Best NFT Marketplace List 2022: Detailed Review – Minting a digital asset on the NFT marketplace gives you sole ownership of the artwork. NFTs are developed by blockchain technology and hence are secure and highly reliable. According to The 2021 NFT Market Report, the popularity of NFTs has climbed to more than $40 billion in value and this value keeps growing. 

The NFT popularity is transforming several industries to step into the world of minting digital artworks and assets. This makes it particularly easy for creators to create something rare and unique. Some NFTs, for example, are digital artworks, and people are now collecting these digital artworks, just like collectors have collected physical paintings for years. 

But, if you are new to the world of NFTs you might be looking for an NFT marketplace list to start trading. We have compiled some of the best marketplaces for you! So take a look:

The Best NFT marketplace list:

1. OpenSea: overall best NFT marketplace

It is the largest NFT marketplace in terms of the trading volume. The marketplace has a huge range of assets and allows excellent offerings to create and mint NFTs.  Most traders consider it to leading the way in NFT sales. 

It is also a good choice for beginners as it supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies. It was built on the Ethereum blockchain and also supports other blockchains like polygon and Klatyn. It allows users to buy, sell and mint NFTs in various categories like music, Art, Digital collectibles, Domain names, Sports, Photography, Trading Cards, and Virtual Worlds

Key Specifications:

  • The marketplace is free to use 
  • Offers excellent minting tools 
  • The marketplace is user-friendly and easy to use 
  • Offers a wide range of NFTs 

Blockchains :

  • Ethereum 
  • Polygon 
  • Klatyn 

2. SuperRare – the best and unique NFT art marketplace website 

SuperRare is a high-end NFT art marketplace and is a good platform to discover new and trending artists. The NFTs in this marketplace is highly selective. SuperRare gives quality time to review the artwork before there are put for sale, and investors can feel more confident in the quality. 

The marketplace charges 15% the first time an NFT is sold on the primary market and there is also a flat 3% charge for every transaction. The marketplace is based on the Ethereum blockchain and holds a unique collection of artwork including Still images, GIFs,3D artwork, and Videos

Key Specifications :

  • Only selected artworks are available on the platform 
  • All artists are paid 10% on secondary sales 
  • Provides exclusive and rare minting options 

Blockchain :

  • Ethereum 

3. Binance – the best NFT marketplace with low fees 

Binance is a well-known platform for offering a low-cost cryptocurrency exchange, and its NFT marketplace also offers low-cost NFT creation and selling. Binance allows you to purchase NFTs with only a 1% transaction fee using the Binance Smart Chain or the Ethereum blockchain.

The Binance NFT Marketplace has a wide range of NFTs in several categories, including, Art Sports, Entertainment, Gaming Collectables, Esports, and Mystery Box. the marketplace is well accessible and has a well laid out and easy-to-navigate platform. For people who already have a Binance crypto account, the NFT platform is all available without the need to create a new account. Binance also offers a ‘Mystery Box’ feature in which users can purchase a box that has an undisclosed NFT which could be of some value.

Key Specifications: 

  • The marketplace has its exchange token
  • NFTs are minted at a Low fee
  • It has excellent security features


  • Binance
  • Ethereum

4. Rarible – best NFT marketplace with its native token 

Rarible has a huge offering of NFTs and comes close to OpenSea. The NFT marketplace website has a strong focus on art assets with the option for creators to use the platform to ‘mint’ their own NFTs.  To buy and sell NFTs on Rarible, you will have to use the token Rarible (CRYPTO: RARI) in the NFT marketplace.

The Marketplace is accessible to more than 190 countries and allows the trade of various artworks like PFP, Art, Metaverse, Photography, Music, Sports, Domain names, Games, and more. The NFT marketplace charges a  2.5% fee for buyers and sellers and also a gas fee when buying NFTs. it also provides an access to NFTs built on blockchains like Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos.

Key Specifications:

  • The NFT marketplace supports debit and credit card purchases
  • Offers multiple crypto wallets
  • The NFT marketplace list is open to over 190 countries


  • Ethereum 
  • Flow 
  • Tezos 

5. Nifty Gateway – best crypto and NFT platform 

Nifty Gateway 2019 was acquired by Gemini, run by the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The marketplace is popular for hosting sales and offers exclusive NFT artworks. The platform mostly includes celebrities and top artists buying and selling NFTs and therefore it is considered to be a high-end NFT art marketplace website.

Nifty Gateway is a good option if you are looking to make a large investment in NFTs. since the platform is a division of the crypto platform Gemini users in the UK require a Gemini account to use the crypto to purchase NFTs. Gemini also allows storing your NFTs, therefore you do not need to create an extra wallet. Creators on Nifty Gateway benefit from a percentage of secondary NFT market sales as well as open editions, allowing them to mint unlimited editions for a limited time. 

Key Specifications:

  • It allows creating of artwork like music and art 
  • The platform charges a 5% seller fee 
  • Has a profile of only high-end creators and artists. 


  • Ethereum 

6. NBA top shot Marketplace – best NFT marketplace website for sports 

Focusing exclusively on basketball NBA Top Shot offers limited edition video clips, play highlights, and NBA art, that one can trade, sell, and purchase. This NFT marketplace was built by the NBA using the Flow blockchain. The NBA manages this NFT marketplace and has exclusive rights to these video clips. 

