Cryptopunks NFT: Definition, Used, And Where To Buy – Owning a CryptoPunk is the most punk thing you can do in NFTs. CryptoPunks may be the most significant NFT project ever created, serving as a status symbol, a piece of Internet history, and an indescribably valuable item.

What Is Cryptopunks NFT 

Characters in a 24×24 pixel art frame that are generated algorithmically are called crypto punks. These Cryptopunks are rare and collectible, much like paintings and playing cards. Nevertheless, unlike traditional collectibles, Cryptopunks’ designers cannot produce new items. Hence the total number of NFTs grew will always be at most 10,000.

Since Ethereum’s blockchain verifies each Cryptopunk, its inventors, Matt Hall and John Watkinson cannot produce more of the collectibles. The blockchain’s programming restricts the number of NFTs that may be created, and because the blockchain is decentralized, its authors cannot alter the code on Ethereum’s network.

The ERC-721 token standard is the code that enables NFTs. On the blockchain of Ethereum, there is a type of token known as ERC-721. ERC-721 passes are distinct because they are non-fungible. Because they all have the same value, fungible tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be exchanged for one another. Because ERC-721 passes are non-fungible and each can represent a different value, particular assets like works of art and digital collectibles can be tokenized.


As the first NFT project in history, CryptoPunks’ claim to fame is the primary factor influencing its worth. Because of this story, CryptoPunks is the exclusive collection of its kind in the NFT market.

First, the art world and the art market have been transformed by CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks have eliminated the third party in the art exchange process by utilizing the blockchain’s proof of ownership technology.

Second, a new asset class called NFTs has emerged due to the model established by CryptoPunks.

Thirdly, they served as an inspiration for the development of the ERC-721 token, a token standard that supports non-fungible assets. The white paper for this token even makes mention of them.

Mint Price 

A single NFT transaction involving CryptoPunk #9998 was made in October 2021 for 124,457 Ether (USD 532 million at the time of the sale), which was significantly more than all previous NFT sales. As a result, social media speculated that this might have been a scam, security flaw, or money laundering. According to Larva Labs, the transaction was a flash loan, in which the owner of the NFT borrowed money to pay for the item and then paid it back in one blockchain transaction, erasing the sale from the asset’s history and all associated statistics.

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The CryptoPunks have algorithmically created 24×24 pixel art images.

How To Get Crypto Punks 

Before purchasing a CryptoPunk NFT, you’ll need to buy enough Ethereum (consider the cost of the desired CryptoPunk and ETH gas costs) and know how to set up a Metamask wallet. If you already have a Metamask wallet, you can skip this part and continue reading to learn how to achieve this.

  1. Enter “Metamask” into the Google Chrome Web Store search field.
  2. Select the Metamask add-on.
  3. Select “Add extension” after selecting “Add to Chrome.”
  4. The Metamask icon must appear next to the address bar on Chrome. Just click it.
  5. Select “Create a Wallet” after selecting “Get Started.”
  6. Click “I agree” after reading the “Help Us Improve Metamask” page.
  7. Make a complex password and create it.
  8. After that, you’ll be given a secret recovery phrase; you must store it safely. You won’t be able to regain your Metamask account, and no one will be available to assist you if you forget this secret recovery word. Don’t ever tell anyone your 12-word sentence, either. Even your mother can’t!
  9. Verify your backup phrase by clicking the correct combination of words.
  10. Your Metamask wallet is now set up; click “All done.”

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In other words, the demand for NFTs may already peak. However, even if the market is less valuable than it once was, specific CryptoPunks with especially desirable qualities may still maintain or increase in value.

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