5 Best Spread Betting Platforms For Beginners

FxBrokerReviews.org – Whether a pro or a novice, we will give you the top 5 spread betting brokers and platforms in this post to assist you.

Know About Spread Betting

Spread betting is the act of betting on the success of a product or market without actually owning the product or market in question. Whether an asset’s value rises or falls affects the money, or winnings, received after the wager is placed.

Consider placing a wager on a well-known financial market and forecasting that the price will rise from where it is today during the following week. You start a spread betting position on the asset; if it increases, you will benefit; if it decreases, you will lose. The same is true if you predict the price will fall and put a wager on that particular event.

Difference Between Financial And Forex Spread Betting

Forex spread betting is about buying and selling one currency for another. In contrast, financial spread betting is a by-product utilized to determine the increasing or decreasing worth of financial products.

Some people like spread betting since they can place a wager on the product of their choice rather than purchasing it, which may appeal to beginning traders more.

You can benefit from employing leverage to close the trade if you prefer to engage in forex spread betting over a financial spread bet. Utilizing leverage enables you to finance the business by borrowing money from investors or brokers.

The main distinctions between financial spread betting and forex spread betting are as follows:

  • Financial spread betting gives you access to a broader variety of markets than forex spread betting, which only allows you to engage with currency-based trades and foreign exchange.
  • Unlike currency, there are no direct trades in financial spread betting. It would help if you dealt directly with currency exchanges while doing FX transactions.
  • Depending on your trade location, financial spread betting may be tax-free in some jurisdictions. For example, you can use leverage and get funding from investors when trading foreign exchange since gambling is tax-free in the UK.

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Key Points To Consider While Choosing A Spread Betting Broker

Before placing your wager, there are a few factors you should take into account when picking a spread betting broker.

  • Trust – It’s critical to complete your research and have confidence in the broker you’ll use to place your bet. After all, you can place a sizeable financial wager on a certain market.
  • Knowledge – How long has the brokerage been in business? Do they have spread betting experience in the market in which you have been betting?
  • Cost – To maximize your return, you should reduce your costs to a minimum. To do this, you must carefully consider how much commission the broker expects in return. It will help if you start by considering the spread, which is the distinction between the cost of the asset being traded’s bid and offer prices. Because a broker will charge you for opening and closing a bet on your behalf, you must search for the lowest spread if you want to turn a profit.
  • Customer service – As with other businesses, you might have previously interacted favorably with a spread betting provider and decided to continue doing business with them. Do they have availability all day? You might want to communicate with your broker throughout the day on sure bets.
  • The trading platform – a broker employs is crucial since it will influence how easily new spread betting traders can get started. Furthermore, this will increase access and save time. The website is mobile-friendly, right? Does it provide any helpful tools in the absence of a customer support representative?
  • Tradable assets – Does the broker offer forex and financial spread betting, and how many marketplaces does it trade-in? Before placing your bets, you should know this, especially if you want a long-term connection with your broker.
  • Regulation – Verify the broker’s regulatory status. The broker ought to be transparent about their financial background. Which regulatory authority the broker is subject to depends on where they are located. For instance, if you choose a broker in the EU, they should be subject to Financial Conduct Authority regulation (FCA).

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You must have faith in the broker you select if you want to begin your spread betting career. Making sure your money is secure is crucial, especially if placing a sizable wager.

The top 5 spread betting brokers are listed below:

1. Pepperstone


  • Strict regulation.
  • No required down payment.
  • Small costs and nearly always free withdrawals.
  • Effective client service.


  • Clients outside the UK, EU, and EEA are not protected as investors.
  • Withdrawal fee for customers outside of Australia and the EU.
  • CFDs alone.

Compared to the other brokers we have featured so far, Pepperstone, which began operations in 2010, is a newer broker. But over the last ten years, it has expanded dramatically to become a renowned, well-liked broker.

Pepperstone has businesses all around the world and serves more than 89,000 clients. It has received numerous honors and awards for its training and instructional materials, including Best Client Relationship Manager at the Professional Trader Awards in 2019.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and other regulatory agencies stated on Pepperstone’s website all oversee the company’s low trading fees.

It uses some leading trading platforms, including cTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5, which are all accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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2. AvaTrade


  • Globally regulated.
  • A variety of platforms (MT4, MT5, etc.).
  • Negative balance safeguards.
  • 20% first-time bonus.
  • Informational material.
  • A variety of payment options.
  • Fixed margins.


  • Stocks cannot be purchased.
  • Annual and quarterly inactivity charges.
  • There is no customer help available 24/7.
  • No bonus for clients in the EU.
  • No acceptance of US clients.
  • Fake cryptocurrency assets.

With more than 1,000 financial instruments and numerous trading platforms, AvaTrade is a CFD-regulated broker. Since 2006, it has been in operation.

According to regulations, it provides a 20% welcome bonus up to $10,000 and a free 21-day test account with $100,000.

