How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Instantly – If you’re curious how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, just a few online trading sites will accept payments through this well-known e-wallet.

Since Bitcoin purchases through PayPal frequently carry a premium, in this article, we examine the costs each site levies.

We also go over various platforms to look at for employment and how to acquire Bitcoin using PayPal without incurring any deposit fees.

The quick way to finish the procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: Create an Account: You must create an eToro account to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal. Enter your information, then click “confirm.”
  • Step 2: Use PayPal to Deposit Funds: Select PayPal as your preferred deposit option and input a minimum of $10.
  • Step 3: Find BTC: Type “BTC” into the search field and select “Trade.”
  • Step 4: Purchase Bitcoin: At this point, you can input the money you wish to invest in Bitcoin. To verify, click on “Open Trade”.

Why Purchase Bitcoin Through Paypal? 

There are several reasons why many US customers choose to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal, including:

1. Rapid Deposits 

Fastly processing deposits is the first advantage of purchasing Bitcoin via PayPal. You can buy Bitcoin immediately instead of ACH or bank wire transfers, which require a delay of 1-3 working days.

2. Encrypted

Your login information is protected when you use a regulated broker like eToro, which is the best option to buy Bitcoin using PayPal. This implies that the login and password you enter when completing the deposit will not be visible to eToro.

3. Quick Withdrawal 

E-wallets like PayPal are often the quickest to process when withdrawing cash from a bitcoin exchange or broker. Money should quickly appear in your PayPal account after your chosen provider has approved the withdrawal.

4. Details Of Pre-Saved Payments 

When you purchase Bitcoin via PayPal, your debit card or credit card information will already be preserved in your e-wallet account. As a result, you are exempt from entering your payment information at your preferred Bitcoin broker.

5. Secure 

When purchasing Bitcoin through PayPal, there is no need to be concerned about fraud. Thanks to PayPal’s Purchase Protection for Buyers, this is so that you are covered if something goes wrong with your deposit.

Let’s say, for illustration, that you put money into a cryptocurrency exchange using PayPal. PayPal will repay you if the deposit is made, but you still need to obtain the Bitcoin as anticipated following a brief investigation.

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Purchase Bitcoin Using Paypal Credit 

Some brokers let you deposit money using the credit feature of your PayPal account. Always weigh the hazards before using Paypal credit to purchase Bitcoin.

Outstanding For Mobile Payments 

Investing while on the go is another advantage of using PayPal to purchase Bitcoin. This is because your debit or credit card will already be connected to your PayPal account, so you do not need to carry it with you.

Purchase Bitcoin Instantly With Paypal 

Positives: Very high maximum limits and low risk

Negatives: At this time, only the US is supported for withdrawals.

Through cooperation with Paxos, PayPal launched direct purchases of Bitcoin (and three other cryptocurrencies) within the PayPal digital wallet in October 2020. This enables users to store and resell Bitcoins acquired through the service and utilise them to make payments to businesses that accept PayPal. By June 2022, PayPal will also permit users to withdraw their tokens and store them privately or use them more widely throughout the ecosystem in third-party wallets. While more nations will eventually be added, this option is only available to US customers.

There is no annual cap on the weekly maximum of $10,000, and costs range from 1.5% to 2.3%, depending on the magnitude of the purchase. How to Buy Bitcoin Directly on PayPal Create an account with PayPal if you don’t already have one. Click on “Buy and Sell” under the “Your crypto” section (available only to supported locations). Click on “Bitcoin” and “Buy” Enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase, choose your preferred payment method, and then click “Next.” Review the exchange rate and transaction fee. We are done now! To complete the purchase, click “Buy now,” The coins should be accessible in your PayPal digital wallet.

Paypal Crypto Charges & Fees 

There are no criteria or costs involved with purchasing cryptocurrency with PayPal. A daily minimum deposit of $20 up to $1,000 is permitted. You can withdraw anything between $20 and $10,000.

Different service fees may apply to PayPal transactions depending on where you live. Based on your chosen currency, withdrawal costs are restricted at 2% or £10/€12/$16.

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Where Do I Store The Bitcoin I Purchased? 

All Bitcoin purchasers and investors must understand crypto wallets. Online and hardware wallets are two categories into which we divide wallets.

Many cryptocurrency owners spread out their holdings across multiple devices to guard against theft and hacks. Nevertheless, such a storage method can prevent you from buying or selling your cryptocurrency when the going is good.

Ensure the hot wallet you select to store your BTC comes from a trustworthy crypto exchange. For customers who choose this method of holding their assets, CEX.IO offers a cold storage facility as one of several security methods to protect your account. Your tokens are not only completely secure with the CEX.IO crypto wallet, but you can also retrieve them whenever you want.


Can I purchase bitcoin on Coinbase using PayPal?

Yes. You can buy Bitcoin through Coinbase, sell it, and withdraw the proceeds to your Paypal account, but you’ll need a debit card or a bank transfer.

Can I use PayPal to buy other cryptocurrencies?

The same restrictions and drawbacks apply when using LocalMonero or LocalCryptos to purchase Monero or Ethereum with PayPal: you’ll undoubtedly incur hefty fees, and it could be challenging to identify reputable merchants.


You now know how to instantly purchase Bitcoin using PayPal in a quick, low-cost manner that also uses a broker subject to SEC regulation.

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