Voyager Crypto Exchange: Pros, Cons, and More – The Voyager online cryptocurrency trading platform is an unparalleled investment service provider of buying and selling coins. The Voyager investment platform has more than 60 crypto coins and it is a one-stop destination to make a profit and build a strong portfolio.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional cryptocurrency investor, you can find several crypto options from bitcoin to meme coins and altcoins on Voyager. There are no additional charges and commissions for buying or selling cryptocurrencies on the Voyager platform.

The Voyager crypto platform is ideal for beginners because of its simple and user-friendly interface with its Smart Order Routing System. The Voyager app is available for Android and iOS users. It is safe because it asks for your verification before you can actively buy and sell currencies.

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How to use the Voyager investment platform?

The Voyager Cryptocurrency platform is easy to use and equipped with exciting features. Nonetheless, there are challenges that beginners can face while using Voyager, so here are a few things to know beforehand.

  • Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that pays with the exchange by enabling flexible price options for your investments.
  • The Voyager app is available on the app store and Google play store. Once you have downloaded the app, you have to sign-up with your number and contact number as a part of the verification.
  • The app will ask you for proof of identity to make payments safe. After that, the app takes time to verify the details for validation.
  • After the verification is complete Voyager is ready for you to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Features of Voyager

1. Get to trade with more than 60+ digital assets to fund accounts instantly and start selling with a minimum balance of $10.

2. The unique advantage of Voyager is its Smart Order Router System that offers a seamless crypto trading experience to traders worldwide. The system helps users calculate the best prices of any asset and draw comparisons on 12 reputed exchanges and create possibilities to profit from the exchange opportunity.

3. The Voyager provides a secure storage system for users to keep their currencies in association with the partners.

4. All crypto traders can get a chance to make up to 12% interest APR on more than 20 digital products. All they have to do is to hold their currencies on their account and make interest from it at the month-end.

5. You can also automate your investments on the voyager platform arranging their crypto assets according to their needs before buying or selling. This can influence trader portfolios positively.

6. A lot is available on the Voyager crypto trading investment platform: interactive charts, market data, and information, crypto education, professional research, and news. You can take advantage of the Voyager tools to trade the crypto market.

7. The Voyager app offers you a default profit/loss calculator for users to keep a check on crypto holdings by keeping the information intact.

8. Voyager provides a highly intuitive trading environment alongside FDIC insurance coverage of up to $250,000 to protect users’ trading accounts from any unfortunate event or occurrence.

9. The up-to-minute news feed and Node Blog are educational features with trade-related articles for beginners to make intelligent decisions. Also, the news feed is regularly updated with the latest incidents, trends, and reports on the global financial market.

The pros and Cons of Voyager


• Start trading with a minimum of $10, one of the lowest in the industry.

• Get access to a long list of cryptocurrencies and stable coins with more than 100 cryptocurrency options.

• No trading fees on exchanges except a bare minimum fee on the total earned savings. Get the market price directly without any extra additional fees.

• Earn fancy interests over savings. The online crypto exchange platform allows you to earn 12% on your account holdings. The interest is calculated monthly and depends on the previous month’s market movements.

• You can fund your account easily from time to time using cash apps or crypto coins.


• The Voyager platform is new in the market and knows there is no coin-to-coin exchange in the crypto platform as it is only a crypto broker.

• The security measures on Voyager are not very promising and you have a password to secure your transactions.

• The online crypto platform does not work in all places and regions such as New York. Plus, Voyager has no over-the-phone assistance and support.

Ease of Use

Voyager has focused on the ease of use and convenience of all users and offers them smart tools to perform a wide range of crypto investments. 

Smart Order Routing: Smart order routing is a unique feature that preserves its exclusivity among the 12 largest and the most recognized crypto exchanges in the world. Through SOR customers can narrow down and make precise trade decisions offering the best exchange rates before possible executions.

The tools are meant to offer smaller spreads between ask and bid prices alongside higher liquidity making it easier to enter and exit positions.

A Simple Sign-in and Intuitive Platform: Unlike other crypto platforms with a long verification process, Voyager has easy sign-ups where you only have to provide them with your identification documents, name & password.

The sign-up process can be done by following simple steps and a verification process. After you have signed up, Voyager will guide you on how to link your account to enter a market with a funding method and it will take only a few minutes for the entire procedure.

Is Voyager regulated?

Yes, Voyager is publicly regulated and based in the US as a cryptocurrency broker. They provide FDIC insurance through their partnered banks for up to $250,000 for the user accounts. They are the only fully regulated crypto broker in the US with a license to trade in 49 states except for New York. They are legally known as Voyager Digital, LLC.

