Best Way To Trade Cryptocurrency – If you want to succeed in the dangerous world of cryptocurrencies, you’ll need steely nerves, a solid strategy, and an easy-to-use trading platform. You’ll discover the steely nerves and the user-friendly trading platform through thorough investigation and more investigation. Let’s examine the “X-factor” in this soup, or the trading tactics you’ll employ.

The most well-liked day trading tactics are range trading, scalping, and arbitrage. There are many trading strategies and platforms available. With many platforms, you may rapidly mimic the actions of skilled traders and learn as you go if you want to save time.

Range Trading Is The Best Way To Day Trade Crypto

A cryptocurrency will frequently trade inside a specific range for a very long time. For 30 days, the price of one bitcoin varied between $8,601.40 and $10,210. Until you comprehend that Bitcoin can have a 42% shift in 24 hours, this 9.4% range sounds unstable.

Because the crypto market capitalization is so tiny, they are susceptible to manipulation by a single major player. Some significant players will regularly manipulate a coin’s price up and down to profit from a range. You can also benefit from them if you become aware of these tendencies.

You should be aware of overbought and oversold zones if you range trade. Overbought indicates that purchasers’ needs have been met and the stock will likely decline, whereas oversold suggests the reverse. You may locate these zones using the chart indicators that come with any reliable stock chart tool. Stochastic Oscillator and relative strength index are frequent indicators employed for this purpose (RSI).

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2022


Pionex is a platform that enables you to automate your cryptocurrency investments by using bespoke trading bots. You have the option of trading manually, but there are 18 bots available that can handle everything for you.

The list of trading bots includes:

  • Users of the Grid Trading Bot can purchase low and sell high within a specific price range.
  • Up to 5x leverage is offered by the leveraged grid bot.
  • The Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot enables small-scale investors to generate passive income with minimal risk. This strategy’s anticipated return is 15% to 50% APR.
  • The Martingale bot does a DCA buy and a single sell to profit from fluctuation.
  • You can hoard coins with the aid of a rebalancing bot.
  • DCA Bots (Dollar-Cost Averaging) aim to offset the consequences of volatility by repeating regular purchases.

Additionally, traders can set up stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing in a single trade using the Smart Trade interface.

You may enter the cryptocurrency market much more quickly than if you just started buying on your own thanks to low costs of just 0.05% for makers and takers and little risk. In addition, signing up is cost-free.

To obtain the same service on the website, download the Pionex mobile app, engage in live chat with customer service, or send an email with any inquiries. You pay maker and taker fees; keep this in mind. Additionally, you may use that time saved to accomplish anything else instead of researching the market and making investments.

The Market Maker program, which requires applicants to deposit $300,000 or more or hold $300,000 in crypto assets like Bitcoin, Chainlink, etc., is also open to high-volume investors. The market maker program also levies no maker fees.

IFC Markets

IFC Markets provides you with a selection of investment options so you may create your portfolio. On the website, you can trade CFDs in a variety of ways, including:

  • Over 600 different financial instruments
  • Small spreads
  • There are no additional fees.
  • Order execution in real-time

You are free to design your own financial tools, and you can develop a plan that works best for you, your family, or your company. For BTC and ETH, crypto CFDs have launched, and more will follow. As you develop an effective trading strategy for your account, you may also benefit from minimal minimum volume requirements and 1:8 leverage. Unfortunately, IFC markets are still not authorized in the United States.


Interestingly, one of the most effective day trading tactics for cryptocurrencies is also one of the simplest. Since its introduction in 2012, the market-leading automated crypto trading platform EndoTech has been perfecting its trading algorithms. EndoTech is not a market. Instead, it uses your swap account to connect to and trade through. Some people might find this a little concerning, but you don’t need to be concerned because EndoTech never requests authorization from your account statement to withdraw or move funds.

One of the most open automated crypto trading platforms, EndoTech wants you to understand how its past tactics have succeeded fully. On its website, you can review its 25 strategies. Day trading in cryptocurrencies can be very challenging, but EndoTech handles everything for you. Instead of trading with emotion, it uses powerful artificial intelligence to do fact-based technical analysis.


Scalpers benefit by utilizing the increased trade volume. Scalpers frequently use automated bots to boost the speed of their trading cycles, and they often exit a deal just seconds after making it. Generally, scalpers seek to close out a position before any breaking news or short volatility has a chance to alter the perception of a coin in the market.

It is best to have a sizable bankroll to take full advantage of this highly short-term day trading cryptocurrency method. Even though the ROI on each transaction is extremely low, betting a considerable amount ensures that the scalp receives a sizeable payout (0.5 percent of $100,000 is $500, which is enough to cover a luxury automobile purchase). Additionally, even modest gains mount up when you frequently trade, perhaps making 10 to 20 trades every minute.

How To Invest In The Bitcoin Volatility Game

Options on Bitcoin futures are available on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), giving traders a wide range of volatility techniques. Traditional asset classes are 5X more volatile than cryptocurrencies. Trading volatility is best when it is directionless, which means there is a chance of profiting whether the price of bitcoin rises or falls.

