Cheap NFTs To Buy in 2022 That You Should Be Aware of: October Update – Most of the popular NFTs have been sold for millions of dollars in the marketplace due to which they are perceived as expensive investments. Furthermore, the buzz of NFTs makes it all the more questionable in terms of being a cost-effective investment option. But this is not the case with all the NFTs.

Finding the cheapest NFTs in the marketplace can be challenging, especially for those investors who are new to the market. Apart from being on the budget the digital token should also have some value, offer utility, and reward profits. With more and more investors looking for cheap NFTs, the marketplace is springing up with projects that provide all the above requirements. 

Throughout this guide, we will be taking a look at the best cheap NFTs to buy in October 2022.

Best NFT to buy for cheap: A detailed review 

Below we have reviewed our top picks for the cheapest NFTs to buy in the marketplace. Take a look:

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK): Market Cap $7.8 million

Lucky Block NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain is a collection of 10,000 uniquely numbered NFTs known to provide many offers and bonuses to its investors. It offers weekly NFT draws and cryptocurrency to its players.

The platform is accessible to pretty much anyone, as investors can take part in the prize draws for just $5. The value of each NFT is set at 3.75 BNB. Moreover, Each NFT token gives access to a free lifetime entry to the Lucky Block daily prize draw which has a jackpot worth $10,000. Apart from this one lucky NFT holder also have the chance to win a Lamborghini Aventador. 

The Lucky Block platform also provides Platinum High Roller NFTs which are rare editions and hold a chance of a double jackpot worth $20,000.  It is one of the best NFTs to buy as the platform has more than  2000 holders that avail of free daily prize draws.

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT). Market Cap $7.3 million

Battle infinity is listed as one of the best NFTs to buy for cheap.  It is an NFT-based Metaverse play-to-earn game. The concept behind the game was to bring fantasy sports into the NFT market space.

The game is split into six different platforms and each platform has its unique features. The platforms are The IBAT Premier League (fantasy sports), the IBAT Battle Area (Metaverse world), IBAT Battle Games (gaming platform), IBAT Battle Stake (stake IBAT & other cryptos), IBAT Battle Swap (DeFi exchange), and the IBAT Battle Market. 

The project is highly secure and has been KYC verified by CoinSniper. The play-to-earn game has its digital currency- The BEP-20 $IBAT token and has a limited supply of 10 billion. The token is used to reward players, and make in-game purchases, and investments. 

3. Awesome Possums 

Awesome Possums is a new NFT project which focuses on helping with mental health and recovery from addiction. The project is a collection of 12,000 NFTs and can be minted for just  $96.69 which equals 0.08 ETH. The cheap NFT also has a series of donations to a charity that is focused on mental health. 

The platform gives out free ETH and NFTs, to early investors and also hosts large-scale giveaways with prizes ranging from luxury vacations to festival tickets. People with the tokens of Awesome Possum are also eligible for free therapy sessions and motivational speeches. Not only this, but it also gives over $10000 in scholarships to 5 low-income families. 

This NFT project is fully loaded with utilities and can be considered one of the best NFTs to buy today. Buy NFT of Awesome Possums to take benefit of the animated series and a VR game of the platform. 

4. The Sandbox: Market Cap $1.2 billion 

The Sandbox is again one of the best NFTs to buy cheap in October. The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has a total market cap of $1.2 billion. The sandbox is a virtual reality game that allows users to mint and upload NFTs and get rewards from the same.

The game is an ideal choice for investors who want to earn virtual real estate in the NFT marketplace. In Sandbox the players have access to fun characters, a map, and opportunities to buy land that can hold virtual events. All the experiences in the game can be customized according to your preference. 

Furthermore, to buy NFT of the land investors are required to pay in a SAND ERC 20 token which is also the utility token of the Sandbox with a total collection of 166,464 pieces. You can even trade and rent your real estate property on marketplaces like Opensea. 

5. Tamadoge: Market Cap $54 Million 

Tamadoge is an NFT project that involves P2E gaming that has plans to integrate into the metaverse.  According to reviews by forex broker reviews, Tamadoge had one of the best presales of 2022 and is considered to be one of the best cheap NFTs to buy. 

It offers in-game earning opportunities to all investors. The token of the NFT is TAMA and you can buy NFT through an ERC-20 token which is a tax-free purchase. You can purchase the Tamadoge pets from the platform or other NFT marketplaces. 

Once you own a pet you can involve them in battle in the Tamadoge battling arena with other players and earn some Dogepoints. These pets grow by buying NFTs to feed them. The growth of the pet shows the player’s ranking on the leaderboard.

