Day Trading Crypto For Beginners: How To Start & Strategize – One of the most profitable and straightforward ways to profit from cryptocurrency is through day trading. Today’s traders are becoming more adept at entering and exiting the market quickly, and they have significantly benefited from coin prices’ volatility. The fundamentals and operation of cryptocurrency day trading are covered in this article.

The Basics Of Day Trading Crypto

A position in the market is entered and exited using the crypto day trading technique on the same trading day. It is also known as “intraday trading,” which refers to opening and closing trades within the same day.

Profiting from minute changes in the market is the sole purpose of day trading cryptocurrency. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, day trading in the market can be highly lucrative. A 10% increase in value within a single day is uncommon for a typical stock or even a commodity. Jumps like these are standard in the cryptocurrency world.

You must grasp fundamental and technical analysis and have a sound crypto day trading plan. Most day traders use technical analyses to develop the best trade ideas. They examine price movement, volumes, chart patterns, and other indications to find entry and exit points for their investments.

Additionally, they keep an eye out for essential news and other developer-related changes that can affect the pricing of digital assets, particularly shortly.

Why Day Trade Crypto?

Making money is the primary motivation for day trading cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrency values are more erratic than any other asset class, traders familiar with the market can take advantage of this.

The cryptocurrency market may be profitable if you analyze patterns and have a good day trading strategy for cryptocurrencies.

Because it provides prospects for the short term, day trading cryptocurrency is also fantastic. You can day trade and make money from the market in a short time as opposed to purchasing, holding, or taking long holdings.

How To Start Day Trading Crypto For Beginners?

  1. To become a successful day trader, you must fully understand the market, bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency.
  2. Create an account on a bitcoin trading exchange that suits your needs for day trading.
  3. Make your first investment and begin your day trading career.

Day Trading Crypto Strategies

As mentioned earlier, having the appropriate crypto day trading strategy is essential for the success of day trading digital assets like Bitcoin. Three techniques that you can use to improve your day trading profits are described below:

High-Frequency Trading

With high-frequency trading, you can profit from price movements on the order of seconds or fractions. A human trader could not possibly handle the frequency in question, typically on the order of dozens of trades per second.

Using software called a trading bot is the only way to partake in high-frequency trading. As long as it is connected to the exchange, the bot continually makes transactions based on the trading logic provided and keeps an eye on the market. High-frequency trading can be integrated with many different tactics by implementing appropriate trade logic.

Range Trading

Range trading is predicated on the idea that, typically, during a given period, cryptocurrency values will only move within a specific range. Price fluctuation outside that range is thought to signal an impending anomalous shift in price. For instance, it might be a good idea to sell if the price falls below the lower bound of the range because that would indicate the start of a significant downward movement.

Technical Analysis

Statistical trading is based on technical analysis. You try to find market patterns by applying various statistical computations to historical pricing data. Technical trading is predicated on the idea that prices in the past have some bearing on what prices will be in the future.

News And Sentiment Analysis

With one significant exception, news and sentiment analysis are comparable to technical analysis in predicting human behavior and reactions rather than price patterns. By examining several information sources, news and sentiment analysis try to forecast if demand for a specific cryptocurrency will decrease or increase. You attempt to comprehend the societal consensus around that currency and foresee what people will do by evaluating the sources. These statistics come from social media posts and articles published in trade and mainstream media.


Scalping is a day trading method for cryptocurrencies in which participants try to profit from rising trading activity. Within minutes of entering a transaction, they can close it out, taking modest profits. It is more convenient for some scalpers to utilize trading bots to streamline their trading activity.

A scalper should aim to make modest earnings. They “scalp” the market looking for tiny openings. Because the benefits from this method are typically relatively small, scalpers require a considerable amount of capital to achieve returns.


One of the most widely used market tactics is arbitrage. It entails purchasing a coin on one platform, trading it on another, and profiting from the difference in price between the two.

For example, Bitcoin might trade for $45,000 on Binance while it costs $45,500 on Coinbase. You may earn $1,000 fewer fees if you buy 2 BTC on Binance and sell them on Coinbase in minutes.

Arbitrage frequently results in modest profits, much like scalping. Therefore, you can earn more money by placing larger orders.

Best Crypto Day Trading Platform

We suggest utilizing eToro if you seek the most OK cryptocurrency exchange for day trading.

This broker, built in 2007, has gained popularity for its adaptability and flexibility. Additionally, it provides one of the top cryptocurrency apps available. Further, eToro is entirely governed by a number of prestigious financial institutions.

With a simple-to-use interface and a $10 minimum balance requirement for most nations, eToro makes it simple for new traders to enter the market. The site is well-known for having a cheap 1% trading cost. This way, you may access the cryptocurrency market affordably and safely because eToro also gives you access to the top crypto wallet.

The fact that eToro offers a Copy Trader function that enables newbies to profit with ease further solidifies its position as the top cryptocurrency exchange in the UK for day trading. With this feature, you may easily mimic the day trading strategies of eToro’s top traders. So you benefit when they gain financial success.

