Best Trading Platforms in Europe – Planning to start a new trading career in Europe? Do not worry we are here to provide you with a piece of complete knowledge about the best trading platforms in Europe and a complete guide to safe and secure trading.

We have conducted a complete study on the trading platforms that are available in Europe considering the reviews from the customers and the complete performance of the platforms in the previous years and here we have shortlisted the 10 best trading platforms where you can invest your money and experience a safe and secure trading experience.


Residents of the United Kingdom (UK) like trading foreign currencies. Any forex broker must first get authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the country’s financial regulatory authority, before taking on UK forex and CFD traders as clients. The Financial Services Act of 2012 led to the creation of the FCA, which essentially took the place of its predecessor, the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

We compiled a list of all FCA-authorized brokers and rated firms according to their overall ranking to identify the top forex brokers in the UK. Here is our ranking of the best FX brokers in the UK.

  • IG -Best overall broker and most dependable
  • Saxo Bank – Top online trading platform
  • CMC MARKETS-Excellent overall, finest platform technology
  • NAGA-Excellent overall and beginner friendly
  • Interactive Brokers – Excellent all around, ideal for professionals
  • FOREX.COM-Excellent all-around offering 
  • XTB – Outstanding research and instruction
  • City Index- Excellent overall selection
  • eToro- Best multi-asset platform
  • Fineco Bank – Commission-free trading

1. IG

IG provides the most comprehensive trading package available, including superior trading and research tools, education that is at the top of its field, and a wide variety of markets that may be traded.

IG is a well-known multi-asset broker that is publicly listed and subject to international regulation. We rate IG as the top overall broker in 2022 because of its outstanding overall experience.


  •  IG is rated as the best dependable broker for FX and CFDs.
  •  IG came in first place overall as the best FX broker.
  • Along with its FX and CFD trading, IG provides listed derivatives such as options and futures trading in the United States and Europe and Spread Betting for U.K. clients.
  • For Offering Investments with over 19,000 tradeable products, Commissions and Fees, Education, Mobile Trading, and Professional Trading, IG placed Best in Class.


  • IG’s market-leading web platform is amazing, but because it lacks standard layouts, some custom tweaking is required.
  • There are still just 76 tradeable instruments available in IG’s MetaTrader offering, even with expensive MT4 add-ons like FX Blue and Autochartist integration.


Saxo Bank is a prestigious multi-asset broker with outstanding research, a first-rate trading platform, and a breathtaking variety of more than 40,000 securities.

With a vast array of tools, research, and premium services, Saxo Bank offers an immersive, rich trading experience for active traders or those who can afford to maintain the high account balance requirements.


  • The main trading platform of Saxo Bank, SaxoTraderGo, has all the tools a trader could want to traverse the market.
  • provides sophisticated order types and account protection tools to effectively control risk.
  • Saxo highlights its capacity to provide optimal execution at scale by publishing its average spread statistics by order size in addition to across trading sessions for each day.
  • The inclusion of the Corellian Academy risk management curriculum is a wonderful supplement to Saxo Bank’s current educational programme.


  • Saxo Bank makes excellent films for its research and teaching, but in 2021 it was not actively producing new video material.
  • Despite being a trading powerhouse, the SaxoTraderPRO desktop software requires time to completely personalise; more premade layouts would be a great inclusion.


Because of its great pricing and wide range of more than 12,000 tradeable assets, CMC Markets enjoys widespread confidence and offers traders a fantastic trading experience.

With its in-house Next Generation trading platform, which CMC Markets developed, the company won Best in Class honours in ten different categories for 2022.


  • With noticeably lower trading expenses compared to the industry, CMC Markets is a low-cost leader.
  • Active traders can get competitive prices, albeit the availability of rebates and discount schemes will vary based on your place of residence and any applicable laws.
  • The Next Generation platform from CMC Markets offers a huge assortment of more than 12,000 tradeable products.
  • Excellent user experience, cutting-edge tools, in-depth market analysis, and a top-notch mobile app are all provided by CMC Markets.


  • Although CMC Markets has a lot of instructional information, it doesn’t include interactive elements like quizzes or progress monitoring.
  • In recent months, CMC TV has created fewer video materials and has reduced its production to weekly webinars.