One aimless volatility strategy employing Bitcoin options is the long cross. To start, you simultaneously purchase a call and put option with the identical strike price and time frame. When Bitcoin deviates from the strike price by more than your premium, the Bitcoin straddle is profitable. You must simultaneously sell the call and put it to close the position.

In layperson’s terms, you benefit from a significant move up or down.


Arbitrage is purchasing cryptocurrencies on one market and then reselling them on a different need for a profit. The “spread” refers to the discrepancy between an asset’s buy and sell prices. Since the cryptocurrency business is mostly uncontrolled, anyone can start the best crypto exchange. The variations in the liquidity of the assets and trading volume might result in significant spread disparities.

Traders typically maintain a portfolio on the platform they use to trade in cryptocurrency. Open accounts on exchanges you anticipate will display noticeably different prices for the same asset to begin an arbitrage opportunity.

Bitcoin was traded in South Korea for 40% more than in the United States. This was referred to as the “kimchi premium,” and it appeared several times. Simply buying Bitcoin on American platforms and selling it on South Korean exchanges was profitable for traders. Even though the difference won’t typically be this great, new exchanges with minimal entry barriers are more likely to offer arbitrage possibilities than markets for existing assets.

When trying arbitrage, traders should also consider trading expenses. Gains from the trading spread may be offset by the costs associated with placing a trade on an exchange.

Cryptocurrency Trading Steps

Due to the extensive use of vocabulary and processes, newcomers and experienced traders may find the bitcoin market intimidating. To make it easier for you to comprehend the cryptocurrency market and how to trade it, we’ve divided it into seven straightforward steps:

1. CFD Trading For Cryptocurrency

A CFD is a contract in which you consent to trade the difference in the price of a cryptocurrency between the times you open and close positions. Instead of acquiring ownership of the cryptocurrency, you are gambling on the market’s price. If you initiate a long post and the worth of the cryptocurrency rises, you will profit, but if its price declines, you will lose money; the converse is valid for a short position.

2. Acquiring Cryptocurrencies Through A Marketplace

As an option, you can purchase a cryptocurrency, which entails acquiring a piece of virtual money outright to store it in a digital wallet and earn money if its value rises.

3. Discover The Workings Of The Bitcoin Market

Before you begin trading, it is essential to understand how the cryptocurrency market functions and the terminology used to describe it as it differs from traditional financial markets.

The cryptocurrency market runs through a system of peer-to-peer transaction checks rather than a central server because it is a decentralized digital currency network. Through a process known as “mining,” transactions involving the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies are recorded on the blockchain, a public digital ledger that stores data.

4. Create A Profile

Instead of purchasing cryptocurrencies, trading on them allows you to open positions considerably more quickly. A digital wallet or an exchange account is not required. All you need to trade CFDs is a trading provider account.

5. Make A Trading Strategy

For any trader, having a trading plan is essential to success, but cryptocurrency traders are especially so because the market can experience extreme levels of volatility. Volatility makes the market incredibly alluring but also makes trading challenging. Due to this, your trading plan should also include risk management tools, an overview of your objectives, a list of the cryptocurrencies you intend to trade, and a trading strategy—a mechanism for initiating and closing trades.

6. Choose A Platform For Trading Cryptocurrencies.

Using our trading platforms, which feature customized alerts, interactive charts, and integrated risk management features, you may trade cryptocurrency CFDs more thoughtfully and quickly. Using the IG trading platform, you can change using the following:

  • The internet browser
  • One of our smartphone applications
  • Cutting-edge third-party systems like MT4

7. Open, Watch, And Then Close The Initial Position.

Once you’ve signed up for an IG account and selected your platform, you may immediately begin trading cryptocurrencies because you don’t need to own a digital wallet.

All you have to do to see both a buy and a selling price stated is open the deal ticket for your preferred market, regardless of whether you have chosen to trade bitcoin, ether, litecoin, or another cryptocurrency. You can select purchase to open a long position or sell to a short one after determining the amount of your position. Keep in mind that you can put stops or limits to your trade to close it once it reaches a specific level and shield it from unneeded dangers.

A Pro’s Advice

Ezekiel Chew, a top forex and cryptocurrency trader who earns six figures every trade and instructs bank traders in secret, will talk to us about crypto day trading strategies and what is the best way to trade crypto.

For Ezekiel, there are three essential elements to effective cryptocurrency day trading:

  1. You must first become chart-reading proficient. Price action, the method used by most seasoned traders, is one of the most significant ways to master this. Once you have chart reading, you will understand why the market is moving upward, downward, or sideways, and you will be able to choose the best crypto to buy now to use in that direction.
  2. Use a combination of trading strategies or a tested trading method. A system is considered to be proven if it has undergone extensive back-testing and regularly produced positive results. You won’t have the courage to persevere through the dry spells unless in this way.
  3. A reliable trading strategy A well-organized trade that is by the entire trading plan that has been demonstrated to work; one that is characterized not only by the technical aspects of trading but also by the business behind it. Contrary to what the majority of novice traders believe, developing a successful trading system includes much more than just methods.


It would help if you were informed that you risk losing money when trading cryptocurrencies. If you genuinely feel that cryptocurrencies will have a bright future, hanging onto for the long run may be more advantageous than trying to time the market.

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