Complete Guide To Best Forex Trading Brokers – You require a trustworthy online broker to trade FX. Trading in the foreign exchange market with a reputable forex broker is essential for success. As a forex trader or contract for difference (CFD) trader, you can have certain requirements for the platform, trading tools, or research requirements you need. Which forex broker is right for you can be determined by learning more about your needs and investment style.

Three key characteristics are present in all top forex trading brokers are:

The broker’s reputation as a well-respected and well-regulated company is the first and most crucial feature. The availability of a user-friendly digital platform with a fair selection of instructional resources comes in second. The third is having access to good, use market research.


Forex trading is the process of exchanging one currency for another based on current exchange rates from the forex market. With an average daily trading volume of about $6.59 trillion in currencies, the forex market is the biggest market in the world.


You place your trades through a forex broker, also referred to as a currency trading broker, when trading foreign currencies. Forex trading involves buying and selling in pairs of currencies, such as the “EUR / USD”. You open an account, make a deposit, and then utilise the trading interface provided by the broker to buy and sell currencies on margin. Five days a week, twenty-four hours a day, the currency markets are open.


A forex broker is a business that has been given permission by a national regulator to sell or purchase foreign currencies on an internet trading platform or over the phone on behalf of retail or professional clients (known in the industry as voice broking). Depending on any applicable country-specific regulatory constraints, a forex broker may offer you the underlying currency, a non-deliverable spot contract, or a derivative like a contract for difference, or CFD. In order to lessen your danger of being taken advantage of, it’s crucial to only employ brokers who are legally regulated.


1. Regulatory Conformity

When choosing a forex broker, look into their reputation first. A trustworthy forex broker will belong to the National Futures Association (NFA), which serves as the futures industry’s self-regulatory body.

Additionally, it will be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), A fancy website does not ensure that a broker is a member of the NFA or that they are subject to CFTC regulation. Usually, a broker will list their NFA membership number in their website’s “About Us” section. Furthermore, every nation outside of the United States has its own regulating organisation.

Accounts should only be formed with brokers who are properly regulated due to potential issues regarding the safety of deposits and the broker’s integrity.

2. Account Options

Different account options are offered by each forex broker. When evaluating broker features, keep the following factors in mind: leverage and margin; commissions and spread; minimum starting deposits; and ease of deposits and withdrawals.

  • Margin and Leverage

Participants in forex trading may have access to leverage made available in their margin account, depending on the broker. With successful positions, leverage benefits a trader because the likelihood of profit is substantially increased. Leverage, however, can swiftly wipe out a trader’s account because it increases the likelihood of losses. Take care when using leverage.

  • Expenses and Spreads

The spread, which is the difference between the bid and asks of a currency pair, may be charged by a broker who accepts commissions at a set percentage. Instead of charging commissions, several brokers use bigger spreads to generate revenue. Understand how your broker generates revenue and compares prices.

Profitability may be more challenging the wider the spread. Spreads will be tighter on popular trading pairs like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD than on less actively traded ones.

  • Initial Payment

Most forex accounts can be opened with as little as a $50 initial investment. Leverage, of course, increases the buying power beyond the minimal deposit, which is one factor making forex trading appealing to novice investors and traders. Standard, mini, and micro accounts are available from many brokers, and the minimum initial deposit requirements vary.

  • Deposits and withdrawals are simple

Each forex broker has unique funding and account withdrawal rules. Account holders may be able to fund their accounts online with a credit card, an ACH payment, PayPal, a wire transfer, a bank check, or a personal or company check, according to the broker. Checks or wire transfers can normally be used for withdrawals. Both services may incur a cost from the broker.

3. Currency Pairs Offered

Although there are many different currencies that can be traded, only a select number receive the majority of attention and, as a result, have the most liquidity. The key pairs also include USD/JPY and USD/CHF in addition to the previously mentioned EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs. A broker may provide a huge range of forex pairs, but what matters most is that they provide the pairings that appeal to you as a trader.

4. Consumer Assistance

Since forex trading is conducted around the clock, a broker’s customer support team should be accessible at all times. Also, take into account how simple it is to reach a real person on the phone. You may get a sense of the kind of customer service a broker offers and the typical wait times by giving them a quick call.

5. Exchange Platform

Investors access the markets through the trading platform. As a result, traders should confirm that a broker’s platform and software provide the technical and fundamental analytical tools they want, as well as easy entry and exit for transactions.

This final feature is crucial: a well-designed trading platform will have obvious buy and sell buttons. Some even include a “panic” button that automatically terminates all open positions. On the other side, a shoddy interface might result in expensive order input errors.

Options for customisation, order entry kinds, automated trading options, strategy builders, backtesting features, and trade notifications are other factors to take into account. To allow traders to test the trading platform before creating and paying for an account, the majority of brokers provide free demo accounts.


You may be left wondering which forex broker is the finest because there are so many to pick from. There are still traits and features to look for that not every broker possesses, even if you have a checklist of what constitutes a good forex broker.

Hugosway is one of many forex brokers on the market that raise several red flags, do not have their client’s best interests in mind, or do not adhere to the rules and regulations for forex trading. That does not, however, imply that there isn’t a great forex broker out there.

We came up with a list of five traits and features that make an excellent forex broker:

1. Observe all licencing requirements and laws.

Most likely the most important characteristic of a reputable forex broker is that it adheres to all licencing and trading rules. Unregulated brokers can put you, your money, and themselves in risky positions, none of which you need.

2. Offers a Demo account.

Offering a demo or trial period is yet another fantastic trait of a top forex broker. Giving customers a trial term of a few weeks or a month or granting them access to a demo account with fictitious funds is normal business practice. This enables the customer to acquire accustomed to the platform and determine whether it is a suitable fit for them.