Users of NAGA have access to both the widely-known MT4 and MT5 trading platforms as well as their unique trading platform. Customers may create multicurrency accounts and use the NAGAX Crypto Exchange and the NAGA Crypto Wallet, two of the company’s exclusive cryptocurrency services.


  • Inexpensive commissions, no inactivity penalties, and low costs.
  • You may emulate successful traders through social trading, but outcomes are not guaranteed.
  • platforms that are compatible with Meta Trader.
  • a low required deposit.
  • A well-known investor programme enables traders to generate income by disseminating their trading approach and portfolio to a worldwide trading community.
  • easy-to-use trading platform
  • 950+ financial products are available for trading.
  • Utilize the available leverage for the majority of assets.
  • Interface for mobile trading.


  • There are no copy-trading features on the demo account.
  • Broad spreads.
  • Extra trading commissions.


A well-known multi-asset broker with a wide selection of tradeable international marketplaces is Interactive Brokers. Along with a cutting-edge, institutional-grade trading platform suite, it offers low pricing, top-notch research, and education.

Professional traders will appreciate its extensive order type setups and powerful trading tools, but beginners may find these capabilities overwhelming as MetaTrader is not an alternative platform choice.


  • The upgraded web-based Client Portal from Interactive Brokers is simple to use and has integrated news headlines and an economic calendar for FX trading.
  • A wide range of cutting-edge trading tools is available on the Trader Workstation (TWS) desktop platform, which is ideal for professionals and experienced traders.
  • provides incredibly complex order type setups, which is advantageous for sophisticated forex trading methods.


  • The Trader Workstation (TWS) desktop platform from Interactive Brokers is wonderful for experts, but it’s probably too sophisticated for novice traders.
  • There isn’t a platform alternative available other than MetaTrader.


For forex and CFD traders throughout the world, is a reputable brand that offers a first-rate trading experience. Along with restricted access to MetaTrader, it delivers a diverse selection of markets and an outstanding array of custom platforms.

Forex traders of all levels will be drawn to’s multi-asset offering, even if it is not a bargain broker until you trade greater quantities.


  • An offering of Investments and Mobile Trading are the two key areas in which received Best in the Class top 7 honours for 2022.
  • The multi-asset offering from, which offers a wide variety of markets, shines the brightest on its flagship Advanced Trading desktop and Web Trading browser platforms.
  • The cutting-edge graphing offered by TradingView in Web Trader is seamlessly integrated and simple to access using the same account.
  • With’s acquisition of Chasing Returns, active account users may now access performance metrics without charge.


  • Although it is scheduled to debut locally in 2022, MetaTrader 5 is currently only accessible outside of the United States.
  • The instructional options for American traders are not as extensive as those on’s new UK website.

7. XTB

As a reputable multi-asset broker, XTB provides exceptional client support, a large selection of FX and CFDs, and a great trading environment. Because of the innovative features and well-designed xStation 5 trading interface, as well as the thorough instructional materials and research provided by XTB, the broker was awarded Best in Class for Research in 2022.


  • The X station platform package from XTB offers a wide range of trading tools and capabilities coupled with exceptional usability.
  • XTB provides a wide range of in-depth educational films, textual materials, and more than 200 classes through its Trading Academy.
  • Recently, zero-dollar fees for share CFDs were introduced by XTB U.K.


  • The xStation 5 platform has temporarily stopped supporting the custom investment basket feature.
  • Only the Polish office of XTB offers cash equity products to customers in the EU.


City Index, backed by StoneX Group, is a reputable company renowned for its vast range of tradeable markets, great mobile app, and variety of market research.

However, City Index is unable to compete with the top forex brokers due to mediocre pricing and a small selection of MetaTrader options.


  • The flagship Web Trader platform from City Index combines cutting-edge trading tools and integrated research in a fantastic way.
  • City Index was named Best in Class for the category for 2022 because of a well-designed, functional mobile app.
  • The City Index mobile app includes features including integrated research, news headlines, and market commentary while maintaining a balance between sophisticated functionality and usability.
  • Each week, the internal engine behind SMART Signals creates 200 unique trading signals.


  • City Index does not now provide MetaTrader 5 which will be available in 2022, and its MT4 offering has fewer product options.
  • In recent months, City Index has not been actively creating internal video material.


Users may imitate the trades of seasoned investors on this platform’s user-friendly copy-trading capabilities, or they can share their own trading ideas in exchange for special benefits.

eToro provides a complete – if relatively expensive – trading experience with over 3,000 tradeable symbols, including CFDs, FX, and exchange-traded securities.