If you are looking for an NFT project with long-term investment plans, then Tamadoge just might be the best choice for you. The price of TAMA today is $0.04788 and has a market cap of $54 million.

6. Souls of Nature 

Souls of Nature is also on the list of best NFTs to buy today in the marketplace. The project is created by Metazooie and consists of an NFT collection of 9,271 unique ‘nature souls’ NFTs with exclusive metaverse experiences. 

Each NFT token grants the investor sole access to the play to earn experience of the NFT project. The tokens have avatars within the game and allow users to slowly unlock a ‘fraction of their soul’ as they make progress in the game. 

The project has pledged to give  5% of the funds generated to a charity dedicated to protecting endangered ecosystems. Metazooie; the ecosystem of virtual worlds has joined hands with the project and focuses on creating a dedicated Souls of Nature marketplace which will be a part of the budding $ZOOIE economy. Souls of nature are one of the best cheap NFTs to buy. It’s got a dedicated team, solid plans for the future, and a clear roadmap for long-term investment plans.

How to buy NFT which is cheap?

Before you start investing in digital assets, keep in mind that not all NFTs are as appealing as they seem to be. While some may look cheap, they might lack utility, and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to know how you can buy NFT which is affordable. 

Take a look below to understand how to buy the cheapest NFTs in the marketplace.

Step 1. Find new NFT projects before they get released

NFTs that are newly launched are usually cheap, so if you find new and upcoming NFTs you can get them at cheaper prices.

To Find cheap NFTs you can make use of an NFT calendar. These calendars are used to keep the detail of all of the upcoming NFT drops in the marketplace. This makes it easy for you to keep track of the projects as well as plan ahead for the same. You can also use some of the NFT tools like rarity tools to find new projects. 

When looking for the best NFTs to buy under $100 try to look for the following points : 

  • The uniqueness of the project.
  • Does the project have social any media links?
  • Do check the website of the NFT collection.
  • Have knowledge about the floor price of at least one item from the NFT collection.
  • Take note of the number of items in the NFT collection.

Step 2. Active social media

Having a strong and active community plays a crucial role in the NFT marketplace.  Projects that have an active social media platform are considered good to invest in. You can find the cheapest NFT to buy on Twitter and Discord, and they are great places to start your research. A project that has a few followers is not the best choice as it will be difficult to find a buyer if you want to sell an NFT

Step 3. Check the project’s website

Having a valid and running website for an NFT project is proof that it is legitimate. The official website will always contain all the required details about the collection that any new investor should be aware of including their whitepaper, founding team members, partnerships, links to social media channels, and more. Some projects even develop their own crypto. If that’s the case, you should also find that on the website. 

Whereas fake websites, will not provide you with any information and only lure you with the possibility of earning high returns. There might be a chance that they claim to provide cheap NFTs but later scam you. Therefore we do not recommend you invest in projects that refuse to publicly reveal the identities of their founders or any project-related details.  

Step 4. Make sure you like the NFT 

You have to keep in mind that finding the best NFT to buy cheap might not be an easy task, especially for beginners. So, while looking for NFTs try to invest in the ones that you like, or else you may be stuck with an NFT without the hope of making a profit from secondary sales. Also, you want to ensure that the art is high quality and that it has a unique element that makes it stand out from others.

Step 5: RoadMapping 

Roadmapping is another effective way to find the cheapest NFTs in the marketplace. A roadmap lays out the long-term goals, features, investment opportunities, and a lot more. If you feel the ideas match your investment plans then you can go ahead with the NFT project. A roadmap can be easily found on the project’s social media platform or website and is one of the things an investor should consider before investing. If you think the roadmap is solid, you can mint the NFTs before or during the launch and get in early before others and therefore, get it at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts 

In this guide, we have provided some cheap NFTs to buy that are likely to perform well. While there are various factors that one should look into before selecting an NFT, the most important one is utility and rarity. If your token does not provide many features it will be of sell value and won’t sell well and the same is with rarity. 

According to our review, Awesome Possum stands well both in terms of utility as well as cost-effective NFT. 

Tamadoge is also an excellent and cheap NFT project that has proven to be popular among investors.


Q1. Which is the best cheap NFT to buy?

Ans: There are several NFTs that you can get for cheap like Battle Infinity and more, however it is important to look at other factors as well.

Q2. Which is the best NFT to buy under $100?

Ans:  Many NFTs can be purchased for around $100-$200. To get a hold of these NFTs you can take the help of an NFT calendar or search on platforms like Twitter and Discord.  

Q3. Can I buy NFT  for free?

Ans: there are no NFTs that you can get for free, however as a part of a strategy many projects conduct giveaways on the secondary market.

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