What Are The Best Cryptos To Day Trade?

Now is the time to research the top cryptocurrencies for day trading. Although there are numerous possibilities, these are the best ones:

Lucky Block

Our best coin today trade is the LBLOCK token from Lucky Block. This item has a high value and is supported by a solid project.

A blockchain game called LBLOCK was introduced in January 2022 by Lucy Block. The platform leverages blockchain technology to encourage openness and fairness in online gaming while providing fast speeds to all users. Lucky Block wants to revolutionize the game industry worldwide, and it is well-positioned to accomplish so.

Users of Lucky Block can play any game on the platform with LBLOCK. The token serves as a ticket that grants access to all of the Lucky Block’s titles. The asset eventually became public at a listing price of $0.00020 and less than a month later reached an all-time high of $0.0096.

With a price of $0.0039 right now, LBLOCK is still worth nearly ten times as much as it was initially. Imagine you had opened a day trading position there, given that its price has increased by 4% in the last 224 hours! Traders should watch out for the asset as it is currently available on PanakeSwap.


Dogecoin is the second-best cryptocurrency for day trading. The asset, the top meme coin on the market, is renowned for having enormous price swings that present excellent trading chances for day traders.

Because it relies more on fundamental news than on technical analysis, DOGE is also excellent for day traders. Consequently, the asset offers a terrific option to trade and generate money for traders who may not be very familiar with technical analysis just yet. Because of Dogecoin’s unpredictability, only a minimal amount of your wealth should be at risk. Dogecoin can be purchased, or you can be exposed to price changes through derivative trading.


When seeking the best cryptocurrency for day trading, traders often turn to bitcoin as an attractive option. By far the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is advantageous due to its high level of liquidity. Bitcoin trade volumes vary between exchanges and are very large.

Therefore, when you purchase Bitcoin, there are several possibilities for day trading if you’re a scalper or arbitrage broker.

What Do Experts Say About Day Trading Crypto?

Let’s look at what some professionals say about day trading cryptocurrencies before you leave your job and start doing this.

The majority of consumers shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrencies at all, according to Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest, a cryptocurrency asset-management platform for financial advisors:

The average person views crypto assets as a potential investment or wealth creation, yet most people shouldn’t do so.

Ross gave the following justification for his position: “It can work for the right individual, but there are so many vital things that matter before you get there, like having an emergency fund, working down debt, and determining your financial goals. You will not be trading cryptocurrency if you haven’t done that.

However, Taylor Greenberg, head of business development at All nodes, cautions against day trading cryptocurrency unless you have a thorough understanding of the assets and the technologies that underlie them:

You can evaluate the general state of your potential investment by understanding what the blockchain performs and its network size, governance, and protocols.

Greenberg said that she believes most of those who do this will be successful: Crypto day trading is a dangerous endeavor. If you can afford to give up money, invest it. But you’ll be successful if you treat day trading with the same seriousness as any backbreaking work and educate yourself thoroughly about the art and the assets you are dealing with.


The best cryptocurrency for day trading is which one?

Any blanket declarations of “best” and “worst” regarding the crypto market will likely go out of the current within a few months due to its high volatility and rapid changeability. However, finding out if a cryptocurrency has high liquidity (a lot of fiat cash linked with it, frequently represented as “market cap=-“) and high trading volume is a quick way to determine whether it’s a suitable day trading possibility (lots of people trading it). These figures should typically range from several hundred million USD to more.

What Is the Day Trading Tax Rate for Crypto?

Governments from all over the world are rushing to establish cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks. The legal status of cryptocurrencies in the United States as securities, commodities, money, or property is still unclear. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does, though, already see cryptocurrency value increases as taxable income. For additional details, go to their website or contact the company directly.

What Drawbacks Are There to Day Trading Crypto?

It is vital to always bear in mind that many, many more riches have also been lost in the bitcoin market. Unprecedented price declines follow unprecedented price increases of several hundred percent. It would help if you kept in mind that the extremely high volatility of cryptocurrency values is a double-edged sword. Losing money is something that will happen, not if. If you have a solid plan, you can tell whether the loss was disastrous or unfortunate.

In addition to pricing hazards, the cryptocurrency market also poses some unique security concerns that are not present in conventional financial markets. You should know the dangers associated with centralized cryptocurrency exchange security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, trading fees can be pretty substantial, particularly for techniques that often use a lot of transactions. Before investing in a trading platform, it’s critical to comprehend the fees associated with using it.


Cryptocurrency day trading can result in spectacular gains, especially for short-term investors. You should have no issues if you have a good day trading plan for cryptocurrencies. advise LBLOCK as the most OK cryptocurrency for day trading. Given that the asset’s price is still somewhat erratic, there is a considerable possibility for gains. You can purchase LBLOCK on PancakeSwap and track the price changes of the lottery token to look for daily trade possibilities.

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