  • Great for casual and novice investors, the eToro mobile app is fantastic for simplicity of use owing to its user-friendly online platform.
  • As a multi-asset broker with over 3,000 tradable symbols, eToro keeps broadening the markets that are accessible to its clients.
  • offers indemnity insurance in the EU, the UK, and Australia for up to EUR 1 million per customer.


  • In comparison to its competitors, eToro offers a small selection of conventional research tools and resources.
  • eToro does not support automated algorithmic trading techniques.


A reputable multi-asset broker with brands regulated in the UK and Italy, FinecoBank offers forex and CFDs. However, you won’t be able to register an online account with FinecoBank until you visit a physical branch as an EU resident or a resident of Italy or the U.K.


  • There are knock-out options and guaranteed stop-loss orders available.
  • Price competition for index CFDs.
  • Provides a wide range of investment options for funds.
  • As of June 30, 2021, it has assets worth 101.4 billion euros.


  • Research materials and educational content are not arranged.
  • Has a relatively limited selection of CFDs; just 126 are at this time.


  • Charge reasonable rates. 
  • It’s crucial that their commissions, inactivity fees, and withdrawal costs be negligibly low or nonexistent. 
  • They should also provide a wide range of stock exchanges.
  •  Finally, it is very important that the broker’s platforms, security, and account opening procedure are all of the highest calibres.


The world’s top corporations are concentrated in Europe, where the market is extremely well-developed, with an undeniable influence over world politics, and they have no intention of leaving anytime soon. Furthermore, the area is slowly but surely recovering despite being severely affected by the epidemic. There are various possibilities to take advantage of the recovery. Despite the promising environment, there are a few things you should consider before making an investment in the European market.


You need to comprehend the functioning of the European market before you join the bandwagon. The STOXX Europe 600 is the first item you need to be aware of. This stock index, often known as STOXX 600, represents the European markets and includes stocks from as many as 17 different European nations. You must take note of this index if you wish to study the equities and the related firms. Once you have a handle on this, you should direct your attention to the market’s current situation because the pandemic had a very negative impact on the European economy.


The availability of several exchanges is another benefit of trading on the European market. Investors have a fantastic opportunity to plan and diversify their portfolios due to the region’s various economies. Considerable exchanges in the area include Euronext, the biggest, SIX Swiss Exchange, Nasdaq Nordic, Tirana Stock Exchange, Eurex Exchange, and Budapest Stock Exchange, to mention a few. To decide where to invest, you will need to conduct your own study. But now that you know, the water is full of fish.


Unquestionably, the epidemic caused financial suffering in Europe, but various reports indicate that the recovery is solid and long-lasting. As an investor, you should combine your funds where there is the most chance of profit. Thus, blue-chip businesses become the default choice. A well-known and well-capitalized business is referred to as a blue-chip firm. Numerous European companies are among the top 100 equities by market capitalisation. The titans Nestlé and Novo Nordisk are among these firms.


You will need to proceed with extra caution because you are entering an international market. The largest market there is in Europe. You are unable to keep up with everything that happens in the market as a whole. Therefore, to guarantee that your money doesn’t go to waste, you need to work with a reputable broker who can provide you access to the many marketplaces in the area. This broker should also have a strong reputation and the necessary equipment.


Learning a foreign market takes time. Even if you are an experienced investor in your nation, you should still proceed with care. Taking some time before you risk everything might be beneficial. Many investors end up making hasty selections because they are seduced by the potential for huge returns from a capital market that is as established as Europe’s. You must always exercise patience, and before making any decisions, make sure that independent research and specialists are guiding you.


No one dares to take a chance while starting a trading career and it’s always advisable not to invest complete savings in any of the platforms. Trading can cause both profits as well as a loss but we can avoid the chance of getting a loss by investing carefully in a completely secure and safe platform.

The above-listed trading platforms like IG, Saxo bank, CMC markets, NAGA etc are the best among all the trading platforms available in Europe. 

You may also keep in mind the Golden tips for trading in Europe before stepping into the trading career. Its always a chance of getting a profit and loss it’s all about probability so it’s you who could wisely control the chances in your hand by investing in the most secure platforms and also following the success tips that have been mentioned above to enjoy success and profitable trading.


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