Users can purchase Moment NFTs with credit/debit cards or select cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, or USDC. you have to pay a selling fee and a  transactional fee to purchase these assets, whether you’re buying with a credit card or cryptocurrency.

Key Specifications: 

  • Offers exclusive videos and cards of NBA live
  • Can purchase using credit, debit cards, or cryptocurrencies
  • Managed by the NBA itself, so trusted organization 


  • Flow 

7. Decentraland – best NFT marketplace for virtual reality 

The NFT marketplace website is the best platform for virtual reality NFT. It allows creators to create, buy and sell virtual properties and digital gaming assets such as gaming avatars, art, 3D visuals, and more The platform supports its own NFT token, MANA, which can be used to purchase assets. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Key specifications:

  • Backed by the Security Advisory Board
  • It supports an option to put up the NFTs for auctions.
  • The platform is constantly upgraded


  • Ethereum

NFT marketplace list 2022 

  • OpenSea: overall best NFT marketplace
  • SuperRare – the best and unique NFT art marketplace website
  • Binance – best NFT marketplace with low fees
  • Rarible –  best NFT marketplace with its own native token
  • Nifty Gateway – best crypto and NFT platform
  • NBA top shot Marketplace – best NFT marketplace website for sports
  • Decentraland – best NFT marketplace for virtual reality 

What are NFTs?

An NFT marketplace is a digital platform that allows users to buy, sell and create digital artworks  NFTs are traded on platforms known as marketplaces. These platforms allow people to store and display their NFTs and sell them to others for cryptocurrency or money. Some NFT marketplaces also allow users to mint their NFTs on the platform itself. 

Digital art is created by giving digital ownership or a certificate in the form of a token that allows a trader to sell or buy. These digital assets are created by blockchains and are similar to the working of cryptocurrencies. Since they operate on the blockchain all the NFT transactions are recorded on a public ledger. Which makes it available for anyone to trace the purchase of the non-fungible token art.

Each NFT marketplace has its system for how it operates. It depends on the type of NFTs available, payment options, blockchains, and several other factors. 

Read below to know how to find the best NFT marketplace

What is Minting in the NFT marketplace? 

In  NFTs, minting refers to the process of creating new NFTs on a blockchain. The most common blockchain is Ethereum. When you mint an NFT, it means that you are recording data that includes a new Non-Fungible Token in a new block which is then added to a blockchain.

Most of the platforms charge a fee to mint an NFT. For NFT marketplaces that use the Ethereum blockchain, this cost is paid in gas, also known as the gas fee or a crypto token used to perform functions on the Ethereum blockchain. There are several different ways a fee can be charged to mint an NFT in the marketplace.

How to choose the best NFT marketplace?

There are several factors you need to take into account when choosing the marketplace most suitable for you, including 

  • Digital wallet compatibility:
    When creating NFTs the first step is to make sure that you have a crypto wallet to store the NFT. So, you need to make sure the marketplace you choose supports multiple crypto wallets and payment options. This makes it easy and convenient for you to participate in multiple transactions at the same time.
  • Security:
    Security is a very important factor when choosing an NFT marketplace. Choose an NFT marketplace that has multiple security measures so that you are protected from fraudulent activities. Your marketplace must have two-factor authentication and advanced encryption. For additional security, you need to come up with a strong password for your NFT marketplace.
  • User-friendly navigation:
    The marketplace you choose should be easy to use, especially for beginners. The NFT art marketplace website should be in the best interests of all kinds of users to ensure that both sellers and buyers can easily navigate through the many categories and collections. All the important information such as the list of available NFTs, their price, the number of bids, owners, and history should be displayed.
  • Gas fees:
    Gas fees are the fee charged by the marketplace for issuing the NFT transaction. For example to mint an NFT token by blockchain technology, users have to pay a small gas fee. A marketplace should work towards reducing the inconvenience of gas fees: by offering lazy minting or utilizing zero gas fee protocols like Immutable X.
  • Ratings of the marketplace:
    The reviews and feedback provided by the users are a great way to judge the performance of the platform. These analytics are great sources of information that you should examine before choosing an NFT marketplace. The best platforms will have all the data available and you can find this information on websites like DappRadar.
  • Type of marketplace:
    Lastly, choose the type of marketplace depending on the type of NFT you want to acquire or mint. Decide from the various categories you want to collect NFTs or look for a specific type, like art, music, or paintings.

Final thoughts 

NFTs are sold using blockchain technology and most of the NFT marketplaces rely on the Ethereum blockchain. An NFT marketplace allows buying and selling of NFTs by  allowing people to store, display and sell their NFTs in exchange for cryptocurrency or money. There are several platforms to choose from. If you are a new trader you might be wondering which is the best NFT marketplace then check out the NFT marketplace list mentioned above. 


Q1. Which is the best NFT marketplace?

Ans: The best NFT marketplace is OpenSea and Rarible as they offer a wide range of assets to acquire in exchange for different Cryptocurrencies. 

Q2. How to choose a reliable marketplace?

Ans: the marketplace you choose should be secured, have a user-friendly platform, support a wide range of artworks, and also have positive feedback from users. 

Q3. Is buying NFTs risky?

Ans: NFTs can be a risky investment, as it is a new type of digital asset with a lack of liquidity. This makes it a bit of a challenge for new traders looking for selling their artwork in the marketplace. 

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