Best NFT Generators To Convert Your Artwork Into NFTs In 2022 – As you might already be familiar, NFTs refer to Non-fungible tokens or digital assets, based on blockchain technology. From music, artworks, and sports, to in-game assets and even virtual clothing and lands, the digitization of tokens has made it possible to turn almost any physical asset into a digital artwork.

However, if you are looking to put up your NFT collection for sale, you need an NFT picture generator, to mint the NFT. An NFT generator is software that helps you create digital artwork, without the need to code.  It helps in generating unique NFTs art. You can find an NFT generator online or download software.

Let us dive deeper into NFT art generators and look at some of the best NFT generator software in 2022. Before you read further do not miss our review of upcoming NFT projects this year.

What is an NFT art generator?

NFT art generator is software that helps users create attractive and unique NFT tokens. without the need to code. The software can be easily accessed through your mobile phones or you can even use the web-based version of the same. The picture generators provide exclusive template-based NFTs for anyone who wants to create stunning NFT graphics and earn profits.

Best NFT Art Generators in 2022: A Detailed Review 

In this section, we have covered some of the trending NFT generators for you to consider. Read below to take a look at them:

AppyPie Design – Best and largest NFT picture generator

Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon

Features: Initial NFT Offering (INO), Allows Exporting NFTs, 3D effects, and Unique templates.  

Price: Allows 4 free projects, $6 per month.

  • Why you should consider: 
  1. One of the best NFT art generators
  2. Allows launching NFTs art collection (up to 10,000 NFTs) to marketplaces like OpenSea 
  3. Secure platform and is easy to use.
  • Reasons to avoid: 
  1. Limited to only two blockchains – Best NFT generator AI software

Blockchain: Ethereum, and more 

Features: Customization of NFTs, NFT copywriter, no-code image editing and creation, NFT sharpening tools. 

Price: $1 per graphic.

  • Why you should consider: 
  1. Allows launching NFTs art collection (up to 10,000 NFTs) to marketplaces like OpenSea 
  2. Supports Mass production of NFT collections
  3. Enlargement of graphics for commercial purposes.
  4. Various tools to make the graphics more appealing. 
  • Reasons to avoid: 
  1. Complex payment structure
  2. Not the best software for drawing your digital files

Bueno – Best NFT generator for beginners

Blockchain: Ethereum, and Polygon 

Features: Customization of NFTs, options of Metaverse, layer organizer, Rarity settings, video tutorials, and explanations. 

Price: $15 for 100 NFTs,  $1,500 for 10k NFTs

  • Why you should consider: 
  1. Allows users to adjust the layer organization, preview, test, and export the NFTs in order. 
  2. Supports guides and tutorials for new creators. 
  3. Various tools to adjust the rarity of the layers. 
  4. Has a scope of expanding into the metaverse soon. 
  • Reasons to avoid: 
  1. Does not support all blockchains 
  2. Can be a little expensive for first-time users.

One Mint – Best Free NFT generator 

Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Binance

Features: Embeddable mint button, Templates, layer organizer, Dynamic NFTs, Rarity settings, and more. 

Price: Free 

  • Why you should consider: 
  1. Easily export gifs, png, and videos to generate NFT art
  2. Allows to send NFTs to popular marketplaces and register on the biggest blockchains. 
  3. Various tools help to add multiple characters within the same NFT art collection.
  4. Has plans of launching its own One Mint Genesis NFT Collection and $ONE token, which will open advanced features for the token holders. 
  • Reasons to avoid: 
  1.  The free package is limited and only supports a 100 NFT collection generator. 

UniqMyNFT- Best NFT collection generator software 

Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Binance

Features: Fast processing, Unique Templates, Rarity settings, No-code NFT generator

Price: $150 – $500

  • Why you should consider: 
  1. UniqMyNFT is fast and easy to use. Users can generate an NFT collection in under an hour.
  2. The platform has the best UI and hence is easy to navigate. 
  3. Access to some of the biggest blockchains like Solana and Ethereum. 
  4. Easily creates an NFT collection of up to 10,000 NFTs
  5. Various options to set the rarity values and attributes of the NFT art
  • Reasons to avoid: 
  1. It can be an expensive platform, especially for first-time users. 

How to create NFT art using an NFT generator?

NFT generators art is minted similarly, you would do it in a marketplace. It also involves the common steps of uploading your artwork, adding features to it, and then listing it on the marketplace. You can even read our guide on how to create NFT art to know more. 

Meanwhile, you can take a look at how to use an NFT generator:

  1. Create your art, using the tools and features provided in the software. Add all your layers to give your NFT various traits like sunglasses, clothes, and expressions.
  2. Next, go to the Upload section of your NFT generator software and upload the entire folder or each layer one at a time.
  3. Preview your NFT collection and make any changes in the layers if you want to.
  4. Once you are done with all the changes, generate the collection, by clicking on the ‘export’ option. You can either download it as a zipped folder or register to a blockchain and directly upload it.
  5. Some platforms will offer help to create a web page to launch your NFT collection, they will enable you to set smart contracts for your collection. 

Can I generate NFT for free?

Yes, various Random NFT generators allow you to mint NFT projects for free. However, the number of free projects is limited. Also, once you list your NFT for sale, you have to pay the gas fee, for using the blockchain network. 

Final Thoughts

The craze of NFTs has inclined more and more people to enter the space of creating as well as selling these digital tokens. While various marketplaces allow you to create your tokens, NFT picture generators come with various templates and additional tools, to make your digital more attractive and valuable.

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