Everything You Should Know About The Ethereum Merge

FxBrokerReviews.org – Ethereum is a blockchain technology that builds apps for organizations, is used for communication & transactions, and holds assets without the indulgence of a central authority. Ethereum requires no personal details and one can keep control of data and information.

The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is known as Ether, to pay for activities on the Ethereum network. Despite its popularity, the Ethereum network has gone through a major transformation, the Ethereum Blockchain Merge upgrade. We will find out more about the Ethereum Merge and its several possibilities in the global financial market today.

The Ethereum network transitioned from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, a software update that removed mining to secure blockchain transactions through verification and contributed to eco-friendliness. The merge was initiated and completed on the 15th of September 2022 and many events followed.

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Why is it an important blockchain transition?

Ether is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin with its current worth of $500 billion. The figure is slightly less than half of the total cryptocurrency value held by Bitcoin. Keeping that in mind, this transition could mean a lot as a vital step towards a greener and much faster crypto ecosystem. 

Ethereum could become a dominant player in the crypto ecosystem surpassing Bitcoin and it can fulfill major needs for organizations and key stakeholders. As we know that Bitcoin allows users to send money to each other without the indulgence of banks and financial institutions through blockchain and its validators.

Ether works similarly except “Ethereum” is different. The Ethereum “Merge” will reduce Ethereum’s energy usage, transforming it into more environmentally-friendly crypto, unlike Bitcoin. Also, speculations are that its far-reaching effects could include tightening security or lessening confidence in crypto. Considering all the above, it can be the largest shift in crypto history.

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How the Ethereum blockchain will function?

You must understand the use of blockchain and its importance in finance industries. A very important quality of it comes with no control from any central authority and it is entirely self-sustaining.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have operated for years without any controlling bodies, only with the help of the” Proof of Work” process. The PoW is a stringent technology that requires feasible effort and prevents the use of unnecessary computer power.

Blockchain exists within the PoW network and is safeguarded by “miners” who are responsible for approving transactions by solving complex math and in return get rewarded for their efforts.

A few months before its inception, the PoS blockchain is testing formats with the existing system. The Altair introduces technical changes which keep a check on validator honesty and transform the system into a decentralized one. Post the Altair upgrade, the price of Ether has been strong.

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What is Proof-of-work (PoW)?

Proof of work is a type of cryptographic proof that a party has to prove to the other party. This involves verifiers who can confirm transactions with minimal effort from their end. Also, this helps users detect tampering of data through a long string of numbers and hashes which allow the success of the proof of work. A block creator is known as a “miner” under PoW.

PoW makes it extremely difficult to change or alter any kind of blockchain because it will require the re-mining of specific blocks. Plus, the same level of difficulty is experienced by users who want to monopolize blockchain’s computing power since the power and machinery are expensive.

PoW Consensus Mechanism:

  • Block creators are known as Miners.
  • To become a Miner, participants should buy energy and equipment. 
  • Not energy efficient.
  • Miners receive rewards for their work.
  • Allows no Scalability.
  • Robust security because of expensive upfront requirements.

What is Proof-of-stake (PoS)?

Proof-of-stake is a crypto consensus mechanism that helps in creating new blocks and processes transactions by creating new blocks in the blockchain network. This mechanism validates entries into a distributed database keeping it secure within the blockchain database.

The main function of PoS is to reduce the amount of work and carry out the verification process smoothly. A block creator is known as a validator under PoS.

PoS Consensus Mechanism:

  • Block creators are known as validators. 
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Participants are required to buy coins and tokens to become a Validator.
  • Network control can be purchased.
  • Allows for more Scalability.
  • Validators receive transaction fees as rewards.

What are the positive effects of the Merge?

Developers have several reasons to validate the Merge. The most important one is for the environment as the miners will not acquire financial incentives to work around the clock. Second, the network’s energy can be reduced or dropped by more than 99% according to Ethereum’s speculation and research.

The “Merge” is a significant step taken in the right direction which can be the same for Bitcoin. Ethereum is an energy-efficient crypto trading and environment-friendly protocol to control air, water, and environmental pollution and depletion. Moreover, the enhancement in energy efficiency can be a boon for businesses. 

Ethereum developers believe that. The switch from Proof of work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) has the potential to improve the network and make it more resistant to attacks. This brings attention to tools like Sharding, which divides network data into smaller parcels making the network easier, cheaper, and faster to use.

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What are the risks and negatives of the Merge?