A trustworthy, licenced forex broker should have no trouble providing you with a demo account or trial period at no cost to you.

3. Account of Choice.

Allowing you to select the sort of account that best meets your demands is a desirable quality in a forex broker because you are the client and the broker makes some money off of you. Due to the popularity of forex trading, many account kinds are offered. Access to them should be provided by your broker.

An ECN forex broker is one sort of account that serves as a conduit for processing trader requests and orders. To see what they all provide, you may check the best ECN brokers of 2020.

4. Good Customer Service.

For a number of reasons, having excellent customer service is a big benefit for a forex broker. First off, since forex trading is available around-the-clock, it’s critical to have access to customer care at all times. The ability to contact customer care at any time is a significant benefit, especially for novice traders or those trying out a new broker.

Real-world customer service technicians are another way to provide good customer service. When you call with a query, you want to speak to a real person as soon as possible rather than having to repeatedly dial digits in an effort to obtain the proper response.

5. Deposits and withdrawals are simple.

The simplicity of deposits and withdrawals is a further vital attribute, and for some forex traders, it’s the most crucial aspect. Since it is your money held in an account with the broker, you ought to have no trouble getting access to it whenever you need to.

Spend some time learning about a forex broker’s offerings and customer testimonials before picking one. Other traders’ prior experiences might assist paint a picture of the broker’s character.


  1. Exness
  2. IC Markets
  3. IG
  4. NAGA
  5. Saxo Bank

1. Exness

As of April 2022, Exness has hundreds of thousands of active clients and trillions of dollars in trading volume. The broker provides its clients with access to a wide variety of assets, including forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, energies, and more. The distinguished broker also offers a range of account kinds to accommodate the unique requirements of each trader.


  • Wide Margin Spreads.
  • Available MetaTrader Suite.
  • Swap-Free Accounts Are Available.
  • Maximum leverage high.


  • No Bonuses/Promotions.
  • USA clients are not accepted.

2. IC markets

The affordable cost and scalable execution of IC Markets make it a great choice for algorithmic traders. Although it supports a wide variety of third-party plugins and applications, IC Markets’ research and educational offerings fall short of those provided by leaders in the field.


  • Offers low average spreads and competitive pricing for all account types.
  • The IC Markets MetaTrader offering is improved with plugins for third-party research and trading tools.
  • Our top-ranked MetaTrader broker for 2022 is IC Markets.
  • has increased the number of markets it offers dramatically, from 204 symbols to more than 3,500.
  • For traders who wish to use algorithmic techniques, IC Markets is the ideal choice because of its low-cost, scalable execution.


  • When it comes to the breadth of its market research and the calibre of its instructional content, behind the finest forex brokers.
  • Has no app for proprietary trading.

3. IG

IG provides the most comprehensive trading package available, including superior trading and research tools, education that is at the top of its field, and a wide variety of markets that may be traded.

IG is a well-known multi-asset broker that is publicly listed and subject to international regulation. We rate IG as the top overall broker in 2022 because of its outstanding overall experience.


  • A wide variety of options.
  • Takes on U.S. customers.
  • Governed by the NFA, CFTC, and FCA. 
  • Emphasis on research and education.
  • Offers security for customer accounts in the UK and the EU.


  • For US clients, there is no account protection.
  • For American clients, there are no stop loss guarantees.


If you’re searching for an innovative broker with a focus on social networking, there are several reasons to pick NAGA. In contrast to other brokers, NAGA features a robust copy trading function called Autocopy that enables users to copy other traders’ techniques and profit from having their strategies copied. The NAGA also offers the chance to communicate with other traders via NAGA Messenger and NAGA Feed to share ideas and learn about various investment techniques.


  • Extensive Copy Trading Platform.
  • Very Social-Network-Savvy Broker.
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5 Offered.


  • No U.S. Clients.
  • Small Withdrawal Fees Apply.

5. Saxo bank

The advanced trader should use Saxo Capital Markets. In order to cater to sophisticated active traders, investors, professionals, and institutions, it offers a wide range of brokerage services. Smaller account holders will face a number of peculiar challenges, such as higher account minimums, a range of fees, and fewer alternatives for customer service.


  • A wide variety of options.
  • Governed by the FCA (U.K.).
  • The top research in the field.
  • An excellent user interface.
  • Provides account protection for clients.


To prevent forex frauds, it is essential to select a well-known, legally licenced broker. Determine the registration number from the disclosure language at the foot of the broker’s website in order to determine whether your forex broker is regulated. To aid traders, we track, rate, and rank forex brokers across more than 20 foreign regulators; you can find their websites here. Next, search for the company on the regulator’s website to confirm the registration number. Investigate more if the broker is not governed in your nation.


The spread and any round-turn costs make up the total cost to execute a trade in forex and CFDs. Additionally, there may be overnight borrowing fees, or “carrying expenses,” which might result in a net loss or gain. Focus on trading the biggest currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, which provide the highest liquidity and consequently the narrowest spreads, to reduce trading expenses.


NAGA is the finest forex broker to choose from if you’re a novice searching for a broad range of training resources. NAGA has a feature called auto-copy which enables any beginner trader to easily copy a successful trade done by any trade. With this feature, any beginner can trade like an experienced trader without facing loss.


You will be able to dedicate more time and attention to analysis and creating forex strategies if you have faith in your forex broker. An investor’s chances of success in the cutthroat forex market might be increased by doing some research before choosing a broker.

Spend some time learning about a forex broker’s offerings and customer testimonials before picking one. Other traders’ prior experiences might assist paint a picture of the broker’s character.

The above-mentioned forex brokers like Exness, IC, NAGA etc are the best forex brokers who are found trustworthy by many users. We have conducted a detailed study on them considering their performance and customer reviews.


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