In the United States, North Korea, New Zealand, Iran, or Belgium, you cannot trade using AvaTrade. $100 minimum deposit, no withdrawal cap, and no additional fees.

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3. Moneta Markets


  • CIMA-regulated.
  • Negative balance safeguards.
  • No fees for deposits.
  • Minimal down payment.
  • Platforms MetaTrader 4 and PRO Trader.
  • No fee for inactivity.


  • There is no customer service on weekends.
  • Lack of US clients; inferior educational and research material.

Moneta Markets was established in 2009 and is subject to ASIC and FCA regulations. Users can trade forex, indices, bullion, and share CFDs with Moneta Markets for as little as a $50 minimum deposit.

Based on whether you prefer to pay a fee and have tighter spreads or have the trading expenses included in the spread, there are three different trading accounts accessible. In contrast to STP and Prime accounts, True ECN accounts feature commission costs of $6 per lot and spread on foreign exchange that begins at 0 pips.

Trading systems such as WebTrader and AppTrader, as well as MetaTrader 4 and 5, are available through Moneta Markets (available for web and mobile use respectively).

MT4 and MT5 are well-known trading platforms that offer excellent tools, research, and algorithmic trading.

The user interface of the proprietary platform is straightforward. While that is excellent for novices, more experienced users won’t find the platform to have as much depth.

4. Vantage Markets


  • Controlled by ASIC and the FCA.
  • Reasonably priced foreign exchange fees.
  • No fee for inactivity.
  • No fees for withdrawals or deposits.
  • Quality MetaTrader extensions.
  • Online trading.


  • Not accessible to US customers.
  • Trading CFDs involves risk.
  • You need $200 to begin trading.

Since its establishment in 2008 as a transparent forex broker, Vantage Markets has expanded to provide 290 CFDs and 44 FX pairs (including cryptocurrency, shares, commodities, and indices). Vantage is a trustworthy broker because it is subject to ASIC and the FCA regulations.

Vantage Markets provides access to the markets via the well-liked MT4 and MT5 platforms and a mobile app packed with features.

Vantage Markets is a trustworthy broker that provides social and copy trading without unnecessarily high commissions or non-trading fees.

With feeds originating from as many as 70 institutions when trading through MT4, the RAW ECN account at Vantage Markets provides the lowest spreads. The spreads can even be as low as 0.0 pips.



  • Minimal down payments.
  • Numerous trading platforms.
  • Volume reductions.


  • Limited options.
  • Spreads that are over normal.
  • No US customers.

FXCM has more than 20 years of trading expertise and is entirely governed by some of the most renowned organizations in the world.

With offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries, FXCM is regarded as one of the top international brokers worldwide and has won numerous awards and accolades.

It consistently receives top marks for customer service, and its devoted traders laud its user-friendly platforms. Even spread betting newbies have the option of opening a practice account, thanks to it. This is a straightforward, educational introduction to spread betting for traders.

City Index provides access to more than 12,000 markets across indices, equities, commodities, and currencies, assisting traders in developing their skills through its complete training resources. It is also well-liked in the sector and subject to FCA regulation.

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What is spread betting in finance?

In essence, spread betting is a game of chance. It is the act of making a wager—or bet—on the popularity of a specific good or market without actually owning it. The amount of possible earnings or losses is determined by whether an asset increases or decreases in value.

How do spread betting brokers operate?

Spread-betting brokers consider the markets when determining which goods, needs, and assets they think will increase in value. Based on this knowledge, they will then place a bet.

Which broker, spread betting or forex, is superior?

Your needs and your goals will determine which broker is best for you. While spread betting is typically riskier, it can provide significant rewards.

The currency market may appeal more to you if you are naturally cautious.

What information should spread bettors pay the most attention to?

When spread betting, the broker to employment is the most crucial factor. You should pick a spread betting site that provides various instructional tools and materials to assist you in learning about spread betting and regular market updates to assist you in developing your strategy.

What will the spread betting system be most effective in 2022?

Your needs and experience level will determine which platform is best for you. The most well-liked choices include:

  • Pepperstone
  • Vantage Markets

Spread betting: Is it excessively hazardous, or is there profit potential?

Spread betting is fundamentally gambling, thus it entails some risk just like other forms of gambling do.

This does not, however, imply that you won’t be able to turn a profit. You can profit as long as you take the time to educate yourself about the market conditions and are conscious of what your stop limits ought to be.


Depending on the market you want to bet on, your trading background, and the amount you wish to stake, you should consider the traits a broker should possess.

Most providers, as mentioned above, offer the option to create sample accounts or replicate current bets so you can acquire a feel for spread betting if you’re new to it. Additionally, you may want to choose a broker that focuses on working with novice traders and has better training and instructional resources.

To sum up, take into account the following elements while choosing a broker:

  • Are they subject to regulation in every nation where they are headquartered?
  • Do they openly display their fees and financials and provide good value?
  • Do they offer access to superior trading platforms that are user-friendly and optimized?

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