  • The first risk involves governance and centralization where the PoS system will count the Ethereum validators as stickers instead of miners.
  • 60% of the stake would remain with big parties and what will happen if authorities require these parties to vote against a new crypto improvement proposal?
  • Scams could increase as there are some crypto communities alongside Ethereum using the “ETH2” term for the proof-of-stake layer. This could lead to confusion and scammers can take advantage of users during this transition.
  • The miners will be left with nothing because the proof-of-work network aka Mainnet was run by miners who validated transactions for years. They have purchased expensive equipment and delivered security and stability to the network.
  • There are rival platforms such as Solana and Cardano which have taken advantage of the Ethereum platform because of its fee problems.

How will the Merge affect the environment?

The Ethereum Merge is expected to slash out environmental issues like pollution and others. Its proof-of-stake functionality eliminates the need for powerful hardware and massive electricity to keep the blockchain going.

PoS locks up crypto tokens as collateral and keeps the ledger accurate and if any party or individual adds the faulty block to the chains, they lose the tokens that they have staked. Since the focus is on environmental solutions, chances that big companies and financial institutions can jump into the initiative.

Validators will be rewarded for doing their job with new tokens. Since Bitcoin’s greenhouse gas emission and energy usage are significantly higher than Ethereum’s, it will continue to attract more towards its mining.

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Why Ethereum 2.0?

The existing Ethereum has many problems including gas fees which have become over the top expensive in recent years making congestion in the network. Validators are looking at investors who are paying them more for their transactions. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin has almost similar issues with network congestion that is worked upon by developers. They are trying to solve congestion issues using applications such as Lighting which boosts transaction speeds.

Another issue is Ethereum’s popularity and its reputation which makes the new version almost difficult to be accepted by others. The computing power used by Ethereum validators has surpassed and brought in negative air because of more electricity consumption. 

The current shift in the Ethereum network is capable of solving these issues if it stays with proof of stake. However, PoS is new and will take time for users to get used to but the crypto network promises the reduction of power consumption and promotes suitability.

Ethereum 2.0 will process 10,000 transactions in a second making it more effective for more network users and allowing sophisticated smart contracts compared to its predecessor.

Soon after the completion of the Ethereum Merge, creators launched brand new NFT collections to target the network’s environmental identity.

What are the events that followed the Merge so far?

After the merge, many merge-themed projects are out and they are known as Merge apes which are a collection of 10,000 NFTs with an initial price of $90 or 0.06 Ether. Merge Apes plan to donate 42% of their collective revenue according to the creators of the project.

Also, another collection called “The Transition: First NFTs PoS” consists of 20 NFTs that are listed on OpenSea that celebrate the first block of Ethereum 2.0. 

The collection has acquired a price of $520 or 0.35 Ether. The merge is being called the largest upgrade in blockchain network history since Ethereum’s initiation in 2015. 

Before the merge, Ethereum used 23 million megawatts of electricity each year but that figure is set to plummet down to 2600 megawatt hours based on the speculation and study published by the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute.

The Merge can influence newer blockchain projects and related altcoins can experience growth after the upgrade.

What to do with your Ether?

No there is no need to do anything and be wary if you are suggested otherwise. Your funds and tokens in your wallet are expected to remain intact and accessible after the merge and there is no action required on your part.

You should beware and be on alert because users and scammers are trying to take advantage of the transition. Take the usual measures to maintain the security of our tokens and NFTs. Plus, it is necessary to beware of variations of Ethereum because some users are creating identical Ethereum networks.

Why is Ethereum 2.0 a Good Investment?

Ethereum 2.0 comes with many upgrades and better functionalities that steal the attention of the crypto ecosystem and it is the largest blockchain transition. It has made significant efforts in reducing computational needs and the use of electricity. The system offers faster processing with better security measures. 

The Merge can encourage those that are planning to invest long-term and remain with crypto. After being the second most popular cryptocurrency, its blockchain is the most popular for decentralized applications to make things environmentally friendly.

However, Ethereum is speculative as it has been before and there are risks associated with it, alongside factors that make it a preferable blockchain network and cryptocurrency. Ethereum is an extremely volatile investment and there can be drastic fluctuations with the smallest bits of news. There can be quick directional shifts and those can be in favor or against the investors.

Final word

It is still early to assess what the Ethereum Merge transition can bring into the crypto market. With new upgrades and scalability measures, Ethereum 2.0 leaves investors in a fix on whether it is the right time to make investments. 

However, the big companies will get plenty of opportunities to look at environmental concerns and make way for their followers and individual investors. 

Hence if you still have misconceptions and want to read more about Ethereum’s green cryptocurrency era, visit forex broker reviews and have a chance to decide your own about your investment plans.

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