What is Voyager’s Registration Process?

Voyager is a quick-functioning app with ease of use and navigation. One needs to download the app, create an account, and get verified followed by funding to start the crypto exchange. Users can deposit $5000 externally to trade daily with more than 30 cryptocurrencies, stable coins, and assets.

Users can deposit US dollars directly by using a trade ticket and find great functionality of the Smart order routing system. The Voyager app has several in-built tools for users to improve their trading. The Voyager UI is simplified for beginners to perform crypto trading without facing any trouble or getting lost with too much information.

Professional traders can use features like charting tools and analysis to strategize specific trades and understand the crypto market.

Voyager Fees

The Voyager crypto platform is a commission-free trading platform that ensures a secure and transparent environment with the lowest fees in the industry. The platform uses its proprietary tool, Smart Order Routing System calculates the best price by comparing other reputed exchanges, providing the best prices to the customers.

Voyager takes a minimum fee on withdrawals from the trading account and varies from currency to currency. The platform is ideal for beginners and newcomers because they can trade without the requirement of additional funds.

Voyager App and Minimums

The Voyager app offers a customer-friendly interface within a fully functional environment. The trading mechanism is simple, with investors having to proceed with the order information and steps to place an order.

Horizontal and Vertical charts are available on the mobile platform for users to authenticate themselves with the Two-factor authentication to log in to their Voyager account. Also, the Voyager app is available on Android and iOS to use from anywhere you want.

No minimum account balance is required to maintain an account on Voyager and you can transfer 5000 dollars as the highest limit on a single transaction. There is also a flat fee of $50 for wire transfers. They show you the best exchange rate as well as take only a small fee of $10 on your savings amount.

Voyager Customer care

Customer support and assistance offer limited services to its users and customers. You can reach out to them via email and message through their in-app messaging services.

In-messaging Services: To access assistance and support for Voyager through its app, you have to open the app first, go to the account page, click on “Help” and submit your request and query.

By Email: To contact the Voyager team or get in touch with them, you have to send an email at [email protected] and wait for their response. You should specify your query in detail and they will get back to you as soon as possible. It usually takes a few hours to hear back from them.

Other than the abovementioned assistance, their support provides for all users. Voyager crypto offers its FAQ that tackles all common issues and questions in the trading industry and offers accurate answers.

Beginners can learn a great deal not only from the educational materials available on the platform but also from the FAQs. 

Voyager Tokens

The voyager token or VGX was previously known as ETHOS. It is the native token of Voyager that supports USD, while you can use the token once you have opened an account with Voyager.

Traders get 5% interest for holding tokens in their account, and there are cashback and rewards. These tokens can be kept in the ETHOS universal wallet enabling users to trade with 150 + cryptocurrency assets. Plus, the crypto trading platform connects various exchanges so users can access several digital assets.

Some crypto assets supported by Voyager

1. Aave (AAVE)

2. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

3. Cardano (ADA)

4. Bitcoin Cash (BTC)

5. Band Protocol (BAND)

6. Bitcoin (BTC)

7. Chiliz (CHZ)

8. Compound (COMP)

9. Multi Collateral Dai (DAI)

10. Dash (DASH)

Voyager Security Measures

Voyager is a publicly audited, traded, and regulated crypto trading platform that offers seamless security measures compliant with impenetrable security and advanced technology to prevent hackers. Also, there is a complete assurance of bank account security.

The platform offers cold storage to its users to use offline wallets to store funds. This helps maintain transparency and backup in case of any unfortunate incidents or a breach within. Also, a code is sent to the Voyager account holder’s email or phone to concur with the confidentiality of information.

Voyager offers very tight security to its customers, and there is no doubt about any ill-fated event or incident. Voyager crypto trading app is bug-free and safe for all users worldwide.


The Voyager cryptocurrency platform is a top-notch crypto broker offering its users to trade several crypto assets and an all-in-one mobile-trading experience. The platform has smaller altcoin projects among its major cryptocurrency projects. Voyager stands out from other crypto trading platforms for its interest options and straightforward account options.

You can find out more about Voyager’s Reddit investment. If you are a beginner and want to start trading on the Voyager platform, you will find all information and step-by-step guidance on the platform itself. Voyager is a new trading platform in the crypto investment industry with one-of-a-kind features for both professionals and newbies traders.

Lastly, Voyager is safe and perfect for all kinds of crypto traders with a wide range of options to trade. Hence, get a chance to improve your portfolio and enhance your trading skills on the Voyager crypto investment and trading platform.

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