallet with a user-friendly platform 

Metamask is a popular name in the list of one of the best cryptocurrency wallets. The wallet support desktop versions, and mobile app and even has a browse extension. The platform is highly recommended for beginners as it provides various valuable guides to them.

The browser extension of the wallet provides easy access to popular NFT marketplaces. Also, it allows you to set multiple addresses so you can hold your crypto and NFTs at separate addresses. 

The mobile application of MetaMask also includes a built-in browser for decentralized applications and NFT marketplaces. It also supports a built-in swap feature, if you need to swap currencies to buy an NFT. moreover, the wallet also enables users to limit the amount of gas fee they want to pay. The wallet is though based on the Ethereum blockchain, but if you need to use a different blockchain, Metamask offers support for alternative platforms.

2. Coinbase – Best free NFT wallet for beginners

Coinbase is another popular crypto wallet that has now expanded its services as an NFT wallet. The wallet uses Ethereum as its medium of exchange and is considered to be a highly secure blockchain network

It supports a top-tier user interface that allows first-time users to easily navigate through the trading services provided by the wallet. Coinbase also has its marketplace so users can directly access their cryptocurrency wallet and digital exchange assets for buying and selling. 

What makes Coinbase popular among all users is the ease of transferring tokens to others by using usernames instead of public wallet addresses. It provides a greater sense of security that you are transferring your tokens to the right person.

3. Enjin – Best NFT wallet for multi-functionality 

Enjin Wallet is an excellent choice for users who want to keep track of both their crypto as well as NFTs in one place. The wallet has gained popularity among gamers and NFT collectors as it allows you to easily collect in-game NFT collectibles and trade them.

The wallet also has a built-in exchange for fast transactions. Users can make as many accounts as needed for whatever purpose they require. Old wallets can be imported, and it is easy to connect hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor.

It has its own utility token – ENJ.furthermore the wallet has various additional perks, including a tracker-free and ad-free interface. It also supports a wide variety of languages and local currencies. The NFT wallet is user-friendly and allows trades to set trading limits and gas fees before trading.

4. MathWallet  – Best NFT wallet app with security 

Math Wallet is one of the biggest NFTs wallets in terms of blockchain as it supports more than 70 blockchains and is backed up by popular names in the blockchain industry like Binance Labs, Fundamental Labs, NGC Ventures, and more.

The wallet Math offers a desktop and mobile version that is easy to sync across all devices and has integration with several hardware wallets as well. Moreover, the platform allows users to create multiple addresses for crypto as well as NFTs. It also enables you to create multiple public wallet addresses. 

Math Wallet has its own dApp browser that makes it easy for users to connect to marketplaces and explore various digital collectibles. The exchange is a cross-chain NFT wallet app and enables traders to trade, manage, buy, sell and cash out their NFTs. 

5. Trust wallet – best NFT wallet app with a detailed view of the marketplace

Trust Wallet is a popular NFT wallet available only as a mobile app. The wallet is owned by the popular Crypto exchange platform Binance. The wallet supports multiple blockchains, including Ethereum.

Like other top NFT wallets, Trust Wallet includes a dApp browser to find NFT marketplaces. It also includes a built-in exchange feature that allows users to easily swap currencies so they have the necessary token to exchange for the NFTs they want to buy. Moreover, Trust Wallet allows traders to import their old wallets without having to back up their private keys or install any additional software on the device.

How to create an NFT wallet?

Once you have chosen your preferred NFT wallet, it is time to set it up and create an NFT wallet to add funds and NFTs.

Find the detailed steps below to help you create a free NFT wallet

Step 1: Convert funds to cryptocurrency 

As most of the marketplace is based on Ethereum and uses ETH to trade NFTs, you should start by purchasing ETH. Now, to purchase crypt you need a platform like Coinbase which gives you access to convert cash into crypto through debit or credit purchases. But, before you buy any cryptocurrency you need to provide :

  1. Government-issued documentation or identity proof and 
  2. An approved payment method 

After, the successful verification of both you can purchase ETH and go on to the next step

Step 2: Get an NFT wallet 

Once you have the required crypto, you need to get an NFT wallet like MetaMask to transfer the funds in the wallet and start NFT trading. Set up your NFT wallet by providing a valid email address, a strong password, and other details required by the platform. 

Step 3: Transfer funds to your NFT wallet 

Let us take an example of coinbase and MetaMask to learn the transfer of funds to an NFT wallet 

First, you need to go to your MetaMask profile and copy your public address from the platform. Then, open your Coinbase account and click on the Pay option in the menu. Choose the amount you want to send to MetaMask and then, select ETH as currency. Click on Continue and then confirm your transfer.

Step 4: Sync your NFT wallet to your NFT marketplace

There are multiple marketplaces that you choose for buying and selling NFTs. the final step in the process involves connecting your NFT wallet to your preferred marketplace. Head to your marketplace and go to the wallet lists options, from there you can choose and connect your NFT wallet and sign in.  confirm your account details and your funds will be accessible to buy and sell NFTs. 

How to transfer NFT to another wallet?

If you are wondering how to send an NFT to another wallet then, this guide will help you through. Take a look at the detailed steps below: 

Open your wallet 

The first step involves, opening your NFT wallet either through a browser extension or even using the mobile app. Open the app is opened,  select the “Assets” tab. From here you can view your entire NFT collection. If you don’t see the NFT that you want to send, you can go to your marketplace and view your NFTs there.

Choose the NFT you want to send.

From your list of purchased NFTs, choose the one you would like to transfer. then, select the NFT, to start the transfer process. In your wallet, find the “Send” button. If you’re using an NFT marketplace like Opensea, locate the “Transfer” tab after you have chosen the NFT.

Enter the recipient’s public wallet address

After selecting the send button, you will be asked to enter the public wallet address of the recipient or their Ethereum Name Service (ENS). make sure you enter the correct address as once you click Send and after you pay the transaction fee, you will not be able to cancel or retrieve your NFT transfer.

Approve the transaction

Now to proceed further, you are required to approve the transaction by signing for it using your NFT  wallet. To do so you will have to pay a fee- known as the gas fee. The gas fee to transfer an NFT can range anywhere from $0.50 to $20.00.

While approving the transfer your NFT wallet allows you to choose three different ways in which you can process your Transaction Fee and Speed i.e. Slow, Average or Fast. 

If you choose a slow transaction fee the gas fee will be the minimum, but it can take a considerable amount of time to process the transaction which is not recommended. In case the network is busy your transaction can keep on getting delayed and may even get canceled. Therefore, you need to choose either Average or Fast for the best results. The fee may be a little high but it eases your process. 

Verify your transfer

To check if your transfer is successful go to the Activity Tab of your wallet and check the recent transfers. Here you will find a list of your most recent activity. Pick which transaction you would like to verify and click on it. This will take you directly to the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer where you can view all of your Transaction Details, such as the current status of your transaction. If you see a green “Success” for the status, then it means that the transaction has been successfully completed.

Final Thoughts 

Forex Broker Reviews have provided a comprehensive list of the biggest NFT wallets in the marketplace to choose from. Our selection of platforms is based on offerings, pricing and promotions, customer service, mobile app, user experience and benefits, security, and more. 

Choosing an NFT wallet is a crucial decision as your NFT trading experience greatly depends on it, therefore before you choose any wallet, make sure you conduct thorough research for the same. 


Q1. What are the best NFT wallets?

Ans: the best NFT wallets include Coinbase, MetaMask, and more 

Q2. Can I create an NFT wallet for free?

Ans: yes, you can create an NFT wallet for free, however, to carry out a transaction you are required to pay a gas fee.

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