Top 5 Social Trading Networks For 2022: A Complete Guide – Social trading refers to the unrestricted exchange and application of information among traders. Access to the data gives users access to fresh trading concepts, risk management, and customer sentiment. Social trading combines information exchange with the online conversation. The ability for traders to collaborate on individual trading ideas fosters a sense of community. Traders can collaborate on research and share resources to increase profits.

Copy trading and mirror trading are both parts of the larger category of trading known as social trading. Investors can learn specific trading techniques that can be imitated by other investors or traders by sharing knowledge about specific deals.

What Is Social Networking?

Similar in some ways to a social network, social trading operates. On a trading network, members discuss trade ideas rather than selfies or lunch images, which is the sole distinction. Here, traders chat, observe other pros’ trading performance, and have real-time market discussions.

In social trading, as a trader or investor with less trading expertise, you rely your financial trading judgments on the financial material produced by knowledgeable investors and gathered from a variety of trustworthy sites. To put it another way, you may start following and copying successful traders if you find one and like their trading style.

How does social trading work?

Social trading often takes place on platforms for social trading. Investors can copy the strategies of seasoned traders by trading in a community. These talks are led by moderators, who are typically subject-matter experts. Copy trading and mirror trading elements can also be present in social trading.

Social trading, a social networking spinoff, has developed a new method for vetting financial data. Investors in the past would prioritise either fundamental analysis or technical analysis. However, with social trading, traders may exchange knowledge about the present market environment and provide insight into potential future market movements, influencing trading decisions. It has altered the guidelines for analysis for some traders.

Online is where most social trading occurs. It offers many points of view and offers psychological support for traders. A trader’s trading tactics, risk management skills, and trading mentality may frequently be improved by adopting some of the practices learned in a social trading environment. The main focus of social trading is short-term trading. Additional market liquidity may result from this. One may view the returns generated by certain techniques using the social trading, as well as the historical performance of members.

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Social trading vs copy trading

One may find ideas through social trading on a variety of social trading networks. Contrarily, copy trading entails nothing more than duplicating another investor’s transactions. Copy trading aims to have identical positions to the investor being copied by the trader. When one copies another trader, they do it without knowing how that trader operates and obliviously follow their deals.

Traders may also put money into a themed investment. These funds hand over money to certain traders who subsequently serve as portfolio managers. In essence, one is taking part in money copying. This resembles a fund investment in certain ways, however rather than investing in hedge funds, one puts money into a fund that duplicates numerous traders. As a result, copy trading can be more diverse and results can be uncorrelated. Traders may do this on their own, but they must make sure they aren’t betting everything on a single trading method.

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Top 5 Social Trading Networks for 2022

1. eToro

  • The unique platform that eToro offers is excellent for copy and social trading.
  • There is no need to download the eToro social network.
  • With a minimum deposit requirement ranging from $10 to $200 depending on your region, eToro offers 1000+ real and CFD assets.
  • eToro offers an unlimited sample account to test the system out.
  • Zero fees on genuine stocks and ETFs, as well as a reliable cryptocurrency investment service with a crypto wallet, are some of eToro’s biggest benefits.

2. ZuluTrade

  • The site ZuluTrade focuses on social and copy trading.
  • As a platform, ZuluTrade does not directly offer the assets; instead, the quantity of assets is dependent on the broker selected.
  • By commenting on and providing input on trading methods, users of ZuluTrade may engage with signal providers through social features.
  • A $100 minimum deposit is required by ZuluTrade.
  • There is a free, limitless sample account with ZuluTrade.


  • The NAGA Proprietary Platform provides cutting-edge investing services, such as the NAGA Portfolios, as well as social networking, social trading, and copy trading.
  • The NAGA Proprietary Platform enables social trading, offers professional trading tools, the ability to automatically replicate other traders, and facilitates interaction with a social trading community.
  • Along with a Personal IBAN and NAGA Card, the portal also allows a variety of funding options.
  • With a $50 minimum deposit, NAGA offers a selection of more than 1000 assets.
  • You may sign up for a NAGA demo account to test the platform.
  • Additionally, the NAGA group is very involved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

4. Darwinex

  • Through the web trader platform, Darwinex supports social trading.
  • Customers may follow traders and communicate with other members of the Darwinex community.
  • Clients can use MT4 EAs, MQL, and APIs to copy trading robots and strategies to strengthen their trading tactics if they wish to participate in copy trading with Darwinex.
  • Traders can trade 300+ Darwinex assets with a $500 minimum deposit.
  • Each client does have access to a Darwinex demo account.

5. AvaTrade

  • AvaTrade offers ZuluTrade and AvaSocial as their two platforms for copy and social trading.
  • By linking your AvaTrade account to ZuluTrade, you may use the platform to mimic the positions of more seasoned traders.
  • On the more than 1000 CFDs offered by AvaTrade, a $100 minimum deposit is needed to start trading.
  • A 21-day AvaTrade Demo account is available for customers to open.
  • With fixed spreads on forex starting at 0.9 pips, AvaTrade is one of the few brokers offering this service.

What are the risks of social trading?

There are hazards associated with social trading a market, just like with other trading activities.

Investors should be aware of the dangers associated when replicating another investor’s approach or when utilising the data to develop their own trading decisions. As a result, traders should develop risk management plans. Every trading leader will eventually experience a financial loss.

It’s beneficial to locate a social trading atmosphere that matches their particular profile.

When investing in social trading, traders should first decide how much money they are ready to risk to get the returns they are after.

The risk profiles linked to various social trading leaders should be carefully examined by traders to determine whether they are consistent with expectations.

Final Thoughts

When a group of traders engage in social trading, they share and use information. Strategy mirroring and copy trading are two examples of the various sorts of social trading. Social trading information makes it possible to get fresh concepts, risk management, and emotion. As investors collaborate to develop particular trading ideas through social trading, a sense of community can develop. Access to real-time ideas that thoroughly outline a strategy is available through news feeds on social trading sites. Social trading not only involves sharing research but also combining resources to make bigger profits.

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